For the next three hours Lydia stayed quite in the secret room. Her body began to hurt for how cramped she felt. With an idea she lifted his head and slid under him. She laid his head down on her lap as she settled back against the wall. She could still hear the men outside. Once or twice she heard them fuse about it being boaring waiting.

She looked at her watch. The sun would be going do in about ten minutes. She hated just sitting like this. But the men had them out number and Connor was still in his death sleep.

As it approached one minute Lydia opened the cooler and pulled out a bottle of blood and sat it down beside her. She just hope Connor didn't make noise when he woke up.

With a deep breathe that expanded his chest Connor awoke and felt his head in a much more comfortable postion them when he went to bed. He looked up and saw Lydia, his head was resting in her lap.

"Lydia what.."

Lydia placed a hand over his mouth and put a finger to her enough a voice drifted in from outside.

"What was that. I just heard something."

"Its noting. They sould be back soon."

The voices drifted away to the back or the cabin. Connor sat up as Lydia removed her hand.

He picked up the bottle that was beside her.

"Are ye alright lass," he whispered.

She nodded.

"How long have they been here." He finished his breakfast and seeing the cooler grabbed another.

Lydia checked her watch. "About three hours or so now. I heard something when I woke up and saw them. So I grabbed the coolor and came here. They started shooting at the house when I closed the door."

Connor finished his drink and put the bottle in the cooler then stood listened through the door. He could sense about six men all humans. He looked down to see Lydia rubbing her lower back. She must be in pain having to be cramped in this small room with a dead body for three hours. He held out a hand and helped her to her feet.

"Are ye at all injured."

"no I'm fine I'm just very stiffed and my back hurts."

Connor stepped closer and placed a hand on the small of her back.

"Do ye think ye can stay here for a little bit. I'll distract them away so we can get out and get yer head to Jean-Lucs"

"Be careful."

Connor grabbed his sword and as he turned toward the door Lydia placed a hand on his arm. Before he knew what was going on she leaned up and kissed the corner of his his mind in a fog Connor set his sword aside and pulled Lydia tightly against him and claimed her lips.

Surpiresed Lydia didn't think of her actions she quickly wrapped her arms around Connor as he deepened the kiss..

Good Lord she tasted sweet. He thought she wouldn't taste as good but oh she was sweet and felt so good in his arms. Trailing his mouth from her lips to her ear he gently nipped her and his heart jumped at her soft moan.

With the voices of the men outside getting louder Connor rememebred where he was and what was going on. Pulling back he gave Lydia a gentle kiss on the lips and picked up his sword.

"When I get them outside quickly pack the duffle."

"Okay.. PLease be careful."

He ran a finger down her check before he turned and teleported to the front of the cabin.
Connor teleported to the front of the house and called out as if he was talking to Lydia.

"Let go in and get something to eat."

As he got closer six men came out and went for them. Connor took off in the other direction leading away from the house. As he did he sent a telepathic message to Lydia

its all clear Lydia. Hury and pack.

As he led them furture he telported behind them and quickly took control of thier minds.

Making them go to thier trucks and drive away. He made his way back to the house when he felt the presence of another vampire and heard Lydia's scream. His blood going cold he raced to the cabin.

Lydia heard his message and slowly opened the door. She ran into the bedroom and grabbed her duffle. As fast as she could she packed everything. As she went to walk back out to the kitchen she was grabbed from behind.

"Hello Lady Death.. Its time for you to go."

She fought against teh grip but found it unusaly strong. But her actions froze when she felt his fangs scrap her neck.

"umm, you taste good."

Lydia screamed she fought hard against the vampire but she started to feel weak. Her knees gave out and as she slumped forward the vamp tightened his grip on her. In the darkness of her mind she heard an angel.

"Get the HELL away from her ye bastard."

The vamp let go of Lydia and she fell to the floor unconcoius. Connor saw red as he faced the vampire. He raised his sword and carged at the vamp. Pulling a dagger out of his pocket the vamp defended off Connor's first strike. But as the vamp turned Connor pulled out his dagger and sent it stright into the vamps heart turning him into dust. Setting his sword aside Connor nelt toward Lydia turning her over. There was blood on her neck. He could sense she was not drained. But she would need a transfution. Pulling out his cell phone he dialed Robbie's cell. He and his Fiance Olivia were station there for a while.


"Robby.. I need yer help."

"What wrong."

"We were under attack. Lydia was feed on she needs a transfution. Have Jean-Luc call the vamp doctor and come here and help she is blood type B postivie"

"I'm on my way."

Connor heard him instruct Jean-Luc to call the doctor as Robby teleport to him. Connor put his phone away as he lifted Lydias head. Robby knelt down and placed a hand on her cheek.

"She'll be fine. We just have to get her back."

"Okay. You get the diffle's I'll carry her."

Connor picked her up and wait as Robby grabbed thier duffle's. They then telported to Jean-Luc's place. Olivia and Heather where standing in the kitchen as they popped in.

Olivia walked up and took one of the duffle's "Jean-Luc's downstairs with the doctor everythings set up and ready."

Robby gave Olivia a quick kiss as the followed Connor downstairs and into the room where the doctor waited.

For the next few hours Connor sat by Lydia's bed. The doctor had left not to long ago saying Lydia would be okay. Robby and Olivia came in with a bottle of blood. Robby gave the bottle to Connor who said nothing. Olivia sat at the foot of the bed. She tilted her head as she looked at Connor.

"Connor? You okay?"

"Nay."Robby pulled up a chair and sat beside him.

"She'll be okay."

Connor looked at Lydia as she sifted in her rest. "I should of knew those men would of call a vamp in. I didn't sense him until he attacked her. By time I got thier she couldn't even stand but she still fought him off."

Robby smiled and puffed out his chest. "What do ye expect. She a McKay."

Olivia laughed, even Connor cracked a small smile.

They drew silent when Lydia moaned a shifted in her sleep. Olivia looked at her with a parplexed expression. Robby knowing that look wondered what Lydia was feeling.

"What is it Olivia?"

"She's dreaming and it," she closed her eyes as if tring to isolate the emotion. When she opened her eyes she blushed. Connor heardly seeing her blush was a little worried Lydia might be feeling something from when he had kissed her.


Olivia shoke her head, "its not my place to say."

She and Robby sat with Connor for a little while talking. As Lydia sifted and opened her eyes they became quite.

It was a wierd feeling she was having. She heard everything Connor, Robby adn a woman was saying but as she finally opened her eyes she had no idea where she was. Slowly sitting up she looked at Connor.

"Where am I?"

"Jean-Luc's home."

Lydia got up but to quick she fell back on the bed, Connor's hand hovered over her shoulder she saw concern in his eyes.

"I'm alright just got up to quick."

They all walked upstairs to the kitchen were Heather sat with Jean-Luc as she ate a slice of watermelon. Jean-Luc stood when he saw them.

"How are you feelin."

"A bit better," she smiled,"but hungry."

Robby lead her to the table were Heather sat and had her sit. Heather smile.

"I'm Heather Escharpe."

"Nice to meet you."

Olive came over with a plate of leftover lasagna and a glass of juice. Lydia smile at her. "Thank you."

She watched as Olivia walked around the table to a recliner where Robby sat and sat down in his lap. She could help but laugh and ask.

"I guess you'll be my grandmother soon hu."

"Grandmother?" Olivia looked at Robby who smiled.

"We found out that like Angus is my grand father however grands between. Lydia is my grand daughter."

"However many grands between," Lydia finsihed.

While everyone else talked Lydia ate her meal.