Epilogue: Forever and Always

*6 Months later*

I still hadn't gotten my memory back about the wolves, but I was reintroduced to them. My theory was that maybe it was good that I had forgotten my best friend's name. I didn't know why I thought that but I remember when I told Edward I had one cliff diving, he said that the wolves were dangerous especially when they were young.

Today was the first day of March and Alaska was saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring. Spring in Alaska meant that we had to move again and I would be dropping out of day courses and taking night courses. But with this whole memory thing, I was already failing my classes. Edward tried to tutor me but it just wasn't working. I bailed out of the courses about 2 weeks ago and now I was sitting around the house all day with nothing to do. Alice and jasper came back to Forks when the rest of the Cullens called and said they were heading back to Forks. It was about a month before they had gotten back. Jasper seemed so upset by it, it kind of hurt me.

Charlie and Renee know I have a rare case of amnesia, but obviously they don't know I am vampire. Most of my days at home I am at home thinking of ways to try and get my memory back, but I have done everything. Apparently Jacob had been out to dinner with us for my birthday so Edward took me back to the restaurant even though it was a waste of money considering we didn't eat or drink a thing. He took me back to the Men's Warehouse where I apparently took Charlie and Jake shopping. We also had a fight, but I don't remember anything!

I was going through my clothes and stuff today and I found a lot of clothes that I hadn't ever worn. I changed out of my pajama pants and into a yellow shirt and a short jean skirt. I had black studded boots on. I went through the top shelf where I found my suitcases. There was one suitcase that I didn't recognize. It had a Gucci symbol on it with a red and blue strip going diagonal on the corner. It looked familiar but I could place where I had gotten it from. I grabbed it from the shelf and brought it out to the bed. I unzipped the zipper and inside was a card.

Happy Birthday Bella!

Come home soon

I opened the flap and there was all of these paw prints with names next to them. One stood out to me. It was smack dab in the middle and inside the paw print it had a name and a note.

Jacob, Love you forever and always. No matter what happens you will always be in my mind and heart. Forever you're best friend and practically your brother Jacob Black.

I tried to think back, "Now just hold on a minute Bella," he said in a calm voice. "Tell me something."… There was nothing left in my life at this point that was more important than Jacob Black… I remember, we were at the movies with some weird kid from school. Edward didn't want me to waste my time trying to figure out who he was, so I didn't. This was about 3 weeks before I left for Italy.

There was another envelope that was beside the card. I picked it up and opened it. Inside were two tickets to Forks Washington where Charlie and the pack were. I looked at the clock and it was 10:48 am. Edward wasn't supposed to get back for another 3 hours.

I grabbed my phone and sent him a text message.

Have figured out who everyone is got my memory of the wolves back. Found Gucci suitcase and plane tickets. Going to Forks, your ticket is on the kitchen table can't wait for another 3 hours. I have to go before I forget. See you soon love Bella xoxo

I hit send and that was it, I backed jeans and t-shirts and my clothes and sweat pants. I grabbed sneakers and a pair of my uggs and I grabbed my heels to wear now, and I ran out to my car.

"Checking for clearance." The car said.

"Clearance? Since when have I needed clearance to drive my own car?" I yelled at it.

"Clearance denied by 062001." The car said and it wouldn't let me start it.

"You've got to be kidding me!" I yelled.

Edward locked my car knowing I wasn't 'mentally stable.' Well guess what I want the other half of my life back so I grabbed the uggs out of my suitcase and changed from heels to uggs and ran to the airport.

"I need a boarding pass for the next flight to Forks Washington." I told the man at the front desk.

"Right, do you have your ticket?" He asked. I handed it to him.

"Do you have another person by the name of Edward A Cullen flying with you today ma'am?" The man asked.

"No, he will be catching a later flight. He is still at work; we have plans to meet up though." I smiled a flashy smile and he handed me my boarding pass.

"Thank you and enjoy your flight." The man smiled and I sped walked humanly to the gate. I just made it and I put my suitcase in the overhang and the plane took off.


The plane landed and I was the first one off. I didn't bother with a car; I just put my heels back on and ran about 10 miles to La Push beach. I was running in the forest and I was stopped by a wolf.

He had dark silver fur and I recognized him as Paul.

"Paul thank god, look I remember everything, please let me through." I pleaded.

He shook his head no. "Paul come on, Edward isn't with me, I left him in Alaska, I have to see Jacob and apologize and I have to see the whole pack and apologize. Paul please, I am begging you let me through." I pleaded.

"If I have to I will get on my knees and beg but then I would be really mad at myself for getting dirty." I told him.

He nodded and stepped aside. "Can you tell everyone to meet at the beach?" I asked him. He nodded and howled. Luckily today in Forks and La Push it was overcast and spitting here and there.

I ran to the forest edge until I got to the actual beach and that's when it all came flooding back. Cliff diving, the bon fire, the walk on the beach with Jacob and talking about the Cullens, absolutely everything. It was breath taking how much I remembered. I looked ahead and there was the pack in a cluster on the center of the beach.

