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Jinx neatly hopped onto the teller's desk. "You know the drill," she said, almost bored. The teller nodded, and then proceeded to faint. Jinx rolled her eyes, saying sarcastically, "I guess she's not opening it for us. Gizmo, get to it, my show is on in an hour." The small boy muttered angrily, something about bossy, crud-munching, snotty girls. The bossy, crud-munching snotty girl in question observed the scene, a small smile on her lips. It was evident to her that this robbery couldn't have been any easier. The temporary Titan, Kid Flash, hadn't been seen for nearly two weeks, effectively disappearing after Jinx set him free from Madame Rouge. Not that she'd gone looking or anything, but he didn't seem to be anywhere in the whole city. Villains had been running rampant over the whole city for a fortnight, and there was no one to stop them. Jinx wondered why he had just left. She wasn't expecting a phone call or anything, but after a girl saved a guy from a psychotic rubber woman, she expected something, even if she didn't know what it was. Actually, Jinx thought, it's good riddance. I don't need him here, messing with my perception of what's right and wrong. She'd just recently gotten her thoughts about good and evil in order, no need for them to be scrambled again.

Jinx sighed, and reclined against the desk. She watched, slightly amused as Gizmo put a stethoscope-like device to the largest vault in Jump City Bank. The foul-mouthed little boy listened carefully as Mammoth turned the large dial, shouting at the giant when he heard a click. The door swung open, and the Hive Five stood in amazement. They had never actually broken into one of the high-security vaults before, and were stunned by the sight. Sacks of cash were piled on the floor, surrounded by walls of golden bricks. Gold and silver coins littered the floor. Jinx stepped carefully over the small change, shouting with glee in her voice, "Hive Five, rob 'em blind!"

They rushed into action. Mammoth greedily grabbed about five dozen bars of gold, carrying them out of the vault and coming back in for more. Gizmo used his mechanical legs to pick up large canvas sacks of cash. Kyd Wykkyd stood for a moment, contemplating his surroundings, before swooping his cloak out, and making a large pile of emeralds vanish. Billy Numerous simply duplicated himself, picking up only as much loot as his dopple-gangers could hold. The bad-luck girl set out filling her bag with as much cash as she possibly could. Money was light and easy to carry, quite contrary to the stacks of gold the boys deemed necessary to steal. Besides, who actually walked around with stacks of gold, buying things? Gold was impractical but the other members of the Hive didn't seem to realize this. Jinx rolled her eyes. She had enough dough in her bag now to last her say, four or five months, depending on how she spent it.

The villainess exited the vault with her head held high, nothing could stop her now. She had just successfully pulled off a heist at one of the most guarded vaults in all of Jump City. She was invincible. As Jinx descended the steps outside the bank, she paused for a minute, surveying the scene. It was a gorgeous day for evil, and even she, bad luck as she was, enjoyed looking out on the people happily walking about the city. She felt a strange breeze, and looked about. Her companions seemed to notice nothing, so the girl put it out of her mind, taking a couple of more steps down the grand staircase. The strange wind came again, and this time, something felt different. She raised her arm, noticing how strong she felt. Or maybe the bag was just lighter. The pink-haired enchantress looked into her bag, and her jaw dropped. In place of what she had stolen, lay a single, red rose. Jinx's eyes lighted up in fury as she realized what was going on. "Hive Fi-" she started to shout, but the words never left her mouth as a certain yellow and red clad super hero materialized in front of her.

"Hey Jinx, how's it going?" Kid Flash asked cheerfully, with a cocky grin that made the villainess's blood boil. She shot a jinx his way, being the fastest boy alive though, he dodged it with plenty of time to spare.
"That's no way to greet an old friend," the hero said, popping up behind her. Jinx aimed another hex; however, the speedster moved again, making her hex hit See-More. He hit the ground, his giant eye showing stars. If possible, this infuriated Jinx even more.
"We're not friends," she spat venomously, "Hive Five, attack!"

Having watched their leader make a fool of herself for the past few minutes, the male villains sprung into action at this command. Mammoth grunted as he tried to catch the quick hero. Kid Flash was making a game of it, tapping the huge villain on one shoulder, waiting a moment before dashing to tap his other shoulder. Mammoth was practically turning in circles, trying to grab the annoyance before he tapped him again. Kid Flash laughed, then watched as the giant spun around dizzily, before falling down the grand staircase in front of the bank.
"You may be able to beat that big gorilla, but there ain't no way you can take me, Billy Numerous!" The self-proclaimed villain shouted with glee. For awhile, Billy was right. Kid Flash couldn't outrun Billy's numerous copies of himself. No matter which way he turned, there were more Billys, forming a maze around him. Kid Flash was at a loss of what to do. He thought about ramming into them, or maybe even just stopping to see what happened. He brushed off both ideas though, he needed something better. Suddenly, the superhero had a burst of inspiration, and sprinted off to a wall, and then running straight up it. Billy Numerous laughed, shouting, "Run all you want, you can't out run me!" "Or me!" "Or me!" His duplicates cackled as they stacked themselves on top of each other, reaching up the wall at the same speed as Kid Flash.
"I don't really need to," the hero responded, having reached the roof of the building. Kid Flash smiled, and exhaled sharply. The release of air was enough of a push to topple over the unstable tower of Billys. Kid Flash smiled triumphantly, his smile growing when the Billys fell right on top of Kyd Wyckyyd and Gizmo.

Jinx surveyed the scene with disbelief on her face.
"I have to say," the hero started, "It's good to be back"
She turned on him, the fury in her face evident.

"Why are you here?" her voice shaking with anger.

"Well, somebody has to protect the city, unless you'd like that job." Kid Flash shrugged, nonchalantly.

"Fat chance," Jinx scoffed, turning her back on him and beginning to walk away.

"Well, I figured, you know, after you saved me and everything, you might have reconsidered my offer. Saving people is very in for super heroes, and you seem to have such a knack for it."

Jinx spun around to face him taken aback a bit at how close he was. Her surprise didn't show however, when she spat at him, "I did not save you!"

"Sure seemed that way to me," the hero's easy demeanor flowing, despite the heavy topic.

"I was getting back at Madame Rouge, that's all. Nobody messes with me. Including you," Jinx's fury returning, she zapped a hex at him, which hit, scooped up what loot she could, and back-hand springed over the rest of the steps.
Kid Flash watched, too dazed to do anything, hile the other villians began to stir.

"Hey, what's going on?" See-More asked, coming back to his senses, before being swiped back up by Kid Flash and deposited at the front door of Jump City Jail, along with all his companions. All of them, except Jinx.