Chapter 1
AN: This is a really fluffy thing that I wanted to write before more angst hit me....Just a New Year's Drabble sort of thing..One of My favorite holidays- it's my spouse's birthday and we have similar parties!.....

"Oooh, hot stuff, try this one," she said, holding the white chocolate martini up to him. She was smiling up at him with hot eyes and a come hither smile that hit him immediately in the groin. Her next comment didn't help matters. "It's positively orgasmic."

He steadied the drink by clasping his hand over hers and brought it up to his lips. He kissed her thumb, which was adorably in the way, then managed to take a sip. It was fantastic, smooth and creamy, just the right amount of booze. Then again, it could have been straight bourbon and he wouldn't have noticed. He was about a sheet to the wind, which was not quite as bad as his tipsy baby girl.

She was drinking a little more than usual; he hoped it had nothing to do with Lynch. She let Lynch go a couple of weeks ago. This was a good thing, as far as Derek was concerned. He was a geeky bastard; Pen could do so much better. He had to twist her arm to come to his New Year's party this year. For the first time in quite a while, she was single.

He knew she felt really funny going stag to the event. Everyone else was there with their respective dates. "You don't go to a New Year's party the only single person!" He assured her he'd make her happy, she had to go. With the encouragement of everyone else, she agreed.

Originally, he had a date. He didn't want to have no one to kiss at midnight. He invited Melissa Voight-Anderson, a hot little number he was dating on and off. Then, he heard the news about Lynch. It took about a half hour to cancel Melissa, six hours for him to really think, and a few more hours to formulate a plan. He started to smile again. Tonight, finally tonight. Then after tonight, they'd….

He shook his head. He was digressing again. It was hard keeping a straight line of thoughts. Unfortunately, he still had work to do. His parties on New Year's were absolutely legendary; everyone had a blast, and no one looked down at anyone for letting loose. It was almost like Vegas: what happened at Morgan's, stayed at Morgan's.

For instance, Rossi and his date disappeared about a half hour ago. Where to? Who knows! They just reappeared, looking very happy. Derek shook his head. The man really was an Italian Stallion. Derek had a lot of work to do to be anywhere near as smooth!

As for everyone else, Reid was wrapped up with Lila in the corner of the couch. It amazed Derek how intellectual Lila turned out to be. She and Reid had a lot more in common than it first looked like. He overheard them talking about the possibility of transporter rays and Star Trek. Derek quickly left before he got sucked into that vortex.

JJ and Will were dancing in his dining room. He moved the table to the garage for the evening, so there was a spot to dance and be when the ball dropped. They were probably the only two there who were completely sober. JJ was the designated driver this year, which was fine with her. She was expecting child number two.

Hotch was dancing with Prentiss. He was holding her awfully close, from a casual observer's point of view. Derek had his suspicions about the two of them. They held each other's glances a little too long sometimes, and Em seemed to be able to find Hotch where ever he was in a room. He shrugged. It was probably just a healthy dose of chemistry.

People thought he and Garcia had chemistry. They were wrong; what they had was much more like nuclear fusion.

Then someone bumped into his baby girl's arm. He put his hands on her waist to steady her, and the martini splashed on her breastbone.

The drop was thick and just rested there for a minute, before heading slowly towards the fantastic valley of her cleavage. Well, if it made it there, the drop would be lost forever. He hated wasting, so he did the logical thing. He leaned forward and slowly licked the spot away.

Penelope leaned back, holding her chocolate martini, her head spinning and her heart pounding. It was definitely the booze causing some of it, but she would be lying if she discounted the effect of a certain best friend tonight. She knew she should've pushed him away, should've said he crossed the line, since he was really just her friend. But with inhibitions a little down, and the plain old fact she didn't want to push him away, she let Derek kiss her chest. She felt like an absolute wanton woman.

But she was justified. He started it tonight…

She walked in alone, feeling kind of awful, going stag, but that ended quickly.

"Hey, there's my girl!" he said the minute he saw her. He swept her into a big hug and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Derek never kissed her on the lips. The cheek, the top of her head, even the tip of her nose many, many times, but never on the lips. It was a quick little thing, but even that had a surprising amount of heat.

"Hey yourself, handsome," she said, looking around. "Where's Melissa?" She couldn't stand Derek's new girlfriend. She was absolutely uppity and rude.

