Merlee: -sneaks in very quietly with a pillow and hits Ikuto in the head with it.- HEY WAKE UP YOU LAZY FAT ASS! xD


Merlee: Jynx was over for a while and then she and Ivan had caffeine and they were acting all hyper and crazy but now they've both crashed and fallen asleep and Keira's asleep too and I can't find my cat and I'm bored as hell so hey, why not wake up the fictional character?

Ikuto: ... Thanks, Merlee. I really appreciate the thought you put into my beauty sleep.

Merlee: Now you sound like my stupid cousin...

Ikuto: Keira? She's never struck me as the type to-

Merlee: KEIRA? Hell naw! She doesn't beauty sleep! Ivan does!

Ikuto: ...Anyway, why are you updating your fanfiction at three in the morning? Actually, why are you updating at all?

Merlee: To bug you.

Ikuto: ... I doubt that.

Merlee: I wonder why! But no seriously, I'm updating because I thought I aught to. But don't be getting your hopes up, it's really kind of short, and it's a bit kinda creepy, and I added my boyfriend in here at random. It's nothing interesting until the very end, really. But hey, I need short, unexciting chapters 'cause we're about to meet up with an exciting twist that probably nobody is expecting! Not even you!

Ikuto: That's because I gave up on expecting things from you a long time ago.

Merlee: Pssh!

Jynx: Merlee, what's up with all the yelling?

Merlee: Oh hey Jynx is up! xD Hello!

Jynx: Updating your fanfiction? Again? Are we that inspirational?

Merlee: No, you're that boring.

Jynx: HEY! Well, I'll go wake Ivan up, then maybe things won't be so boring!

Merlee: NOOO!

Jynx: Can I type out the disclaimer?

Merlee: As long as you're nice...

Jynx: Merlee doesn't own Shugo Chara! She's just a mean, stupid moronic bitch who likes to wake her guests up at three in the morning and calls us boring!

Merlee: I told you to be nice!

Jynx: TOO BAD!

Yes, this conversation seriously just happened. Not even kidding. And yes, Jynx really did type that just now. And... she just woke my idiot cousins up. Enjoy the story and I'll be seeing you on the other side.

Ikuto's POV

I watched as her jaw dropped and her eyes widened. She looked directly at Amu, back to me, then back to Amu. "A-A-Amu!" She yelled, nearly collapsing because of her suddenly unstable knees. She couldn't control herself anymore and she burst into hysterical streams of tears and sobs. Everything she said after that was an inaudible mumble of sounds. I assumed that Amu had made her way over to comfort Utau, for Utau appeared to be hugging the air. And under her breath, I could barely understand her words, "I missed you so much…"

After about ten minutes, Utau got herself back under control, though she lost the anger and bitchiness she had before, she stood back up. "You weren't kidding, Ikuto. She's here. She's really here. She's not gone at all. How is this even possible?"

I tried my best to explain to Utau everything that happened. Some details I had to go over a few times, I tried a lot to hold back any and all tears, but eventually I told the whole story to Utau, who was left almost dumbfounded and silent.

"You mean… we can bring Amu back?"

I nodded and gestured to the books piled up on the table. "That's what all those books on the table are for. But we haven't found out much of anything."

Utau looked back to the table. "You have all these books, and you've found nothing?"

I shook my head. "No. Not a thing."

Utau bit her lip. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

I could almost feel my eyes light up. "Yeah, there's a lot that you can do. Maybe you could…"

Utau's POV, much later.

I pulled the hood of the cloak over my head, feeling like the grim reaper in a cautionary tale for kids. I really can't believe I'm about to do this, I thought, And I can't believe these people think that it will work.

I looked back at the group behind me. Ikuto, in a cloak identical to mine with eyes filled with a glimmer of hope. Merlee, the grin on her face that usually meant something was about to happen. Merlee's boyfriend Lance, his long black hair a bored mess over his green eyes. And the single, floating cup that Amu had been holding, as suggested by Merlee, so we knew where she was.

"Are you guys really sure about this?" I said, checking the time on the wall clock. Three minutes before midnight.

