April Fool's: Mac's POV

"You all right, Don?" I asked as I walked up to him. His cheeks looked puffy, his eyes were red and his throat was covered in hives. He looked horrible and terrified – as if he were about to die. It didn't occur to me what day it was!

"April Fool's Day!" Flack grinned. At first, I didn't think it was funny. That was until I heard Stella giggling and patting him on the back. "Oh come on Mac, cheer up! It's April Fool's! It's supposed to be a day full of pranks!"

I smiled, somewhat chuckling. "You're right. I should liven up a little. I need to get back at you for doing that though, it really scared me."

"I'm sorry; I just wasn't sure how to trick you."

"That's all right, I forgive you," I smiled again. "Need to think of something to get back at him!" I thought. "Come on Stella, let's get Flack back," I smirked. She grinned and walked up to me as I walked to my office. "All right – we need a plan of attack…"

"That we do," she agreed and we started to work on a plan…

A/N: What should they do? 'Cause I dunno.