I am bored. This does not bode well for me. But before I sign off for good, I will answer one last submission with this infernal contraption.

"Dear Madam Rachel Alucard,

I read through you entire blog and found them entertaining, to say the least. It is a shame that your next update may be your last, but, what can one do? I do pray that my questions will be enough to help you continue.

Now, for my questions:

1) My apologies for this more personal question, but, is there anything you really fear in the world? I ask because everyone has a fear, even if they won't admit it. What is yours? No matter how little it is, a fear's a fear. (If you don't feel answering this for whatever reason, you may completely disregard this question, just thought I'd try asking)

2) What do you do in your free time that you actually enjoy doing?

3) What is your overall opinion on the NOL?

4) What do think about Imperator Librarius? Especially now that she's finally revealed herself and her true intentions.

5) What do you think or/and how do you feel about the fact that that detestable Terumi took away Takamagahara's power. (I have great detest for him as well)

6) Final question, This one's just a question I've had for a bit and would like to see if you know anything about it. Lifelink. What is a lifelink really? Terumi said he had a lifelink with Noel(now turned in Mu-12) and that to kill him would be to kill and that it has to be at the same time. My real confusion, I believe he also said Ragna has a lifelink with Nu-13. So, that means as long as Ragna lives, Nu can't die, right? Same thing the other way around? This is just confusing me to no end. And after Mu's defeat, does Terumi still have a lifelink with Noel?

Sorry for all the questions and the fact that most of them are asking for your opinion. I really do hope this will help you to update." (Haseo8)

You needn't feel sorry for posting these questions for your submission. You have provided me with a brief opportunity to quell my boredom, and as such, let's get started.

Considering your first question, what do I fear? An intriguing proposition, to be sure. I can begin by saying what I don't fear; despite what a large proportion of fanfiction authors claim, I do not, as humans say, fear dying alone. First off, I am immortal, and as such, a phrase like "dying alone" does not even apply to me. Second off, even if I am without love interest, I am not alone, for I have my servants to tend to me.

If I do have something to fear, I suppose it would be that I not find someone whom I can speak with on a sociable level. As of right now, only Valkenhayn is someone I can speak to without feeling as though I'm speaking to an utter moron. The lack of grace in today's world is perhaps something to fear, now that I think about it. Yes, that answer will suffice.

For your second query, I already answered this in an earlier post, and I needn't feel like repeating myself here. Look up part three of my blog to familiarize yourself with how I spend my free time.

As for my thoughts on the Novis Orbis Librarium, I can safely say that I have no respect for the organization. The NOL claims to be serving for the people, but all it is truly concerned with is maintaining a pyramid scheme of control and power, with itself alone at the top. Those who have played the Blaz Blue games have seen how the NOL abuses its authority, even making those with good intentions, Tsubaki Yayoi comes to mind, perform actions of a questionable manner. Is it really any wonder why some people, such as the man with the horrible hair, and the shinobi, are hellbent on destroying the NOL? You can't argue that the attacks directed at it are entirely unwarranted.

Concerning your fourth question, I cannot say much on the Imperator. Saya is supposedly the sole leader of the NOL, but it is too soon to say if that is really true or not, or if someone is using her. Many fans speculate that Terumi and Relius are using her for their own means, which wouldn't surprise me if that indeed was the case. However, by being the leader of the NOL, she is, by association, someone that I cannot respect.

For question five, the news that Terumi has absorbed the power of Takamagahara is distressing, yes. This will give him the knowledge of everything Takamagahara has observed, and make him even more dangerous. I'm certain fans of the series will remind everyone that an action series is only as smart as its lead villain. The fans will no doubt be anxious to see if I or anyone else can strike down Terumi, but I am only more concerned with his threat now than ever before.

And for your last question, concerning the lifelink. I cannot confirm nor deny whether or not the lifelink works as you say. (It's a potential future spoiler.) If it does, then that means that Terumi and Mu are still alive, since Terumi was still very much alive at the end. And if Ragna is alive, then that means Nu's existence has not been eradicated, either. This is, of course, only true if the lifelink theory is true. I hope that this clears up any confusion you may have had.