"I'm absolutely sure," Merlee said, her Cheshire cat grin only widening, "It's a spell from the mystics of ancient Sumeria, a strong one, too."

The way she said it made my skin crawl, she sounded like someone who was up to no good. But Merlee always sounded like that, and if Ikuto trusted her…

"Whatever you say, Merlee," I said, turning back around and turning the doorknob, "Whatever you say."

I believed in ghosts about as much as Ikuto did before all this craziness, which isn't very much, but I would have sworn that the park where Amu had killed herself felt haunted, almost as if someone were watching me. I didn't know if it were the night or the park itself, but it was definitely creepy. I could tell that the rest of the group felt it, too.

"This… this is really it? This is really the place?"

"Yes, it is," I heard Amu and Ikuto say in unison. I guess they'd be the ones to know, I thought.

Merlee and Lance made themselves busy by gently placing a small round table down next to the monkey bars and draping a cloth with a strange pattern over it. They placed down two white candles on opposite sides of the table to make an imaginary horizontal line between two halves of the table and lit them. Then they placed two sheets of paper and two markers down also. They then backed away, finished.

As they stepped back, Ikuto and I approached the table and took opposite ends. Both of us picking up markers and drew our seals. Mine was a strange seal, one that looked like someone had written an imaginary word like "XOOH" in a fancy script. But no matter how strange, I kept my eyes on my seal and thought deeply about what it was I wanted. About how I wanted Amu to be alive again. How I wanted Ikuto to be happy. I thought of them together, smiling and laughing, alive and well. As I thought, I concentrated so much on my seal that it was the only thing I could see, the only thing I wanted to see.

I looked up towards the sky with my eyes without lifting my head, and I could tell that Ikuto was doing exactly the same, and I began to speak in song-like melody, somewhere between song and chant. I spoke clearly and slowly, and alone.

" Kia kanpa, anna kanpa, dingir kia kanpa, dingir anna kanpa! Hear me, O thou Barashakushu, Come to Me by the Powers of the Word Baalduru, and answer my urgent prayer! Kia kanpa, anna kanpa!"

Slowly, I lowered my eyes down to the symbol before me and stared intently at my symbol. Then, Ikuto began his chant.

"Kia kanpa, anna kanpa, dingir kia kanpa, dingir anna kanpa! Hear me, O thou Marukka, and answer my urgent prayer! Kia kanpa, anna kanpa!"

I was almost shocked at what Ikuto had said. He was summoning Marukka, the spirit of knowledge, who would only answer to those with the pure of thought and heart. And Ikuto was neither one of those. But I could hear the desperateness in his voice, his will and determination to gain the knowledge he was seeking.

Despite my minor distraction, I continued with the spell. While I stared at the symbol, I regained the thought of Amu and Ikuto together, alive and happy. I kept this thought going until it was hard to concentrate, nearly impossible, and then Ikuto and I closed the ritual in sync.

"Dingir kia kanpa, dingir anna kanpa! Spirit of the Earth, remember! Spirit of the Sky, remember!"

After taking three deep breaths, Ikuto and I started walking around the small area of the park we were in, touching any objects around us. I didn't understand why Merlee and Lance had told us to do this, but they told us to do it without question. After, Ikuto and I took our places again and turned our symbols over.

And with that, the ritual was done.

I looked at Ikuto. "Why Marukka?" I asked him, "You're not pure of thought. He could see everything you were thinking. You could have summoned Namtillaku, the one with knowledge to raise the dead!"

His eyes that had been brimming with hope just moments ago were now unfocused, almost unseeing, almost like he were blind.

"Ikuto?" I said with a small whisper as I reached across to poke him, "Are you okay?"

He was very still. He wasn't breathing.

I looked around for the others, but I didn't see them anywhere. In fact, I couldn't see the park anymore, either. I couldn't see anything except for the table, Ikuto, and myself. Everything else was pitch black.

"Ikuto!" I screamed, trying to wake him up from whatever kind of trance he was in, "Ikuto!"

But, as quickly as the darkness had come, it faded. I was back in the park, the rest of the group was there. The only thing that didn't change was Ikuto, his eyes still unfocused and dull.

