A mate for a pet

Chapter one: Mating season

King Pegasus was a man of incredible wealth and power, his family had ruled the peaceful and fertile land of Domino for centuries.

The castle stronghold in which he ruled was an impressive fortress located in the center of a forest; it had high stone walls and many mysterious towers and battlements.

But what Pegasus was most fond of was his personal menagerie . It was there that all kinds of wondrous creatures were kept, from unique rodents to large cats. But the most beautiful, and Pegasus's favorite pet was a young male werewolf named Atemu.

Pegasus had found the young werewolf while out riding his horse, at first he'd thought that the little boy was human; Until the full moon came and the lad changed right during the middle of a banquet into a wolf pup.

Atemu had always been well tempered and loved to go on walks with his master, but lately the werewolf had become moody and distant.

"Oh my dear Atemu-boy" Pegasus sighed running his fingers through his long white hair "Won't you tell me what's bothering you?"

Atemu growled in his enclosure, pacing nervously back and forth. He was in his human form at the moment. He had tri-colored hair with purple tinting and blonde lightning style bangs. His ruby eyes were set in a glare. As for clothing he wore only black sweat pants with a silver collar around his slender tan neck.

"Do you really want to know ?"

"Yes of course, tell me whats troubling you and if it is my vast power to fix it then shall I" Pegasus said confidently.

Atemu stopped his pacing and stared the white haired king straight in the eye.

"Master Pegasus, I desire a mate""!

End Chapter

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