It was a week after Jordyn died and Dylan had the unthoughtful task of bring the twins home. He hadn't told his mother that Jordyn had died or that she had two new grandchildren. He thought she didn't care but she did. Dylan or Jordyn never knew it but the only reason that Reba was suffering and letting her life drag on without anyone was because she didn't want her children to be orphans. She wanted to watch them grow up, get married, and have her grandchildren. She would never seen both of them get married or grow into adults. Reba was laying on the couch that unforgettable day when the phone rang and it was the hosptial.

"Ms. McKinney, Dylan was in a car accident today with his niece and nephew. I'm sorry your son didn't make it."

Reba could feel her heart about to be torn out of her heart. "Where's my daughter?"

"Didn't Dylan tell you? Jordyn died in childbirth last week."

"No, he didn't." Reba felt tears come upon her eyes. The only things that were keeping her from killing herself were dead, gone forever. "What's gonna happen to the babies?"

"Well, they're go to their father or you."

"What are their names?"

"Reba and Jacob." Reba stared off into space, her son had named her granddaughter after her.

"I'll come get them."