"She had somewhere else to be. Since we're the only single people here tonight, I guess that makes you my date." He handed her some sort of fruity drink off the table. "I can't think of anyone better to ring the New Year in with than you, baby girl."

Then he was off, handing drinks to just about everyone else. He was a very good host, but a very lousy explainer. What happened with him and Melissa? They seemed to be hitting it off, but then again, he seemed to hit it off with every plastic Barbie he had.

Being Morgan's date sounded kind of odd. Then she thought it really wasn't anything new. When the team went out, it was always Morgan and herself that closed the place down together. He just liked to flirt and tease; he was a hell of a lot of fun. Too much fun sometimes; it made her want stuff she couldn't have. Well, she wasn't going down that path tonight.

But then he kept throwing her off with these little things….

First time, she was chatting with Hotch about something she absolutely couldn't remember for the life of her now, when Derek came over. "Here, pretty girl, refill," he said, taking the rest of her drink, downing it, then handing her the second one. "Need to be attentive to my goddess."

"Morgan, we're fine," Hotch said, smiling. "We got her over here; she's ours."

"Oh, no, boss man," he said, just before he shot a hot look at Penelope. "She's mine. Only mine."

Pen looked up at him and nearly fell over with the amount of lust she saw in his eyes. He looked like he could devour her! Her heart started beating, and to her mortification, a low throb started between her legs. She tried to mask it with her ingrained sense of humor. Winking saucily, she said, "Agent Morgan, are you trying to take advantage of me?"

He leaned really close to her, his hot breath close to her ear. She waited for him to say something, but he didn't. Instead, he placed a kiss right below her earlobe that sent a shiver up her whole body.

Then he did it again. She was being held by Derek, swaying on the dance floor. It felt so good, his arms wrapped around her. She had a hard time thinking, and it had nothing to do with alcohol. "Thanks for talking me into coming, cupcake," she said, leaning her head against his chest. They were swaying to a slow song. "I'm having a good night."

"I'll show you a good night, hot stuff," he murmured against the top of her head. He put his hand under her chin, making her look up at him. "Then I'll make you breakfast."

She laughed. He was such a tease. Then she looked into his eyes: he wasn't joking. "Oh, another drink!" she said, making a quick break for it.

She was nervous as hell. She wasn't stupid: Her best friend was trying to seduce her, take her up on all that flirting, all those promises she made to him over the years. Was she ready for that? She always knew he loved to tease with her, but now... he wanted her. There was absolutely no doubt about that. She had another drink, wanting to calm her racing nerves. It didn't work.

Last time, she was standing there by two of his friends from college. Derek wandered over and asked her to dance again. He held her in his arms, smiling down at her. "Did I tell you how exquisite you look tonight, momma?"

She smiled. "Flattery will get you everywhere."

"I hope so." He grinned at her. "There's so many places I'd like to go on that luscious, lovely body of yours."

She laughed. "You sure know how to charm the pants off a girl."

"I'm not going to be happy until I see yours around your ankles."

The whole damn night was foreplay, like a lot of the past five years had been. Now, with his mouth only an inch from her cleavage, she knew she was done running. She wanted it, too. It was finally time to pay up, but she didn't care. It was time to grow up and be a woman: his woman.

He lifted his head and smiled at her. "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

"Good song," she said, smiling at him. The spot on her chest tingled where his mouth touched.

"Better sentiment," he said. He was looking at her with absolute adoration. "And very true."

Her heart was beating like she ran a marathon. "I love you, too."

"Come on. It's almost midnight," he drew her towards the middle of the dance floor. He smiled at her. "I have to tell you something: when I found out you were free of Lynch, I planned on seducing you all night. Did it work?"

If a heart could sigh happily, Penelope's did. She knew it! He was looking expectantly for an answer.

She smiled at him and nodded. "Silly boy."

He shot her that Morgan grin and glanced at his watch. He dragged her to the dining room dance floor, right in the middle. The countdown started, with lots of people shouting around them. "Ten! Nine! Eight!.."

"Did you know I waited five damn years to do this?" he said, pulling her body hard against his. She could feel his heat, the hardness of his body, and her head started to spin again. "I'm starting this year off right."

And on the count of one, he kissed her and she kissed him back. They couldn't tell what was louder: the cheering in the room or the cheering from their hearts.

AN: Want a graphic kiss and what happens next? Or am I good? Intended to be a one shot sort of thing, originally.