OK, first off, this is my VERY FIRST story. I have never done this before, but I have read my fair share of fan fictions here on . I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes. I'm only human.

Anyways, I just recently watched the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and I must say that it is AMAZING! Its a must watch. So, I decided that I should finally write my own little piece of fan fiction and chose to portray some of Galen Marek/Star Killers thoughts through most of the trailer.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Start Wars: The Force Unleashed or any of its characters.

I could hear their voices.

His was sick and statistical, the other's was wise and calm. Both on two completely different paths. One, a ruthless Sith Lord and the other a patient Jedi Master.

Their voices were haunting as they rotted day after day in my empty thoughts. I was soon hoping that it would come to the sound of a piercing ring, for surely that would be less painful then their confliction. My confliction.

I kept my pace, swaying side to side as I came down the narrow grated corridor.

"Death is a natural part of life." The wise one spoke.

Soon, came the sound I desperately feared of hearing. Slow shallow intakes and outtakes of breath through an old worn down machine like structure.

"Foolishly you hold to hope for the life you once had." Damn the man.

Just the thought was bringing me to the brink of pure anger. I could feel the Force rising within me. It was strong and overpowering.

"Let go of everything you fear to lose, you must." I thought I already had. I didn't choose this life. I was forced to leave my old life and perish all thoughts and wants of childhood. I was to use my hatred and anger towards Vader for the dark side to feed off of and twist me into a mindless killer.

"You think you have a purpose, a destiny." I do and you robbed me of that privilege.

"Uncertain and fearful you are." They were coming faster.

"You are but a shadow in your form of self."

"Confused you have become." It wouldn't stop. I was leaning violently from side to side contorting my face into rage.

"Weak and misguided."

"Hide not from yourself."

"Accept the certainty."

"Confront you fear." I was flexing my muscles, feeling the force flow threw me as one. I froze.

"That all is lost!"


"Will I ever see you again?" That voice, sweet and soothing, came to my attention and hit me like a huge tidal wave. I let go of the force and heard the sound of metal crashing and clinging with metal. I slumped my shoulders in defeat.

I purged my mind and body of all thoughts and emotions and prepared myself for what was to come. The door opened with a whooshing sound as my partially guarded face was invaded by a harsh blue light.

Lowering my hood, I paused and slightly smirked. Making my way out into the center of the arena, the large crowd roared in delight and praise. I was to become the beast's next unfortunate victim, or so they thought. I only knew for myself that the beast was to become the unfortunate victim.

It soon became deathly quiet as the piercing screams of a dieing rancor could be heard and was flung into the air, landing next to me as its lifeless body skidded to a halt. The arena erupted into a cheer once more.

Looking over to the opening where the rancor was thrown from, the earthquake steps of a giant beast, that was unknown to me, could be seen coming out of the shadows.

This was my moment of truth, to prove myself. To show myself to a world that still thinks of me as dead.

Throwing off my cape I quickly charged my Force lighting. The beast seemed to grow larger as it oddly looked to me, snarling.

The lighting crawled up my arms as I could feel it lift every hair on my neck.

The massive beast came quickly towards me only to be met by the lighting I pushed into his direction.

I grinded my teeth. I snarled. I screamed as I drowned in hatred and rage and I didn't fight it this time.

"Uncertain your future is. Find yourself, you must."

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