Chapter 22: Full Moon Madness pt4

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"Ryou…" Bakura grinned as his little pet stalked closer "it's time to take your medicine".

This clearly set the crazed werewolf over the edge as Ryou suddenly lunged at the intruder, his nails hardened and sharp like razor blades. Bakura didn't have time to react as Ryou's gleaming fangs sunk into his shoulder in a spray of blood.


Bakura yelled out when he felt the white werewolf's fangs pierce his body, sinking deep into the tan flesh and hardy muscle "GET OFF!" he screamed in Ryou's sensitive ear canal. This temporarily stunned the maddened albino, allowing Bakura to throw him off and away from the door.

While Ryou shook his head vigorously like a dog, Bakura clutched painfully at the spot where his pet had bitten him "S-shit…you're so gonna get it when you come back to your senses Ryou" the Hunter growled, the blood flow was already beginning to slow, though shooting waves of pain were still present, coupled by a strange tingling heat. Bakura's vision of Ryou's slinking white form began to blur as the heat intensified and engulfed his body, accompanied by a spaz of dizziness which brought him to his shaking knees "W-what's…h-happening…can't focus" were his fevered thoughts; The silver bangle now lay forgotten at his side.

Ryou, who'd sat watching nearby, could immediately the human male's scent beginning to change and started to creep closer to get a better look. A name echoed softly from the back of his primitive mind 'Bakura', that was this male's name, had they mated once before? Yes they had…though the ashy whitenette had forced him into submission. Not that it mattered to Ryou in his maddened state, in the animal world there was no such thing as rape. There was only domination and submission, and this human claimed him as so.

Bakura warily when Ryo lent slowly towards his wounded shoulder, flinching slightly as he gave it a tender, apologetic swipe with his little pink tongue "Oh my god" he gasped at the sexy sight. The more submissive of the two purred happily at the red metallic liquid hit his taste buds, his tail wagging slowly in contentment. This was all beginning to be too much for the ex-poacher to handle, the burning fire in his veins wasn't stopping, and unbridled primal urges in the far dark reaches of his mind were clawing themselves up the surface. Bakura could only describe it as a beast. It wanted to mount Ryou, to make him whine and whimper in pleasure, to make him heavy with young, and who was he to say no?

An animalistic growl resonated through the electrified atmosphere and Bakura realized it was coming from him. Ryou yelped in surprise as he was snatched up and thrown down on the scratched up bed. The young werewolf didn't have time to think as the rapidly changing man descended upon him, it was clear this new male wanted him to submit to his will; if that wasn't enough, the burning need reflected in his sharp mocha orbs said it all too well.

Feelings of fright gripping his heart, the younger male lashed out at the elder, raking him across his muscled chest, leaving bloody red trenches. Ryou recovered while Bakura was still in shock and leapt free, landing neatly in front of the window.

"Rye…ou…" Bakura sputtered, the fire in his veins had reached his ears, and it was calling out for something. And that something was Ryou. But the submissive was being difficult, and he didn't like that. This lovely forest child shouldn't fight or struggle against his dominance. Ryou ought to be under him….wait no…that wasn't right…Bakura had promised he wouldn't hurt Ryou again. But the beast that invaded his body was threatening to jeopardize everything "s-stay…tch..away" the hunter gasped collapsing on the ruined bed. It hurt, it hurt so much.

Ryou who'd been cowering by the window watched the ex-poacher struggling to keep pull himself together. The soft but powerful hum of the mother moon was calling to him, telling the albino not to be afraid of the larger male; that this was his mate. As if hypnotized, the hazy fog of the moon madness lifted a bit, leaving a need in the young werewolf's heart, a need to comfort the cringing half changed man on the bed.

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Bakura groaned when he was pushed onto his back, seeing it was Ryou he snarled out a warning to the younger male. Telling him he shouldn't be so close.

Ryou's white wolf ears flattened as he let out a plaintive whine. He figured Bakura would be angry after he scratched him, leaning down to the still oozing cut, Ryou's pink tongue lapped up the red substance in apology.

Bakura shivered at the intimate contact, his heightened senses were on overdrive, and the pain in his shoulder and chest were quickly forgotten…did…Ryou want to honestly mate with him? "Ryou~" he rumbled stroking his hand in Ryou's snowy spiky mane causing his equally white tail to wag slowly. He didn't notice that his nails had lengthened and sharpened into claws. Gripping his head in his hands, Bakura moved Ryou into a brief kiss before letting him go. For the beast in his head was growling in anticipation.

