A/N: Here is a brand new story! Since we may or may not get to see the Grave Digger trial this season, I thought I would see if I could write one. The first chapter should be posted sometime tomorrow, but please let me know what you think! The more reviews I get, the faster I type. Thanks guys and enjoy!

The Triad of the Trial


April 24, 2010

Location Unknown

10:07 am EST

Whenever Dr. Temperance Brennan woke up disoriented, she knew that it was not a good sign. It usually meant one of two things: one; her liver was currently failing to metabolize the massive amounts of alcohol that she had unwisely consumed the night before resulting in an unproductive morning filled with headaches and nausea or two; she had involuntarily consumed some sort of drug or hallucinogen that was causing her the disorientation. Neither of these were good outcomes as far as Brennan was concerned. As she slowly came back to consciousness, she resisted the urge to shake her head to clear the fog from her brain, knowing that would result in more pain than it was worth. She laid as still as possible as she gathered information about her surroundings. The first thing she realized was that she was laying flat on a cold surface and judging by the tingling sensation in her left arm, she was lying right on top of it. The second was that besides the solitary light bulb shining weakly from the ceiling, there was no other source of light in the room. Deciding it was safe to try sitting up, she quickly turned to rest her back against the wall, momentarily closing her eyes to try and stop the room from spinning. She thought she heard a muffled voice, but the sound of the blood rushing through her head drowned out any other noise. She lifted her hand to her hairline to steady herself when she felt a warm, sticky substance, which she automatically knew, was blood. Definitely have a concussion, she thought, adding the presence of the cut on her forehead and her dizziness together to come up with that conclusion. Opening her eyes again, she glanced at her surroundings, trying to figure out where exactly she was. The room was only about 12 feet by 12 feet and that the roof could not have been more than 7 feet high. Looking around the room, she noticed some bricks, a rake, and a rusty bucket, confirming her suspicions that she was in an old tool shed of some kind. Turning her head slightly to her right, she noticed two lumps in the other corner of the room. And one of the lumps looked very familiar.



April 24. 2010

Superior Court of the District of Columbia

10:15 am EST

"You honor, I know the testimony was supposed to start fifteen minutes ago, but it is not my fault that my witnesses are not here. I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation as to their tardiness to the court today."

"Your honor, if Ms. Julian cannot produce her witnesses, then I move for an immediate mistrial," the defense attorney said as Caroline Julian turned and glared at him for all she was worth.

The judge sighed. He knew from the minute he was assigned to oversee this trial that it was going to be an absolute circus and so far, he wasn't disappointed. As he was thinking about his decisions and trying to rub away the inevitable migraine, he heard the shrill ring of a phone coming from the gallery. He saw one of the women in the gallery blush and quickly divert her phone to voicemail while saying, "Sorry." Sighing again, he said, "Ms. Julian, Mr. Andrews is correct. Without the testimony of those three witnesses, you do not have a case. I will give you twenty-four hours to produce your witnesses or else I will have to declare mistrial. Understood?"

Caroline was not happy, but nodded.

"All right, then," the judge said. "We will resume at 10 am tomorrow morning. That's all." He banged his gavel and the courtroom bustled as people were gathering their things to leave. Caroline whipped around to face Cam and Angela, the latter of which was checking her voicemail to see who called her. Caroline hoped it was one of her absent witnesses.

Turning to Cam, she said, "Do you know anything about this, Cherie? Because if this is some sort of practical joke, I'm not laughing."

"Ms. Julian, I am as surprised as you are. Dr. Hodgins and Dr. Brennan were both in the lab yesterday and I talked to Booth on the phone. They all were planning on being here," Cam said, as she looked over at Angela, who had turned as pale as a ghost, her cell phone still to her ear. Cam had seen that exact same look on another person's face only once before and was starting to feel like something was very wrong. "Angela? Are you okay?"

Angela looked at Caroline and Cam, not saying a word. She put her phone on speaker and played them the voicemail, the mechanical tone of the voice striking fear into all their hearts.

"I have taken Seeley Booth, Jack Hodgins, and Temperance Brennan. You have twenty-five hours to keep quiet and let the Grave Digger trial end in a mistrial. After that time, I will give you GPS coordinates to their location. If you make any attempt to contact the FBI or police, I will know and Seeley Booth, Jack Hodgins, and Temperance Brennan will die. This is my final communication."

As the message ended, all three women looked over to where the police were leading the defendant out of the room. Right before the police closed the door, taking their charge back to the county jail to await the next hearing, Heather Taffet turned around and gave them a smirk.