Warning: This fan-fiction was made for a mature audience. At this point, this story has not reached a M rating; however, it will eventually contain adult situations. So please make sure all children are out of the room, your bedroom door is locked, and the lights are turned off before you unzip your pants. *wink*

Author's Note: Naruto, and Hinata are the youngest characters in the group at college. Kiba is 2 years older than Naruto. (The other character's ages don't matter.) Everyone has animal ears and tails but they aren't that important except for the *cough* SEX *cough* The setting takes place at Konohagakure College in the city of Konoha.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto… regardless of all my fantasies *SMIRK*

"Text in quotations" - a character is speaking
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Redfoxyboi: *is writing story*
Naruto: Psssssst!
Redfoxyboi: *is annoyed* what?
Naruto: Can you make me sum ramen?
Redfoxyboi: Are you serious?! We are about to start the story!
Naruto: *whines* But I'm huuuuuungry!
Redfoxyboi: NO!
Naruto: *bites hand*

Redfoxyboi: OWWWWCH!

Naruto was asleep. Once again he managed to lose himself to daydreaming, which always led to an afternoon nap. He drooled a bit onto his desk which was positioned in the farthest corner of the classroom. Naruto didn't try to seem like a slacker but it came naturally. Actually, he was taking advanced courses at Konahagakure College and to top that off, he was studying two majors.

Beside the lightly snoring blond was Hinata. She was Naruto's friend for years now and she looked after him like a sister. This bond got her the nickname of "lil sis." Hinata had grey panther ears poking out of straight short hair and a fuzzy tail that she took great pride in grooming. Her white shirt, light purple skirt, and fuzzy boots were just one example of how fashion and shopping were her superpowers.

She looked over at the clock and noticed that the class was over in about five minutes and like any good sister would do, she nudge him slightly to wake up.

Naruto felt something poke his side and tried to swat away the disturbance while muttering something about not finishing his bowl of miso ramen. Hinata smiled and tried again but was unsuccessful. She sighed and whispered to the pink haired girl in front of her.

"Pssst! Sakura, I can't wake Naruto up." She said as the pink haired girl turned around.

"Did you try pulling his tail?" The girl replied while fixing a pink strand of hair. She had pink kitty ears and a well brushed cat tail.

"No… I'm not that mean." She said while looking over at the blondie. Naruto was wearing a black shirt with an orange fox, designer blue jeans, an orange buckle, and black sneakers. Hinata silently congratulated herself by helping her friend transform into a whole new person - a fashionably hot new person. She especially enjoyed how Naruto's shiny, orange and red fox ears and fluffy tail complimented his outfit. Orange was definitely his color.

"Fine then, I'll do it" said the pink kitty as she got up and slipped behind where Naruto was sitting. She was about to reach for the fluffy tailpiece until she stopped herself short when an idea crossed her mind. She smirked wickedly and leaned down towards his face. She used the other hand to cover her mouth as she whispered into one of the fox ears.

Hinata tilted her head to the side and raised one ear in confusion. What could Sakura be telling him…especially when he is asleep?

When she was about to open her mouth, Naruto gave a slight moan. Sakura stood back up and watched her work as Naruto began to cuddle the textbook he used as a pillow. The girls waited a bit before he moaned again which was followed up with a small purr.

"Awwww! So cute!" Sakura squealed before her eyes lowered onto the slight bulge that was growing under his jeans. Then she began to laugh hysterically while Hinata giggled at her friend's joke.

It took about a minute before the two girls composed themselves again from their laughing fits.

"Alright Sakura, I think we had enough fun" said Hinata as Naruto began to lightly hump his desk. She could hardly suppress a few chuckles at the spectacle.

Sakura reached down and gave Naruto a yank on his soft fur. The blond instantly jumped out of his seat with a yelp. And on cue, the girls entered another fit of laughter as he rubbed his rear end.

"Why did you do that!?" Naruto whimpered at a hysterical Sakura.

"Well you didn't wake up when we called you." She said while holding her stomach from laughing too hard.

"But you didn't need to pull my tail! You ruined a really good dream!" Naruto pouted.

"Oh we can tell." She said while smirking. Naruto gave her a puzzled look until Hinata hinted toward his little friend. Naruto instantly blushed crimson red as he noticed the tightness of his pants.

"Hey, don't blame me. Sakura gets all the credit." Hinata said as she got up to collect her belongings into her purse. "And what did you whisper anyway?" She said looking at Sakura.

Sakura gave her an evil smile and replied, "All I did was set up the scene and let Naruto imagine the rest," as she picked up her books. The kitty was wearing a black mini-skirt that had pink and red pinstripes, a grey T-shirt with a cherry blossom on the back, and black shoes.

Naruto's blush returned as he recalled his dream. He was used to being teased for being gay. He didn't mind much but it was times like this that he wished that they would just let him have some peace… Especially when it involved his erotic fantasies.

Sakura gave him a wink and Naruto stuck out his tongue.

The trio headed toward the food court on campus. It was not far but Naruto complained about the distance they needed to walk to get lunch. He was trying to cling onto Sakura's back but she just punched him in the gut. And wow did she have strength.

Naruto coughed a bit before yelling, "What the hell!? What did I do!?!"

"I'm not going to carry you Naruto. Suck it up!" she said while dodging another attempt from him.

"I don't want to!" he complained. Actually…on second thought… Naruto was then smacked out of his dirty imagination. "What did I do now!?"

"Pervert. Stop blushing and hurry up!" she glared. He's so unpredictable thought Sakura as she sighed.