Without being made to, Ryou moved onto his stomach to present himself to his mate. His submissive instincts demanded he give his body and soul to his soon to be new brother of the moon.

What fragile restraints Bakura had on his sanity and his morals slipped away out of reach when he saw his beautiful pet prostrate himself so…the newly awakened beast needed satisfaction, and he would get in the form of Ryou. The little albino purred when he felt his dom's arousal so close to his entrance but that purr changed to a pained yelp when all eight inches of Bakura's shaft penetrated him in a swift thrust.

"Nya~!" he gasped feeling the rhythm of Bakura's thrusts send his addled mind into the heavens!

Whilst Ryou laid there and took it like a good uke, Bakura was lost in a world of his own. The fire in his blood and his mind wasn't relenting it's grip on him, although the more he took his lovely mate, it seemed to lessen a margin. The former poacher grunted as his tan skin began to perspire and his head began to ache, his vision was whitening around the edges as his senses took leave into lust and the strange fire that was transforming him.

Suddenly the liquid fire exploded as Bakura reached his climax, and Ryou quickly followed suit "RRRRYOU"! He roared, a fluffy greyish white tail unfurled from the base of his spine, and a pair of pointed white wolf ears burst from the side of his head. With a shuddering gasp Bakura's brown eyes rolled as he collapsed, his cock still planted inside the equally exhausted Ryou.

The fire was gone and the transformation was done, a new child of the forest had been born on this auspicious night of beauty and treachery.

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Yugi was in a right panic, he never expected for Atemu to just keel over like that! He just wanted his mate to see from his eyes that's all. To understand his uncertainties and know that this displaying life wasnt' all there was out there for him. But the realization must've been too much for Atemu's psyche to handle.

"Oh no oh no" he chanted pacing back and forth again. Atemu laid there on the grassy carpet, completely motionless and his cheeks took on a worrying tint of blue. Was he going into some sort of shock?

"Oh no I killed him!" the hapless submissive squealed. What was he going to do now?

No...he had to keep calm, Yugi reassured himself, a werewolf couldn't die from shock right? "Atemu" he began, kneeling next to his mate "I didn't mean to upset you, please wake up". Pressing his wolfish ear over his heart. Yugi could hear Atemu's heart beating slowly; like he was asleep. The little wolf boy sighed in relief, it seemed his mate would okay after all.

"What a relief" he whispered snuggling atop Atemu's body "who would have thought having a lover would be so stressful".

(Atemu's dream)

A tiny two year old Atemu stood to his wobbly baby feet, his fat arms flailing before balancing. It was spring and the air was fresh and crisp with the humming of bees. It was a picture perfect day, and the werewolf pup wanted to explore the outside world of his den.

"Atemu sweetie" a female voice called "don't wander too far okay?"

The dream promptly changed to a seven year old Atemu staring sadly out at the vivid fall landscape. His ruby eyes were even redder from hours of crying; his mother had gone hunting three days ago and hadn't returned "Mommy..where are you?" he whimpered to himself. What could've happened to her, the little pup didn't want to think about it. Unlike the majority of his species, Atemu and his mother were rogues. They had no pack to protect them, and his mother never did tell him why. The sweet woman would only tell him about his father, apparently he'd been killed in some sort of scirmish between rival packs and was fataly wounded...often times when she was away, Atemu would sit and relax near the cave mouth and wonder what it would've been like to have a father. Would he be kind to his only son? Or he be distant and critical? Perhaps he could have a siblilng or two to play with, he hated not being able to play with the human children he saw exploring the forest edges.

The young pup considered it a game, he pretended that the human children were playing hide and seek and were searching for him. They never found or noticed him of course.

Wiping away a stubborn tear, Atemu decided perhaps he would go and look for his mother himself, maybe she was hurt and unable to get home without help. He didn't care if he would get in trouble for leaving the den without permission, he just couldn't sit here wondering anymore. So without further ado, Atemu gathered up his courage and took those first fateful steps to an uncertain future. Where they would take him, he did not know.

"I am coming Mommy!" Atemu yelled transforming into a tiny black wolf pup and dashing off into the forest depths.

End Chapter

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