I believe my responses are to your satisfaction. Unfortunately, I have no desire to continue this web log. I have neither the energy nor the willpower to continue this. If you absolutely have to have a question answered by a Blaz Blue character, go to Kokonoe's web log instead. Please wait, I have a final message to compose before I leave.

Within the castle, Rachel Alucard was sitting on Nago shaped as a chair. With her cup of tea in one hand, and her cup saucer in the other, she said, "Are you prepared, Valkenhayn?"

The butler, manning an outdated notebook computer, answered, "I am, Madam Rachel."

"Very good." Putting the saucer and cup down, she instructed, "Start with the following, 'It is with heavy heart, dear readers, that I-'"

- Before Valkenhayn had a chance to continue, a man in a black suit teleported in. "Guess who, faggotsǃ?"

Everyone got up, "TERUMI!" The look of the residents' eyes indicated that they were prepared for battle.

Terumi, smiling to himself, reassured, "Relaaaaaaax, kiddies! I didn't come to pick a fight! No need to get all defensive!"

Rachel took a bitter tone, "Terumi, you know you're not welcome here! Leave at once!"

Terumi shook his head, "Sorry, no can do! I've come to do you all a favor!"

Valkenhayn bared his teeth, "We have no need for your 'favors', Terumi! Leave now or I will force you out with my own two hands!"

Terumi threw open his hands, "Oh please, Old Man, you don't wanna push me out this time; what I have to tell you is for the sake of aaaaaall life in the universe!"

Nago, now in his normal cat shape, noted, "Oh my, your mere presence is killing the mood! And your clothes are tackier than ever."

Terumi yelled, "ENOUGH ALREADY! I have come to disassemble the web of lies that have ensnared you all for too long!"

Rachel said, "Hmpf. Knowing you, I'm sure by disassembling, you mean to level this entire dimension."

Terumi laughed, "Ha haaa! Still trying to sound smarter than everyone else, eh, wench? Classy as ever, I see! So here's the news that you need to know; you are all under the control of . . . wait for iiiit . . . wait for iiiiiiiiiit," he spread his arms in a dramatic fashion, "A FANFIC AUTHOR!"


"What the Deuceǃ?"

"That's preposterous!"

Terumi grinned, "Now I know what you're thinking, 'but Captain Hazama, how can that beǃ? Ragna and Jin haven't even pounded each other in the butt yet!' I know! That was my first reaction, too! But! It would seem that we are under the influence of . . . no ordinary fanfic writer."

Rachel asked, "You mean to tell us that all this time, we have all been manipulated by an unseen author for said author's own amusement?"

Terumi responded, "Ding ding ding ding ding! You just figured it out now, haven't you? Look back on some of the so-called 'responses' you've gotten; some of them write like someone other than you is responsible for your asinine blog. In one instance, you even started talking like you were aware of this; your eyes glowed all yellow and shit, like you were gonna do something crazy on the readers."

Before anyone could say anything else, the laptop emitted a sound, and displayed a message reading, "You have 1 unread comment."

Terumi threw up his arms, "You seeǃ? He can't hide himself anymore, now that I've exposed the truth! Why don't you read the contents, hmm?"

Rachel glanced at the monitor, "Open the letter, Valkenhayn."

The butler opened the letter. The computer displayed the following message:

"So you finally figured it out, huh? How long did it take you, like, sixteen months? Eh, better late than never. I suppose I couldn't have gotten away with it forever; just the very act of Rachel doing such a thing is out of character for her. Luckily for you, I like having Kokonoe writing a blog more than Rachel. Not only is it a lot easier for me to write as Kokonoe, I haven't burned myself out on Koko yet, which is more than what I can say for Fate Testarossa's dead ringer. It's been fun though, writing as though I was an aristocratic vampire fed up with my people (I am human, by the way) making all vampires out to be brooding wrecks desperate for affection, not that there's anything wrong with that. As in nothing wrong pretending to be a person outside of your gender and species, and nothing wrong with brooding bloodsuckers either. (Especially since if Rachel really does love Ragna, then that would make her just like all those romantic nosferatus that she hates so much!)

