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Bella's POV

I was getting ready. I tied my hair up-I didn't feel like messing with it, I rarely did-settling for a blue ribbon tied around my ponytail. I ran my hands down my white eyelet shirt and tugged at the hem of my blue jeans. This was good, wasn't it? I looked good. But not too good-I probably wasn't going to put out. Now I knew for certain I wouldn't. I was digging through my closet, trying to find an acceptable purse to take with me when it hit me. I could feel the blood leaving my face, the room started to spin…the works. I slumped against the wall.

I had sex with Jasper.

I walked in that room, and I let him have me against the wall, and I didn't even remember that was…that we had never…What was I thinking? All this time…all these weeks! And just the sound of his voice, a touch of his hand, and I completely fucking forgot that wasn't in the stipulations! How the hell did I forget? That's not like forgetting milk at the grocery store. That's big. This is big. And he let me? Hell! It was his idea! I growled under my breath as I stormed around the room, half tempted to drive down to his office and demand an explanation. I was barely able to process it as I tried to finish getting ready. Why? Why would I….It didn't make sense! He knew full well it wasn't part of it; he'd been with me enough. And here I was thinking we had a nice little…a nice….

A nice little what, Bella? I paid him for sex. That was all. Dear God, don't tell me I was having feelings for him too! I sat at my kitchen table and put my face in my hands. I needed to man the fuck up. This shit had to stop, and it had to stop now.

I picked up the phone and dialed Edward's number. I was in no frame of mind to go on a date, so I apologized and asked if we could go out tomorrow night instead. I threw on a pair of shoes and grabbed my purse, everything else forgotten as I made my way towards Jaspers office.

Jasper's POV

I was meandering around my office in a morose mope, my last appointment for the day having left already. I was cleaning up, changing the sheets, things of that sort, when my gaze wandered to the wall.

That Wall. Holy shit. Wait a second. I wasn't supposed to sleep with her. And….I did. I fucked her, good and proper, right up against that wall. Why didn't she stop me? I broke my contract with her. And she liked it, and acted like it was nothing. I found myself sitting on the floor, absolutely, utterly confused. How does this happen…and how does it get by me?

I sat there, blinking at my hands for a few minutes when a slow realization came to me. It was natural. It felt….normal.

Fuck me.

Is that why she cancelled? Fuck. She probably thinks I'm some sort of fucking pervert…even though I am and that's my job and now I'm just talking fucking jibberish. What did I even do? Call her? Apologize? No. Peter….I needed to be –him- and test her mood, and see what's going on and…I let out a deep sigh as I listened to my own thoughts. I've gone absolutely mad. This dangerous web of lies was growing bigger and bigger, and I couldn't help but think maybe I should just…leave it alone and call it good. Save myself the trouble. And then I thought of her, and I felt sick.

And that's when I knew I was really fucked.

I needed to go. I needed to go home, and figure this out, and decide what I was going to do. I raked my hands through my hair almost frantically, pulling and tugging as I tried to get a handle on myself. I could fix this…I could. Rationality, that's the key.

I was formulating a good plan from my spot on the floor when I heard the doorbell ding, indicating someone coming in. I cocked my head to the side to listen, not used to people coming in after hours. I stayed where I was though, just in case it was a client.

But it wasn't just any client. It was Bella. And I could tell this because her normally melodic voice was full of pure, unadulterated rage. I could hear her screams from here, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just slightly terrified.

"Where in the actual fuck is he, Angela?" she screamed, and I could actually feel the blood rushing from my face. I wasn't scared of her…I was scared of her seeing me. Then she would know. She would know. "I have a bone to pick with him so if he's hiding back there…" she trailed off for a moment, "You hear that, Jasper! If you're back there you better get your happy ass out here RIGHT NOW."

Son. Of. A. Bitch.

What do I do? Do I run? This place had a back exit.

"So help me God, I will come back there and get you!" she screeched, and I could hear Angela trying to quell her. It wasn't working. I could hear her shuffling around behind the counter. Fuck me. This was going to happen, and I didn't have anything to say to this woman.

This can't happen now. I was panicking. Full blown panicking. Before I knew what I was doing, I was on my feet, and I was running, and then I was outside. I climbed in my car and peeled out of there like I was motherfucking Batman.

I, Jasper Whitlock, ran like a bitch.

Bella's POV

I thought I was going to have to fight Angela. I didn't want to do that, she was a sweet girl. But she wasn't letting me tear him a new one. She kept going on and on about him not being there, but I didn't believe her. I could feel him, like that wasn't creepy. So I gave her my best 'get the fuck out' face I could muster and shrugged past her, thrusting open the back office door and looking around.

Asshole wasn't here. I narrowed my gaze and took a look around, but I was rewarded with nothing. Slinking back up front, I mumbled an apology to Angela, who looked surprisingly un-surprised at my intrusion, before walking back out and getting into my car.

I needed a new plan. I wanted to place all the blame on him, I really did…but I knew that I couldn't. Because I was there too, damnit, and I liked it. I didn't say anything, and I didn't even fucking notice, and I needed to sit down and figure out exactly why that was.

I needed Rose. I was going to fess up everything. Because I needed someone to help me make sense of myself, and I couldn't do it alone.