Saved By An Act Of Betrayal Keeperoliver Chapter 16

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I need to say this to all my readers, as I feel guilty. I used another authors thoughts when I described Dudley's time during Harry's Hunt. I can't remember the author's name or the story, but I do remember Dudley saying he met a witch, and became friends, I also believe it was this same Lisa that he named. If I could have remembered either the name of the story, or the author, I would have asked for permission to use that part of his story. If any reader knows the story I am talking about, and/or the author please let me know, so that I may contact the author to apologise.

Also, it's getting near to the end of this story, and I am sad to see it come to an end, however, it is not the end of the adventure. Oh no, it is just ready to go to the next phase in which, there is travel, romance, companies to build, offices to fill, weddings to plan, and maybe some heartbreak (I don't really know about this part yet). So, let me see if I can end this story here.

They finally revived Dudley, and got him into the sitting room to get him off his feet. He looked around at everyone in the room, and his eyes ended back to His Aunt Lily and Uncle James. He couldn't believe that these two young people were mom's sister and her husband, and that Harry was their son. He was still in a state of bewilderment, when Harry asked him if he wanted to get

ahold of Lisa to she if she wanted to go with them tomorrow? Dudley rubbed his eyes for a few seconds, trying to gather his thoughts, Then asked Harry how he could do this. Harry asked if he knew her address and he gave it to him, and Harry message flooed her.

Lisa had been listening to her music, which was kind of loud, and she didn't hear the floo activate immediately. It must have been the thrid or fourth calling when she finally answered, and was quite surprised to find it was Harry. "Hello Harry, it's been awhile since I heard from you last, to what do I owe this honor?"

"Hello Lisa, ya it has been awhile since we talked, how have you been?"

"Oh I've been better, but now that it's all over thanks to you, I believe I am going to get a lot better"

"I'm glad to hear that, listen the reason I called, was to ask if you wanted to go to dinner and a dance tomorrow evening?"

"I would love to Harry, but I'm sorry, I have to say no. I am seeing someone right now, and I wouldn't feel right, if I went with you."

"Are you talking about that git cousin of mine, Dudders?"

"His name is Dudley, Harry, and that is what you will call him, when you are talking to me. What happened to you Harry, you used to be really nice?"

"I'm sorry Lisa, I was just having a go at Dudd---ly as he is sitting right here, and I was asking you for him. Please forgive me for my not clueing you in. My offer still stands, if you want to go?"

"Is Dudley going, I will, if he will?"

"It's set then, and if you want, you can come by in the morning, and go shopping with the girls for clothes, and to meet my family?"

"Your family harry, I thought your aunt, uncle and Dudley were your family?"

"They are just a part of it now, as my family just got a whole lot bigger."

"Harry, would you mind terribly if I came over now, in stead of in the morning?"

"Hold on, let me ask, no, it's fine, come on over."

"Thank you Harry, I'll be there in 5 minutes, after you tell me where you are calling from."

"Why don't I have Ginny come and get you?"

"Ginny's there too, great, and yes, that will be good. See her in 5 minutes."

When Ginny and Lisa came back in about 15 minutes, Harry took her around to meet everybody, saving the best for last. "And this is my my brother Dobby Woodelf Potter, Commonly known as Eldonrod, king of the house elves. And this lovely young couple are James and Lily Potter commonly known as my mom and dad."

Lisa looked at Harry for a minute, and then started to laugh. She looked down at the carpet then back up at Harry, and started laughing again. "Harry, if you want me to believe that you got your mother and father back, you're going to have to find people much older and honestly, a king of the house-elves. Have you been training with the twins?"

Dobby walked over to Lisa, reached for her hand, pulled it up to his lips, lightly kissed it, put it back down, and called for Kreacher.

Kreacher popped in, bowed down low and asked, "What can Kreacher do for you my king?"

"Kreacher, would kindly tell this beautiful young woman who I am please."

"Why you is King Eldonrod, King of all the house-elves."

"Thank you Kreacher. Lisa, do you have a house elf?"


"Would you call him/her please?"

"Alfie, would you come here please?"

There was a pop, and a tiny elf appeared at his mistress call.

"Yes Missy Lisa, what cans Alfie does for you?"

"Alfie, can you tell me who this?"

