Chapter 4

AN: Sweet little ending… thanks for reading my happy little drabble!

Everywhere I'm looking now, I'm surrounded by your embrace. Baby I can see your halo; you know you're my saving grace. You're everything I need and more; It's written all over your face.
Baby I can feel your halo, pray it won't fade away- Beyonce, "Halo"

For awhile after, Derek was so weak he could barely lift his head. It was that intense, being with his baby girl. Nothing like anything he ever experienced before. Complete bliss, total ecstasy, shameless abandon. And the difference was the beautiful woman smiling next to him.

He knew it had everything in the world to do with how much he loved her. Not anyone else he'd ever been with did he ever love, not one. But Penelope? He loved her with all his heart, and he knew she returned that sentiment fully. But he thought he had the edge on this one; no one could love with the force that he felt right now.

She changed his world, completely, for the better. Always had, always will.

She was looking down at him, a quizzical expression on her face. Originally, she was laying on his arm again, but she perched herself on an elbow. "What are you thinking, hot stuff?"

He smiled. "I'm thinking that I love you."

She gave him a peck. "That's a nice thing to think. I'm thinking I concur."

"We should've done this a long time ago," he said, teasing. She tried to hide it, but her eyes dimmed just a little bit. A lock of hair fell over her cheek; he brought his hand up to brush it behind her ear. "Sweetheart, what's the matter?"

"I just wish I would've followed my heart." Her smile was bittersweet. "I just never thought anyone like you would be with someone like me."

"Honey, that's-"

"No, really, Derek," she said, giving him a quick kiss. "It's okay, I'm fine, really. I just mean as far as leagues go, you're major and I'm minor."

He paused a minute, and her heart was in her throat. She didn't really want to discuss any of this with him, but it just came out, sitting there. She felt kind of raw, that worry of being inadequate sat in the forefront of her heart.

Then he said his next words.

"That's funny; I always figured the opposite," he murmured. He rolled her under him then, and smiled down at her. "See, I consider myself beyond fortunate. A beautiful, intelligent, caring, funny, sexy woman who is a true goddess, deems me worthy enough to be in her presence, much less loves me like I love her." His eyes were warm, tender, and radiating the truth of that statement.

Her eyes teared up. "You're very worthy, Sir Derek."

"Thank you; I'm a lucky man." He smiled softly, then he winked kissing her quickly. "Now, I promised you breakfast. Think of what you want; I'll make that right after I'm done making love to you again."

She laughed just before he kissed her again. She highly doubted they'd make it out of bed for breakfast. Maybe lunch. Maybe. But it didn't matter; her heart was so full, she could handle an empty stomach!