"Jacob, Sam, Seth, Quil!" I called and humanly ran to them.

"Wow, would you looky here, it's one of them." A boy seethed. I didn't even know him.

"Lucas, she's fine, harmless." Jacob told him.

"New wolf?" I asked.

"Yeah, so why are you here." Jacob asked.

"I remember, all of it, all of you." I told them. Their eyes went big and smiles danced on their lips.

"You're kidding right?" Brady asked.

"NO, I got it all back about 2 hours ago." I smiled Jacob picked me up into a big wolf hug and my suitcase dropped.

"Hey, woo, we bought this with our money and it wasn't cheap, no sand in the suitcase!" Sam said and threw it to Lucas.

"Is Edward with you?" Seth asked.

"No, I texted him I was leaving and I haven't heard back." I told them.

"You two fighting?" Jacob asked.

"No but we will be when he gets here and when I give him a piece of my mind for not letting me drive my own car. He locked it." I told them.

They gasped. "I know right, MY own car." I waved my hands in the air.

"So how did you remember?" Quil asked.

"The suitcase." I smiled.

"I had no idea who gave it to me until I looked inside and I found the card." I told them

"When you first got that card, you cried like a baby." Jacob laughed.

"Hey shut up, I remember." I laughed,

"You guys are like my family and Edward wasn't giving me all the pieces to put the other half of my world back together." I smiled and they all gave me a group hug,

"Well Bella, I say case is closed." Sam smiled.

"So do I, so do I." I agreed.

"Let's go cliff diving to celebrate." Brady smiled.

"Excellent!" Colin agreed and the wolves ran up to the cliff. Lucas handed me my suit case and I grabbed my bikini and changed in the snap of your fingers behind a group of trees. I took off my wedding rings and put them in my makeup bag. I found a hair tie and put my hair up in a ponytail put my clothes away.

"Bella, you out here!" I heard someone call. I turned to see that Edward was there still in his white coat.

"What are you doing?" Edward asked furious.

"Celebrating." I smiled and ran to Jacob's awaiting hand and we jumped together.

Edward was waiting on shore for me with my suitcase and a towel ready for me to come out. I saw him standing there but I didn't want to face him just yet. He watched the wolves and I have water fights, and chicken fights and of course Jacob and I won the chicken wars. The sun showed that it was noon even if it was hidden behind the clouds.

"Guys, I'll be right back." I told them and Jacob dropped me backwards so I could get off his shoulders. I swam to shore and grabbed the towel from Edward's hands.

"Bella, I am sorry." Edward apologized.

"For what." I asked wanting him to say it

"Locking your car, hiding half of your life from you and for having this whole thing happen." Edward explained.

"Well, you owe me a new pair of sand uggs, because I had to run to the airport because you locked my car. Two, what you did was inexcusable, and three, I will never regret being bitten by Victoria."

"Why not, she damned you to be a monster." Edward boomed.

"No, she didn't." I smiled. "She damned me to be with you forever." I smiled and stroked his cheek and temples.

"Well Mrs. Cullen. The family is worried sick due to some unannounced visit, made by you, not knowing where you were." Edward smiled.

"Really, well its shame Alice can't see the wolves she would have seen that I am having a blast with my other family." I told him.

"Well when you, are finished having the wolves compliment you in your bikini in their minds, come find me at the Forks home." Edward smiled. I gave him a grossed out look about the bikini remark and covered up my body with my towel. Edward chuckled.

"I'll be back before or a little after sunset." I promised.

"Stay as long as you like, just as long as you came back to me." Edward smiled and kissed my hand.

"Where's your rings Love?" Edward asked worried.

"In my makeup bag safe and sound." I smiled.

"Good." He smiled and kissed my lips.

All of a sudden you heard a loud roar of BOO's coming from the water.

I pulled away and had to giggle. "I'll see you later." I smiled.

Edward smiled his crooked smile and said "I'll be waiting." In a seductive voice.

"Oh really." I smiled, "Maybe with that attitude, I'll come home early." I smiled and kissed him on more time and threw my towel on the ground and jogged into the water to meet Jacob. My best friend, forever and always.

Okay guys that was the whole story, I hoped you liked it. I will be posting a new story shortly so authors alert me. I love the story coming upp, if you don't like Edward this may be the story for you, the Cullens leave and the day Edward leaves, Laurent transforms bella, a new coven finds her and when the voultri want a 10th yearly census, bella finds a new love in the voultri and back at home for their school they are getting new staff. Bella is in chorus and their director is on maternity leave. Edward gets the job for the chorus director while Emmett is a new gym teacher and jasper is library help. (Carlisle kicked their asses off the couch from being depressed) Bella doesn't forgive Edward for leaving her and gives home a hard time trying to get her back. has some humor and you see Bella really diss and kill Edward's heart. Anyway thanks for reading, hope to see all of my reviewers in the near future reviewing my other stories. Love you always Carrie.