A/N I posted a pic on my profile about how I think Kim should look like Jared is of course Bronson Pelletier (SSOO HOT)



I woke from my sleep filled with dreams of Jared and I. I had a volleyball game today I quickly showered and pulled my hair back and pinned my bangs back aswell. I pulled on my spandex short volleyball shorts and LA PUSH HIGH uniform. I threw a pair of joggers over my shorts and took a random hoodie from my closet. I gathered all my things and walked to the garage.

I stood in the garage considering weather to take my mustang or my pickup style mustang. I decided to take the truck. I threw my bag in the truck, and drove to Cassidy house since her Dodge Ram was in the shop; I agreed to pick her up.

I pulled up to her house, and jumped out of the truck and took my iphone and called her

"Kimmers ill be out in 2 seconds, okay?" she said then hung up

I leaned against the truck and noticed topless Jared and Paul emerge from the forest walking towards Pauls house witch was right besides Cassidys. Jared noticed me and ran over and pulled me into a huge hug.

"Hey there Kimster" He said; damn six pack much!!

"Hey guys" I said, then began to laugh

"Whatcha laughing at?" Paul asked

"Well when I see 2 half naked men come from the forest my mind thinks crazy things" I laughed

"ha-ha very funny Kim", Paul said sarcastically

"I know right?" I said while jumping into the car

"What happened to your Mustang" Jared asked

"I have 2 cars" I replied

"2 nice cars pshh that's not fair" Paul said while Cassidy threw her bag in the car

"Cya later boys" I said as I drove away.

When we had arrived at school we began to warm up and soon enough our game had began. When the game was almost over with us in the lead I saw Jared and Embry walk into the gym and take a seat on the bleachers.

I was just about to serve for game point but I first made eye contact with Jared and winked then served the ball and won the game.

After we did our after game things. Cassidy and I walked toward the car. Jared ran towards me.

"Hey there cutie good game" He said to me

"thanks, I try I try" I said brushing off my shoulders

"ha, so I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight, I could make you dinner?" He said with a cute grin I couldn't say no to.

"Okay sounds good. Call me before you come okay?" I said then jumped into the drivers side.

I dropped Cassidy off at her house and when I got home I took another shower and I decided to flat iron my hair. After I was done straighten it I walked to my closet to find something to wear, I chose a purple v- neck tee and black lululemons and a gray juicy hoodie.

My iphone began to ring I ran over to answer it


"Hey Kim ill be there in 15"

"cya then"

"Okay bye" then he hung up the phone.

I quickly tided up the house the door bell ran I quickly went over to answer it.


"Hey kim" I said while she let me in.

"Hey Jared" She said. I looked around her house it was huge it was four levels bottom was a gym, game room, theater room, and a bar. 3rd was was kitchen and 2 living rooms. 2nd was parents room and 2 guest room and a office, and the top floor only had one room one was Kims room and the other was Kim's office/ tv room.

"wow, Kim you house is…" I began

"Filled with unnecessary things, I know" she said before towing me into the kitchen I didn't want to argue with her.

I began to make dinner. She helped me, after we ate I followed her down to the game room. I bet her in pool, but she opened a can of whoop ass when it came to air hockey and Fozze Ball.

After we fished playing games she took me into the theater room. She let me choose the movie I chose Waterboy one of Adam Sandlers best work. We sat on the couch and shared the a blanket not that I needed it. She didn't even object when I put my arm around her.

Part way through the movie I whispered into her ear "Mama say you'd devil" I said mocking the movie

She smiled and returned the mock by whispering "what mama don't know wont hurt her" then she pushed her lips against mine.

Our kiss was passionate and forceful. Then something began to vibrate in her pocket.

"please tell me that's your phone" I joked

"nope, its my dick" she said then answered the call

"Hi mom…..yup…..uhh….no its okay I understand…don't worry its cool.. yeah okay bye" She hung up with sadness clear in her eyes

"What's wrong Kim?', I asked concerned

A fake smile spread across her face, "ohh its no biggie, Parents have to work late so there going to stay in a hotel in Port Angleas. So I'll be alone tonight but its nothing major it happens at least once a week if not more" she said.

"What did I tell you the other day in the car?, I will never let you be lonely. So either your coming with me to my place or I am crashing here", I said to her

"Okay fine Mr smooth talker, you'll stay here" she said before pushing play.

I wrapped my arms around her as we watched the remainder of the rest of the movie.

After we were done watching the movie, she and I went upstairs we sat on her bed and talked for hours. At about 4 am she was falling asleep in the middle of or convos. She told me there was 2 guest rooms downstairs but I chose the futon in her office. We walked into the room I helped her take the pillows out of the closet until something caught my eye. It was a skany as hell little red riding rood costme.

"what is this?" I said pulling it out of the closet

"ahahaha. That was the Halloween costume Cassidy bought for me, but I never wore it it was to sultry for my liking. Its probably to small anyway" said Kim

"You should try it on" I asked playfully

"ohh you'd like that" She said while I put the dress back.

After we made the bed I got in. she walked towards the door. She looked at me and walked back and kissed me hard against my lips, and turn out he lights and went into her room.