The Leaky Cauldron has been the entryway to the magical world for 700 years. It has had many owners the current on being Tom Abbott. In all these years, business has never been this slow. The resurrection of the Dark Lord being the cause of this.

Needless to say, whenever something happened to scare off his customers, as few as they were, made him very mad. If it was not who it was that scared them off, Tom might havw said something. But this wasn't just anybody, this was Bellatrix Lestrange, the Dark Lord's top death eater. No, for now Tom would let it pass. As old as he was, he was not yet ready to die. He didn't know the bloke that was with her, but he also wasn't ready to ask. He continued cleaning his glasses.

He watched as they continued through his bar and out the backdoor that led to entryway to Diagon Alley. He breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that was too close.

Meanwhile in the alley, Bella and her companion continued on to their destination. No words passed between them. As they walked, you could see the people around them, leave the alley for the closest shop, trying their best to avoid the approaching pair, hoping not to be noticed. That was until they were approached by a small group of people. They started yelling at her, demanding to know where their family members were. She started to say something, when someone came rushing through the small crowd, holding his wand at the ready, and threatening her. Bella's companion fired a spell at him, knocking him 15 meters away, leaving him unconscious. After that, the rest of the small group departed and let Bella and her companion continue on. After another few steps, another individual approached her. She heard a whispered, "Travers, death eater."

As the individual arrived he said, "Bellatrix, I didn't know you would be out and about so soon?"

Bella glared at him and said, "Travers, do you think a mere child would keep me holed up, afraid to show myself?"

Travers backed away from the witch knowing how bad she could be when she was upset. "I only meant I thought the Dark Lord wanted you to stay away from the public for a while."

"The lord is more forgiving to me then he is his other servants. Mind you he did make me see the error of my ways, allowing the brat, and his companions to escape due to that cursed elf. He soon forgave me and allowed me to venture forth and retrieve my wand. I wanted her to pay dearly for my disgrace, but, unfortunately, that did not happen, however i did happen to get my wand back."

No more was said between the two, as they approached their destination.

When they got to the steps of Gringotts, they could feel the probe that scanned them. As they approached the doors, a guard came forth, and told them they needed to be searched. Bella screamed. "What is the meaning of this, we were scanned as we arrived, why do we have to put up with this humiliation again."

The guard just said, "Stronger security measures, to ensure your property is protected." Completing his scan, he stepped aside to allow the customers through. As he assumed his post he made a slight movement with his hand, hitting a button.

As they entered the bank, they noticed it was empty, except for the goblins that were there. They then approached the floor manager, not noticing the goblins moving into position behind them, blocking anyone from leaving the bank.

Bella walked up to the floor manager and told she needed access to her vault. Again the three did not see the goblin guards move into position to their left and right. Four also moved into position right behind them.

The floor manager looked from his desk and said, "I am sorry, but we cannot allow you into the vault area, we heard news that there may be an attempted break in. That is why you don't see any people. Now, because of this, if you would be so kind as to hand over your wands peacefully, we will ask you some questions."

Travers began to panic. He felt the goblins presence behind them, and quickly drew his wand to cast a spell. A guard hit from behind before he had a chance to do anything, and collapsed in a heap at Bella's feet.

The manager looked at the guard and said, "Thank you Farnack. That will most likely save us time and make things a lot easier. Now Mrs. Lestrange, or should I say Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley, please hand over your wands, as we do not want to hurt you yet, and Mr. Potter if you would be so kind as to remove your cloak and show yourself, also turning in your wand."

There was a shuffling of material as Harry removed his cloak, exposing Griphook and himself. With a defeated look to each other, they handed over their wands.