Buzzz buzzzz…..The alarm rang. I quickly woke I walked into my closet and took a pair of purple shorts, White tee and a black soccer sweater. I walked into the washroom….

After I was done getting ready I took the keys to my red Ford Mustang GT My parents recently got for me and I was off to school. I got out of my car and spotted my 2 best friends Cassidy and Emma. Cassidy was talking about her long time boyfriend Mike and Emma was replying by talking about her new boyfriend Scott. Not that I was surprised I just stood with them and listened until I saw him, Jared Pelletier . It had been 2 weeks since Jared had showed at school.

Cassidy noticed me eyeing him , "Ohh girl Get over him. You have been crushing on him since pre-k and now were seniors and your still whipped over him, has he ever actually talked to you before." She said

"Cass!! You bitch that's so mean! Kimmy don't listen to her." Emma shot back

"Naw Emma, she's right 12 years of trying to impress him for what, Nothing." I said

"Thank you", Cassidy said as the bell rang.

The first class of the day was Math ohh joy, But Jared sat beside me in class which made it worth while. I walked into class not surprised to find Jareds end of the table empty.


I had changed about 2 weeks ago, I haven't been allowed to attend school since then. First day back; Math exam first block fml.

I walked into class and took my seat the teacher handed out the test; shit I don't have a pencil whats her name, I tried to picture her name in my head. Awe fuck screw it.

"umm can I borrow a pencil" I whispered She rolled her pencil to me and pulled another one from her bag for herself. Without looking up

I wrote the test, and finished about 3 minutes before the bell rang.

"umm thanks" I said as I taped her on her shoulder to give her her pencil.

She looked up….. My heart stopped beating, she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her hair was dark brown and pulled into a high pony tail. She had side bangs pulled to one side. Her green eyes sparkled against her tan skin. She had a body that just wont quit and those legs in those short omg can I get a fuck me.

She smiled reveling her perfect white teeth. "Ohh don't worry about it, you can just keep it"

"umm thanks" I said putting the pencil in my pocket. Paul walked up beside me as the bell rang I spoke again "Wait" She turned around " umm What's your name?"

"Dude, You don't know" Paul said laughing

She raised one of her perfectly arched eyebrows "You don't know my name? wow, I have been in at least 2 of your classes every semester and went to the same elementary school. 12 years later and you still don't know me. That's low even for you" she said before walking off.

"Dude you totally fucked up, that's Kim Conweller" Paul said as we walked to pe.