Alfie turned around, looked, and fell against Lisa's legs, grabbing on to keep from falling.

Alfie turned to Lisa and said, "Thank you Missy Lisa, if not for yous, I may never have met mys king."

Dobby stepped forward and asked for Alfie.

"Yes my lord, you need this lowly ones service?"

Dobby got mad, "Don't you ever call your self lowly again. You are of my people, and we are not lowly, do you understand Alfie."

Alfie was shaking, he did not mean to anger his king, but he had always been taught how his kind were beneath the wizards, and show obesence to his superiors. Now the highest of his superiors tells him he is not lower. In that moment, Alfie grew. He was now a foot taller than when he came

and there was confidance in himself that he never felt before. "Thank you sire, for setting me straight. I now realise that you are right, I am not lower than anyone else. I know that a mutual respect must be gained for wizards and elves to live in harmony."

Every one in the room just now realised, for a fact, that Dobby was in deed the king of the house-elves. Not only had Alfie gained a foot in height, he had also grown in stature and intelligence, and his features had softened, and appeared more human. Not to the extent of Dobby, but less mouselike in appearence. Is this what was expected of Dobby?

Alfie was excused, and popped back home.

Lisa begged Dobby's forgivness and walked to James and Lily and asked for their forgivness, and all was as it should be.

The girls all broke off to go the kitchen and have tea, and the men sat and introduced Dobby and Dudley to fire whiskey. Dudley felt the liquid burn all the way down and continued to burn in his stomach. It burned so bad, he couldn't talk for 10 minutes. Dobby took his drink, smacked his lips, and asked for another. he downed this one also. He looked around and said, "Not bad, but I like butterbeer better."

Dudley, finally able to breathe and talk, asked what a butterbeer was. Sirius explained that there were 2 types of butterbeer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and they both tasted like butterscotch. This was Dudley's preferred drink for the rest of the night. Alcoholic of course.

They all talked about what was going to happen in about 18 hours, and then decided it was time to go to bed. The rest of the guys went up to bed, and Harry went in and told the girls where they were going. He kissed his Mom, Ginny and Hermione and hugged Tonks, who grabbed him and planted a big sloppy kiss on Harry, and then hugged Luna, who tried to do the same thing, but Harry escaped, and then looked at Lisa as if to say is it safe to hug you, and the gave her a hug. He said goodnight to Narcissa, then excused himself, and went to bed.

Lisa looked at Ginny and Hermione and asked, "OK, what's going on with you two and Harry?"

She got the full blown explanation, with all the details.

They all decided it was time for bed also, as it was going to be a long, but great day tomorrow.

The next morning, after all got their morning rituals out of the way, the girls went muggle shopping, and the guys were going to laze around, except for Harry and Dobby. They were going to go see Ron and the rest of the Weasleys. They arrived at the Burrow, and walked down the path to the house were they saw Mrs. Weasley walk out to meet them. She gave them both a great Weasley hug and led into the kitchen. She then went to the stairs and called for Ron, telling him that Harry and Dobby were here. She heard his door slam open, and Ron came flying down the stairs. He came over and hugged both of them and asked what they were up to.

"What, I can't come over and say hi to my best mate and second mother?"

Mrs. Weasley smiled at the comment, and Ron said, "Ya, but usually you call first."

"Well we will call this a surprise visit then. No, seriously, I came over to ask you something, but I must warn you, it comes at a price."

"Then forget it Harry, you know I don't have any money, and besides, why do need money, you have all the money in the world?" As soon as Ron said this, he regretted it. Harry looked at Ron, and knew he didn't mean it.

"Who said it would cost money, all this will cost you is 10 months and six NEWTS. Do you think you could achieve six NEWTS from Hogwarts next year."

"Harry, I wasn't planning on going back next year. Padma has graduated, and we were going to look for a place of our own, and find a job."

"So you're not interested in what I have to say then?"

"It would have to be pretty damn awesome to get me interested."


"Sorry Ma."

"Well, what do you consider awesome?"

"I don't know Harry, something big enough to change my plans with Padma."

"Would the Director of Player Personnel of the Chudley Cannons be big enough?"

"Ya, I imagine if you offered something that big, I would talk to Padma about it."

"Well, you better start talking then because you have to have NEWTS in all your core subjects and two in your choice."