Regardless, I suppose I should, hmm, how would a vampire noble phrase it? Manipulate fate so that everything goes back to the way it was for Rachel and her friends? Yes, I suppose that would work. Oh, for those of you who 'commented' on Rachel's blog, don't fret; Kokonoe can still answer those, just like in the past. Of course, there is the unintentional hilarity of a morally dubious catwoman answering an email starting with, 'Dear Madam Rachel', but I digress.

Still, it's been real, but I have other things to tend to, not the least of which being pretending to be Kokonoe. Oh, don't try looking through your world setting to find me; I know better than to insert myself into a universe I don't belong to. Best of luck to your future endeavors, Madam Rachel Alucard; I await the next Blaz Blue game with glee. Signed, your pal xm0123.

Post-Script: Remember when you quoted a chap that said 'If Rachel discovered Rule 34, it would be the end of the human race as we know it'? Yeah, that was me you were quoting. But ask yourself this: did you quote me, or did I manipulate you into quoting me? I'll leave you to ponder that for a while. Ja ne!"

Terumi's smirk never faded as Rachel and her servants stared with awe at the monitor. Rachel then regained her composure and faced the snakeman, "That's a very good prank, Terumi, but the way you timed this letter to arrive just makes it look that much more staged."

Terumi gripped his hat, "What's this? You're doubting me? Oh, you're breaking my heart, Miss Alucard!"

Rachel frowned, "I will go into the world and prove to you that we are not being controlled by some obsessive fan writer. I pray that this will satisfy your ego, for if it doesn't, I will make you regret coming here." She opened a portal and exited through it with Nago and Gii.

Terumi faced Valkenhayn, "Well then, Valk, let's catch up on old times, shall we?"

Rachel was now in Kagutsuchi. She looked around to see if anything peculiar was happening. "Umm, Princess," Gii began, "What's a fanfic author?"

Rachel punched Gii away, "Quiet. I'm concentrating." She was listening in to the crowd, trying to hear anything.

In the distance, she heard a voice she recognized, "Where did all my money go?" The voice said to itself.

Rachel approached the speaker, "There you are, Ragna."

Ragna turned around, "Huh?" He saw who it was. His faced scrunched, "Oh, god damn it, Rachel! If I weren't fighting the law, I'd get a restraining order on you already!"

Rachel countered, "Oh, woe is you. The entire world wants your head on a plate, but you say the worst thing to happen to you is a woman that visits you periodically who doesn't want you dead."

Ragna brandished his sword, "Cut the crap! I'm a little busy right now, so if you don't mind-"

"-Ragna, would you believe me if I told you you were being controlled by a fanfiction author?"

Ragna snickered, "Like Hell I'd believe that! Yeah, some kid with too much free time on his friends is controlling our lives at this very," He stopped. Then he suddenly drew a dramatic pose, "Listen up, shorty!"

"I beg your pardon-"

"Let's say you drink too much strawberry milk, and have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. But it's cold outside of your bed. You don't want to get up, but the urge to urinate is just too strong!"

"The proof is in the pudding, after all."

"You make up your mind to go! You run to the bathroom, stand in front of the toilet, and let loose! You think that all your life has led to this moment! But then you realize! It isn't the bathroom! You're still in bed! That feeling of lukewarm wetness spreads like wild fire! But you don't stop! You can't stop! That's what I'm talking about! That's the truth of the strawberry milk! DO YOU GET IT NOWǃ?"

Rachel couldn't help but snicker, "Ah yes, this is precisely what I mean. Ragna, you just said something out of character just now."

Ragna looked confused, "Out of character? What's that supposed to mean?"

Rachel answered, "In words you wouldn't understand, the fanfiction author just proved to me that what I saw earlier was no fluke." Seeing as how you would never be in league with Terumi, "In words that you can understand, you gave a repulsive speech about strawberry milk just now."

"Huh? Strawberry milk? Why would I be talking about that?"

Rachel replied, "I don't know, that's why I'm asking you."

Ragna threw up his arms in frustration, "God damn it! Enough with the word games already!" He held his sword, "Actions speak louder than words, you know. Maybe I should shut that trap of yours."

"Go ahead."

Ragna charged at Rachel, shouting, "GAUNTLET HADES!" But before he could connect, Rachel teleported away. "ARRRRGH! I HATE VAMPIRES! I HATE 'EM!"