"You guys!" I yelled, "Something went wrong! Ikuto, he-"

Merlee took one look at Ikuto, then back at me with a smirk. "Nothing went wrong."

I stared at her in disbelief, "So this was supposed to happen? Ikuto in an unfocused coma?"

Merlee nodded. "He's learning."

"Learning what?" Though I couldn't see her, I could hear the panic in Amu's whisper of a voice.

Without batting an eyelash, Merlee said calmly, "Learning how to bring you back."

Now, for the moment you've all really been waiting for, the part where I let Jynx and Ivan type in their own dialogue for the outro... In completely uncensored goodness.


Merlee: So yeah, Jynx, I just made you read this chapter just now. What are you thinking?

Jynx: I want to make out with Ivan.

Merlee: ... What the fuck?

Jynx: You asked me what I was thinking.

Merlee: I was talking about the chapter!

Jynx: Oh... Well, it was crap.

Merlee: ... Why was it crap?


Merlee: -cough- Ivan's not my brother... he's my cousin...

Ivan- I may as well be your brother...

Merlee: Oooh Ivan you're so cool you use a freaking line instead of dots! Whatever! Nobody likes you!

Ivan- Your best friend says otherwise.


Merlee: Oh. My. God.

Jynx: -drags Ivan off into a corner and slowly starts to strip him...-

Merlee: ... I'm so glad that isn't actually happening...

Jynx: You didn't delete that?

Ivan- Why would she? It's sexy.

Merlee: I said this was completely uncensored... was I lying?

Jynx (And Ivan because he wanted to type too but I stole the keyboard first!): Yes. You were lying.

Merlee: ... Why did I introduce you two? You're troublemakers... especially when you're both together...

Ivan- Actually, you didn't introduce us. You just thought you did.

Merlee: And I still don't see how that works! Dx

Jynx: ... Squishy told me about your fanfiction so I came to check it out. We've explained this before.

Ivan- Quit calling me Squishy. I'm not squishy and I'm not fat. I am the exact opposite of squishy, I'm all bone.

Jynx: Squishy bones...

Merlee: You would know, wouldn't you? All that rough sex...


Ivan- ...

Jynx: Right? Have we?

Ivan- What, you want me to lie?

Merlee: Whooooaaa! Juicy detaaaiils! Yeah, I probably should just delete that, but screw it. Uncensored.

Jynx: He's kidding! He's being the insane pervert everyone in Merlee's gene pool is!

Merlee: ... I resemble that remark.

Ivan- I'm not kidding. ~~You don't want to imagine what was here!~~

Merlee: ... Everyone, Ivan is a pervert. A huge, pedophile, perverted, pedophile pervert. I had to delete that... You really didn't want to read it. Nobody wants a lemon they didn't bargain for...

Jynx: Well, he's your brother.

Merlee: OH MY GOD Ivan is NOT my brother.

Jynx: You two sure act like siblings...

Merlee: No we don't!

Ivan- Actually, yeah, we do.

Merlee: SHUT UP!

Jynx: Play nice!

Ivan- By the way, readers, Jynx and I really have ~~OH DEAR LORD YOU REALLY DID NOT WANT TO READ THIS~~

Jynx: -smacks Ivan in the face (which I actually really did!)-

Ivan- I probably deserved that.

Merlee: You know, if we don't stop, the outro is going to be longer than the entire chapter and OH MY GOD IVAN IS A PERVERT but anyway, reviews are appriciated and I really love hearing input! Just don't forget the story after you read all this... xD

Jynx: Review or Ivan and I will never return to Merlee's Magical Intros And Outros Of Wonder And Hot Sex (Ivan put that last part... Pervert...)

Ivan- And you know you love us. Especially me.


Jynx: Ivan's sexier than Jace...

Merlee: Whatever! Lance is sexier than all of you guys! I'll bring him in next time! BUT ONLY IF YOU GUYS REVIEW!

Jynx: Yes! Review!

Ivan- I say review, so you'd better review. Yes, I'm talking to you. Especially you, teenage girl sitting in front of her computer reading this. You're going to review.

Merlee: That's... Kind of creepy how you just kind of address them like that...

Ivan- Your point?


Ivan- Okay, we really didn't. I lied.


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