"You still haven't told me what your offer is?"

"Yes I have."

"No you haven't Harry, all you gave me was a for instance."

Mrs. Weasley. who had been listening in, said"No Ron, Harry did not say for instance.

He said would the Chudley Canons be big enough."

Ron looked at Harry with disbelief, "You're kidding right?"


"The Director of Player Personnel?"


"For the Chudley Canons?"


"Why six NEWTS?"

"Requirement for that position."

"You own the Chudley Canons?"

"Yes, and I don't like that I own a team that lose constantly. I want a person in there that knows what to look for to make the team not just better, but a year at school will give you an opportunity to follow the careers of the players, and find the right combination of veterans and fresh young blood, tto compose a winner. Do you think you could do that, and make six NEWTS. OH, just to let you know, Hermione and I will also be coming back, and believe it or not, so is Dobby, and uh well, so is Draco Malfoy. Now before you blow your top, listen to me. Draco has apologised to Hermione and I, and is the cause for the dance tonight. His father comitted suicide while in custody, and the Ministry confiscated all of their holdings, and their home. Believe it or not, he has become a regular person. I know that you can't get along with him, I just want you to try your best not start anything with him. Can you do that?"

"That's probably the hardest thing you're asking me to do. Maybe I should forget that dinner and dance tonight?"

"No you shouldn't. The rest of your family is going, aren't you Mrs. Weasley?"

"Yes Harry we are, I haven't gone dancing in ages, and I am looking forward to it."

"So what do you say Ron, can you put aside you feelings for Draco, go back to school, get you NEWTS, and make our team a winner?"

"I will put aside my feelings for Draco, but I have to talk to Padma about the rest."

"That's all I can ask for. And if Padma needs a job, tell her to talk to me later, OK?"

"All right Harry, I can do that."

"All right then I will see you all in a few hours."

"Thanks Harry, for everything, including having me as your best mate. You really don't know what that means to me."

"It's alright Ron, oh, it miight help if you tell Padma that the job pays 250,000 galleons a year. See you tonight."


But Harry and Dobby were already gone.

They got back to Grimmauld Place and the raucus that was going on inside, as it seems that James and Sirius were having a prank war against Draco and Remus with Dudley as the judge and score keeper. Draco's hair was green with pink stripes and spiked Sirius had duck feet and a bill, with tail feathers. James had no hair, no lips and two black circles painted around his eyes. And as far as Harry and Dobby could see, Remus had nothing wrong with him. That was until he spoke and then he sounded like he was on helium. Dudley was laughing so loud, he was shaking the walls, and this got Harry and Dobby going. Then they had four spells coming at them, to which Dobby threw his hands out and reversed the direction and sent back at the casters which caused four loud whelps, and all four started getting huge boils all over their faces. That called an end to the war. They all decided to stop for lunch. After they finished cleaning up, they were retiring to the lounge, when the girls returned.

They all sat down for awhile, and talked about what all of them had done for the day, and the girls were laughing so hard their sides were hurting. All of a sudden, Lily started running for the bathroom. She came back a few minutes later, a little green around the gills, but feeling much better.

It was time for everyone to get ready for the evening. The guys were back down in 90 minutes, and had to wait for the girls another 60 minutes. During that time, Remus had taken Teddy to the babysitter Tonks had chosen,and was back, but still had to wait 45 minutes. Once the girls showed up, there were no complaints from the guys, they were to tounge tied to speak. The ladies were all beautiful, but to each individual partner, their mate was the brightest star in the sky. By all of their faces, you would think that they were watching one of those beauty pagents that the muggles have.

Harry approached Ginny and Hermione, and whispered in Hermione ear. She nodded her head and walked over to Draco and asked him to be her escort. He bowed to Hermione and told her it would be his pleasure and honor.

