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It Needed to Be Said

"Need a taxi Jo?"

"I'll take a bus."

"You can't be open to scrutiny with this bill coming through, take a taxi."

"I'll be fine Danny."


Daniel Foster doesn't wonder why he got into this job much, but occasionally when he thinks no one else will notice he does. This is one of those times.


Jo looks around, slightly shocked at being asked a question. She's used to Danny being quiet when she's not asking him for something, almost subservient. Furrowing her brow she answers.


"Why did you hire me? I mean…" Danny fumbles with his words, "Was it just Dad or…"

She frowns again, "You're a good researcher Danny, as much as it pains me to say it. You're loyal and smart, we need more people like you."

He props his head up on his hands, "You didn't know that when you hired me. I mean you'd only seen me as a waiter with Scott and -"

"Do you want the truth?"

He considers it for a second and slowly nods. Jo is torn momentarily between lying, and telling him what he wants to hear, and telling him the harsh truth.

"You were hired because the party wanted to keep a connection with your father, considering the great job he did. You were simply shunted into the free position." She sits down next to him.

Pain fills his eyes as she whispers, "I'm sorry."

He rests his head on her shoulder and she pulls him into the bed for the second time that night. The silken material of her undershirt still feels alien on his bare chest. She kisses his dark hair and he peers up at her.

"Is that why…" begins but is cut off by a kiss.

Author's Note: It's a great deal shorter than I'd like it to be. I really love these two as a pairing, far better than DannyKristy in my humble opinion. It was written for a challenge on LJ.