Ahsoka Tano looked at herself in the mirror considering how attractive her new undergarments made her look. She had gone to a small shop looking for more civilian cloths when she couldn't help perusing the lingerie. She had found a pair of black lacey panties and brazier. Ahsoka was still young but seeming as how her relationship to a certain bounty hunter was very mature she thought there was no harm in trying them on.
However as soon as she tried the undergarments on the twi'lek running the store mentioned how well the articles of clothing fit her and matched her skin tone. Apparently the rule for Togrutas was that orange skinned females looked better in black and red skinned females looked better in white. Ahsoka had never heard such thing before and went to ask Master Shaak Ti what she thought. Master Ti had found that most amusing but Ahsoka found herself dodging questions as to why she was buying sexy bras and panties.

Ahsoka sighed breaking away from her daydreams. She quite liked the undergarments herself but she couldn't help wondering if he would like them. Granted he liked her in any clothing or in none at all but still she wanted to be able to entice him in a more mature way. Since Ahsoka was not fully developed her breasts were still small and the only thing she really had going for her were her hips. But the bra was a push-up therefore she seemed to have more of a grown woman's anatomy than that of a young girl. Ahsoka frowned yes he was younger but Togrutan girls matured more quickly so there was nothing wrong. Actually Ahsoka was very mature for her age especially in the love making department. He had taught her a great many things.

She smiled thinking about him. If anyone knew she was in love with him it would jeopardize both their futures but when she was next to him the galaxy seemed peaceful. Looking at herself one more time she was satisfied how the lingerie played up her assets. She wandered over to their dresser drawer and found the cuffs that were "specially designed for Jedi". A mischievous grin slid on her face and she thought she might use them on him tonight. Ahsoka really hoped he would be alright with all of this, but she didn't have too much time to think about for she heard the front door to their apartment slide open. She quickly hid the cuffs under her pillow in the bed and stretched out on it.
He walked into the bedroom thinking everything would be normal that night. Yet he looked up to see his young lover on the bed in a very sexy getup. Bane stood frozen for about half a second before he threw his coat down and rushed to the bed. He gathered her in his arms and kissed his girl passionately. When they finally moved apart he looked her up and down. Bane was very pleased with what he saw. She blushed slightly under is lustful gazed but she put a hand on his cheek and said, "Welcome home."