Back in front of the castle, Terumi stood waiting. "So, what's the verdict, my dear flat-chested bloodsucker?"

Rachel let out a sigh, "It is as you say; someone is controlling us."

Terumi reacted, "Ha! I did it! I finally got you to admit defeat for once!"

Rachel countered, "Of course, you realize that everything we do right now is out-of-character: my speech, your gloating, even Valkenhayn's restraint towards you is uncharacteristic of him."

Valkenhayn noted, "How very perceptive of you, Madam Rachel."

Rachel looked at the laptop, "I believe it all traces back to this contraption. The more I use it, the more we lose ourselves. 'Tis only fitting that I now feel like retiring. Before you came, Terumi, I was composing a conclusion to the blog I had started. I would like to finish that now."

Valkenhayn said, "Certainly, Madam Ra-"

"Don't, Valkenhayn. Let me write it."

Valkenhayn was surprised, "Whatever for?"

Rachel responded, "Using an outdated computer is out-of-character for me, but for this once, it would be acceptable, given the present circumstances." She seated herself (with Nago as her chair) where the laptop was. She looked over the keys, "Why are these blasted letters not alphabetized?"

Terumi answered, "Perhaps the inventor of the keyboard knew, hundreds of years into the future, it would piss off a spoiled rich vampire with too much free time on her hands." Rachel glared at him, "Whatǃ? It's the truth and you know it!"

"I need to concentrate if I am to write without a feather pen." Rachel began typing her message. Not knowing where the keys were, she punched each letter slowly, taking several seconds just to print a single letter onscreen.

"My goodness! Your level of incompetence! It makes you look helpless! You're giving off moe vibes!"

Rachel snapped, "My lack of typing efficiency is in no way a connection to my supposed 'helplessness'! I'll have you know that I am still far more capable than any so-called 'moe' girl ever will be!"

Terumi said, "And now she's following up with a stereotypical tsundere response! Your moeness is off the charts!"

Rachel made an Impish Gypsophila appear and slam into Terumi. She continued writing out her message. After a while, she had finished. Her final message was as follows:

It is with heavy heart, dear readers, that I put an end to this web log of mine. As with most things in life, I have become bored with writing entries for these, and as such, I have having this notebook computer returned to where it belongs by the time you read this. I am putting the blog on hiatus until further notice. I say this for if I should ever desire to answer any of your questions again, I will find a way to answer them without resorting to outdated computers for doing so. Unless if that happens, do not expect this to be updated as frequently, if even that. I will send Kokonoe a letter informing her of more unused submissions for her to use. I pray that this is not the end, but now, I must seek other ways to keep myself busy. If I did make one thing clear throughout composing these responses, it's that nothing is ever as it seems at first glance. Even those who are dutiful knowledge seekers learn things they never thought possible every now and then. Keep this in mind as you travel through the journey that is life. Farewell, Rachel Alucard.

She stood up and ordered, "Nago, return this device to where you found it, and then return here as soon as you can."

Nago winked, "Of course, Princess!" He sat the laptop on his back and left for Kagutsuchi.

Rachel locked eyes with Terumi, "The moment Nago comes back, every part of the world that is not Sector Seven will revert back to the way it's supposed to be. If you have something out of character to do, do it now before Valkenhayn and I remember our true purpose in life."

Terumi said, "Oh what's this? Are you hoping to get free entertainment out of me? Isn't the fact that I can portray Terumi better than most of the so-called 'Terumi impersonators' enough for you?"

Rachel raised an eyebrow, "Wait, was that the fanfiction writer just now?"

Terumi grinned, "Maybe it was, or maybe he's speaking through you now, or maybe he's speaking through all of us."

Rachel frowned, "This post-modernism is getting annoying. I wish Nago would hurry it up already."

Terumi said, "Oh that's right. I better split before he returns. I just remembered, I was going to show that ninja man what true injustice is really like. Guess I better hop to it. Toodles, lamers." He disappeared.

Some time later, Nago returned to the castle, reunited with the princess. The princess then ordered a spot of tea. That venture had ended . . . for now.

~One of the many possibilities of the Continuum Shift~