Angus, Connor, and Roman cut off thier conversation as Gregori walked in.

"Hey Roman, I have to go out for a meeting. I'll be an hour or so."

"What kind of meeting?"

Gregori rubbed a hand over the back of his neck. "I can't really say... But its all good."

Angus looked up, "I sujest you take Pil or Phineas with ye."

"No I'm good. If you must know I'm meet a woman."

Angus looked at Roman who nooded.

"Okay have fun but here." He pulled a cell phone out of his pocket."It's our new phones. Keep it with you."

Gregori took the phone and slipped it in his pocket."Got ya." He left.

Connor turned to Roman. "The tracking device in that phone?"

"Yep. I'm as curious as you guys about where he been going."

Angus pulled a flask out of his sparron and took a drink.

"I liked to know how he have been getting the information about the Russians.. He knew they were going to attack the townhouse a day before they did. Which gave us the surpirse we needed."

Connor ran a hand through his hair. "Aye as well as them attacking that scientist. Its like he has someone on the inside."

Roman sat back. "Well find out tonight. Are the guys ready?"

"Aye. Phineas, Ian, Jack, and Robby as well as me and Connor."

Roman checked the computer.

"Well you better get ready he's pulling to a stop he isn't moving. Location the park."

"We off." Connor and Angus left and went into the security office everyone was waiting for the word to leave.

"Arm up lads we have a location central park."

They armed themselves with swords and teleported to the park. As they closed in on Gregori who stood under a light waiting they sensed they weren't alone.

Gregori looked around, he didn't like sitting out in the open like this. As he turned he thought he saw something in the bushes. No she wouldn't betray him. He saved her ass once and learned more then he wanted and Connor where a little suspisious on how he knew so much about the Russian Malcontents.

He was there waiting like always. With a smile Lydia moved forward."Thanks for comming Gregori."

He smiled and kissed her cheek. "Angus and Connor are getting suspisos about how I know so much."

"I know Xantos knows there is a mole and he think I could be one of them. I hate to blow this."

"Okay well have to back off for a while. But what do you have for me today."

"Xantos an five other malcontents are planning to ambush Romatech when you least expect it. I don't know the exact day but its sound like its soon."

In the bushes Connor took in the woman. She was tall about six feet. She had a sweet pixie like face and long fire red hair that thouched her waist. She hat what looked like two claymore on her back a hilt over each shoulder. She had a gun strapped to her thigh of her right leg. What was Gregori doing meeting with someone so dangerous. Becuase if he remember correctly there was a woman in the Russian place that matched her discription.

Lydia laughed when Gregori told her about Radinka's reacting when she thought he was off to meet some girlfriend. As she looked around she felt a pull on her mind and concentrated. She felt six men to thier left Swords draw and waiting. But it wasn't them who made her anxious it was the seven men behind her that were ready to kill her.

"Gregori we have a problem."


She pulled a sword out and ready herself as seven malcontents. She she engaged on Greogri grabbed her other sword adn fought. There was a war cry behind her and Angus and his men ran and joined the battle..

From beside her she heard two men groan and saw two malcontents turn to dust. She fought the man who attacked her.

Xantos the new head man of the malcontents pulled out a knife and sliced her arm. With a grim smile he growled. "I knew there was a mole. I wouldn't had guessed it was you Lydia. You play the game good but no one crosses me and lives."

She laughed, "Yeah like I'll let you kill me you forgot what I an do."With her mind she sent him back into a tree.

With a final groan from a malcontent turned dust they teleported away. The vamps looked as if they had a few scratches but nothing bad. She slide her sword into home and Gregori gave her her sword back and she did the same with that one.

Pulling out a bandana she tied it over her wound and looked around. "It seem we both were untrusted. Difference is Xantos is after me know. Which blows this operation."

She glared at Connor who came forward his sword pointed at her. "Ya they one they call lady death. You work for the mafia who protect the malcontents."

"Yeah yeah know get that little sword out of my face."

Angus looked at the woman who stood at Connor's sword tip.

"Why have ye been given us tips."

She shook her head suprised by the idiotcy of these scots. Connor touched the tip of his sword to her neck.

"Answer the question."

With her eyes on Connor she grabbed the blade of the sword and forced it down. Connor's eyes widened when he was the blood start to drip from her hand.

Angus touched his shoulder. "Stay yer weapon Connor."

Very slowly he lowered the sword adn she let go a lond gash shone across her hand. Gregori walked up ripping the sleeve off his shirt and taking Lydia's hand wrapped the wound.

"Your heard headed woman."

She glared at Angus. "Runs in the family I guess."

Angus walked forward. "Connor take her and head to Romatech."

Connor staired at Angus. "Ye want me to take her there? Angus she's the enemy."

Lydia crossed her arms. "Och, Aye anyone who risks thier life for you is an enemy. I hate to know whats it like to be your friend."

With a growl Connor grabbed her arm and teleported her to Romatech. As she looked around the other appeared next to her. As she watch Greogri talk to Roman Connor reached for one of her swords.

With a growl she spun around twisting his hand and kicking him in the face making him fall back.

"Never touch my swords."

Connor stood up adn glared back at her green eyes. Jack walked up.

"We have to check your weapons. We can't let you roam around so armed here. I promise it will all be returned to you."

She looked at Jack. "Fine."

Turning to the table she placed her sword there alone with her gun and reaching under her shirt in the back she pulled out a large knife and sat it down. Lifting her leg she set her right foot on the table and liftjng her pant leg she pulled the knide from the shelth.

"There happy."

She folded her arms and looked back Angus. "Anything else?"

Angus laughed. "Ye still havn't told us who ye are."

"The names Lydia," she smiled,"Lydia McKay."

She couldn't help but laugh at the mouths that hit the floor. Robby and Angus stepped forward. Lydia smiled up at them.

"How are you gramps."

Robby laughed. "I wonder how many grands are between us."

She smiled. "About nine or ten." She nooded her head to the swords. "Look farmiliar."

Angus and Robby looked at the swords then back at the woman.

"Our swords."

"Yep for the last five generations. We McKays have been slayers of the malcontents. Mostly them men in the family does it. But since I was the only child and a woman Papa decided I still need to learn. Surprise to him I've became the best."

Angus looked at her. "What are ye doing with the Russians."

"I have been undercover for the past year learning all I can about them and thier secrets. But they suspected there was a mole and the information I slipped Gregori nearly got me killed."

"Why Gregori?"

"Hey," the man in question crossed him arms and glared at laughed.

"Becuase I know Gregori have known him for a while. He saved my ass five years ago. So when I learned he was near all the McKay S&I members. So best option."

Connor staired at the woman before him. He had never been so fustrated by a woman. Now to top it off they find she is related to Angus and Robby. Great anohter McKay its was actually a little funny. She looked nearly the opositte or Angus and Robby. She was like a pixie that dance in the hether.