Hinata and Sakura arrived to their usual table while Naruto went to a bench on the far end of the cafeteria. Naruto liked to spend his lunch writing in his notebook alone. It was something he looked forward to because he could relax and be by himself. Naruto's apartment was almost a dump. Every night he fell asleep to the calming sound of ambulances and sirens, every morning was as cold as winter, every afternoon was as hot as hell, and the spectacular view from the window was the side of a brick wall.

It wasn't very hard to tell how much of a relief it was to not be home. In other words, you could say Naruto was homesick. Very homesick.

As Sakura and Hinata placed their purses on the table, they were greeted by their friend Sasuke. Actually, it was more of a glare. Sasuke was never a "social-type." He kept to himself, was quiet, and looked like he would kill anyone who would think about talking to him. In short, Sasuke was your perfect emo. And the black leopard ears were not helping.

And here comes Ino. The extremely popular and loud Ino. The blond haired girl was the perfect stereotype of a Barbie. She was a cheerleader, had all the jocks in her palm, and believed she was part of everyone's business. Her cat ears were perfectly camouflaged to her hair and the one had two small silver earrings on it. Ino was wearing a soccer jersey with the number 19 on the back and grey jeans that hugged her figure. At the college, cheerleaders wore team jerseys before home games. Tonight the "Konoha Ninjas" were facing the "Suna Tigers."

"Heeeeey Sasuke!" Ino said with a well-timed hair flip. The emo ignored her. The Barbie sat down on one side of Sasuke with Sakura on the other.

Naruto looked up from his scribbling on the other side of the room to see the girls fight on cue.

"What did you call me billboard brow!?" Ino yelled so everyone could hear.

"You heard me Ino-pig!" Sakura shouted back.

Naruto laughed at how the two girls were bickering around Sasuke who's anger was rising. As the two girls got closer together to yell into the other's face, Sasuke was getting sandwiched between cleavage. Naruto then counted down. 3... 2... 1... And the girls crashed their lips together. It was one of those odd attractions where two completely opposite people find a common interest. Ino and Sakura were known to fight about anything and then apologize to each other with their tongues. Sasuke happened to sneak away before the pair got physical.

The girls were torn apart as a boy with short black hair, that blended his lynx ears perfectly, came up to the table.

"Hey Sai." said Hinata as she bit into an apple.

"Hello everyone" he said with a smile. Sai was slender and pale. He wore a a grey shirt, that was cut short to show his abs, which let easy access to view the "Bite Me" buckler attached to the pink and lime green checkered belt. Completing his outfit was red jeans. Obviously Sai's appearance screamed "GAAAAY!" but no one was complaining (*SMIRK*).

Sai walked over to sit by Naruto which was perfectly fine with the blond because he liked his company. Unlike his other friends, Sai wasn't obnoxious, enjoyed art, and gave great advice. Naruto and Sai were best friends but they weren't interested in the other.

"Heeeeeey girrrrrrl!" Sai said mocking Naruto.

Naruto couldn't resist a giggle at his friend's stupidity. "You constantly prove that there is a whole new level of gay. How can you possibly do it?" he said then stuck out his tongue.

"Well, when you have such a hawt body like me, why not flirt it around?"

"So that shirt was cut like that on purpose?" the blondie said with sarcasm.

"Obviously! And I thought you had good taste" the lynx snapped back.

"Oh please, I was just wondering who won."

"Won what?" Sai looked at him puzzled.

"The fight between you and your lawnmower" Naruto said while rawring into a laughing fit. Sai nudged the laughing boy off his seat.

Right after Naruto got back on the bench, the rest of the group came over to the two guys.

"So are you coming to the game tonight?" Ino asked with her tail wrapped around a certain pink-haired kitty.

"Um… I don't care for sports" the fox replied and then looked over at Sai.

"Hey, don't look at me! I'm going out tonight."

Naruto's eyes brightened and he put his arms around Sai's waist. "So?" he cooed into his ear.

"So what?" Sai giggled at Naruto's teasing.

"Who's the lucky maaaaan?" he said scratching Sai's ear.

"I have no idea what you mean" he smirked teasing Naruto back.

Naruto then gave his fox version of puppy eyes.

"Hey! Play fair!" said Sai trying to avoid his gaze.

"Pleeeeeeeaaaaaseeeeee Sai?" he pleaded while adding a small purr.

"Fine!" he grumbled and gave a look up to the black leopard-eared boy who was trying to tune out the world with his iPod.

"Sasuke!?" Naruto was shocked.

"Don't worry Naruto, you'll always be my best boyfriend." he joked. Naruto and Sai called each other boyfriends as a very ironic inside-joke.

"Ok you two! Break it up!" Hinata said while trying to help them untangle they're tails.

"Are you coming to the game with us Naruto?" Sakura pleaded. Ino and Sakura then used their feminine charm to make an irresistible combo attack on the blond who was helpless to avoid their pleading eyes.

"Ugh…" he sighed. How do they always happen to manipulate me!?

"Yay! I'll pick you up at 4, ok?" Sakura jumped up and down.

Naruto rolled his eyes, "4 is fine. I need to go and get ready." he said while waving good-bye to everyone.

He then gathered his books and unwillingly trudged the way home…

Yay! That's the end to chapter 1 ^-^ I already have the next 4 or 5 chapters planned out but I still need to type it up *whimpers* So please tell me what you think! I felt like introducing each character's personality individually before the plot takes off (which will be next chapter). I felt like making Sai and Sasuke a pair because I know you yaoi-fan girls are licking your lips for more boy-on-boy action. *wink* So please comment on what you like or dislike! Oh and the more comments I get, the faster I'll write the update. ;p

Naruto: Hey! Why did you make Sakura embarrass me like that!?
Redfoxyboi: I have no idea what you are talking about… *SMIRK*
Naruto: *Looks up from reading script* And what's this about me getting molested by-
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