They all aparated to the address that Harry gave them, and entered the beautiful establishment, and were approached by the maitre' d and were led to their assigned tables. Harry was amazed at the precision work that Hermione put forth. He walked over to her and gave her a kiss that curled her toes. When Harry went to break it, she pulled him back in for another one, just as passionate. He told her of the wonderful job she had done and she thanked him. then Harry Ginny and Hermione went to the entrance, to greet the people as they entered Draco and Sirius came over as soon as Amelia and Susan Bones came in. All told, there were 250 guests, and with the size of the building, there was more than enough room for all to enjoy them selves. They ate there dinner and had casual talk, for about 3o minutes, then the house band started playing music, and people got up to dance, the first being Arthur and Molly, then more people entered the dance floor, and Draco asked Susan if she wanted to dance, and she accepted. Dobby and Luna joined in on the dance. Harry asked the girls how they wanted to do this, and they both agreed 1 slow and 1 fast dance each, then a break and then again.

While on the floor with Ginny, Harry saw Ron dancing with Padma and moved in his direction. Ron saw him coming and moved his way so as they could talk. Harry asked if they were enjoying themselves to which they said yes, and how the food was and they said delicious, and then Harry asked Ron if he talked to Padma yet, and Ron said yes and yes. Harry said excellent. then Padma asked Ginny if they could change partners for a few minutes and Ginny did. Padma looked into Harry's eyes and said "Harry, what you are doing for Ron is great I haven't seen him this excited since....I don't know when. He also told me you said to come see you about a job."

" It's not a job really, it's a position in a firm I wish to start up. I want to start it immediately, and I want you to manage the research department. You will be managing both wizards and muggles. It will be starting up in about 2 months, but I want you to start sooner if you could. The pay to start will be 75,000 galleons a year, with profit sharing. I will give you more details later, if you decide that you will do it,"

Padma stopped dancing and just stood there looking at him. Then she threw her arm around him and kissed him. She pulled back, and said yes, she would take the job. They then switched back partners. Ginny looked at Harry with that what was that all about look and Harry told her about his idea. She looked at him with admiration, and kissed him soundly. the song ended and they went looking for Hermione as it was her turn.

Hermione was in seventh heaven. She was dancing with the man of her dreams and life couldn't get any better than this. Then she had to make the statement she would end her happiness. She told Harry that she wanted to go to Australia to find her mom and dad. Harry just said when do you want us to go. He said it so matter of factly, it was if he ws expecting it. She asked when was a good time for him. he said today was Tuesday, how about Friday. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with more passion then he thought she had. Harry was liking this evening more and more. He then asked her if she just wanted him and Ginny to go, or could more go. She just said, that when she went to get her parents just him and Ginny, but to Austrailia, as many as wanted to go. So Harry made plans to talk to everyone tomorrow morning about their little excursion to the land down under

As the evening was coming to end, couples came to Harry, Ginny, and Hermione, and told them what a great time they had. They expressed their thanks and hoped they could do it again sometime. As the crowd became thinner and thinner Harry looked around to see who was left. He saw his mom and dad talking to Frank and Alice, and dragged the ladies with him to meet the Longbottoms. James and Lily stood up and introduced Harry to Frank and Alice. Alice looked at Harry, and pulled him into a hug and whispered in his ear, "Thank you so much, for all that you have done, and I mean more that the serum, I am talking about Neville. It is about you teaching him self confidence. He has grown into a fine young man, just like you. Your parents are very proud of you, they have been talking about you all night, that is when we weren't talking about Neville, or dancing. By the way, thank you for this wonderful evening. I don't know how you found this excellent club, but I am sure I will be back."

"When you do decide to come back, tell them you know the owner. He will have a list of names, and you will have a special table just for you."

"Thank you Harry, by the way, who is the owner?"


"Are you ever going to cease to amaze me?"

"I hope not, because when I get back from Australia, we need to talk."

"I look forward to it."

It was finally over. It had to be one of the greatest nights of his life. Harry reflected back on the last two weeks, and every thing that had happened. He then remembered the dream he had, and said to himself, there cannot be many times when a person gets Saved By An Act Of Betrayal.

And so ends this story. It was a short trip, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I have enjoyed The comments of the few great reviewers I had, They were awesome. I am sorry for the people that looked at this story and didn't think it was worth the time. If you are reading this, then I hoped you read everything that came before it. I will be taking a short break, before beginning phase 2 of this story, but rest assured I will return. Thank you all very much and Di, I hope I didn't leave you hanging. Jessica my sweet granddaughter, you brighten my day when I receive your reviews and PM's. Luiz, form here on, there are no books to fall back on because it is all AU. But I still think you will like it. Adios Amigos from the Keeper!!!!!!!