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Chapter 14

June 18, 2010

Superior Court of the District of Columbia

1:34 pm EST

"Has the jury reached a verdict?" Judge Watson asked the Jury Foreman. Booth started bouncing his leg up and down, a bad habit he had developed to express his nervousness. In the past though, this action had a nice side effect, probably why he had never chosen to try and break this bad habit. For whenever this happened, Bones would always put her hand on his knee to still the action. And before about two months ago, this was some of the only physical contact he got with her. Of course since that had changed now, he wasn't sure if the habit would continue. Booth smiled as sure enough, he felt her hand grip his knee to still his movement. Her touch evoked memories of their morning together, a perfect moment between just the two of them before the reality of coming to the courtroom to hear the verdict set in.

June 18, 2010

FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth's apartment

7:12 am EST

Booth woke up and felt hot, hotter than the balmy June morning should have made him. The blankets had been kicked to the end of the bed and as he looked around, he realized that the sun was peeking around his curtains, making a spatter pattern against the opposite wall. He heard a soft sigh beside him and felt the puff of air that accompanied it wash over his chest, leaving the skin in its wake slightly prickled in surprise at the change in temperature. Bones was curled into him, her head resting on his shoulder and her arm slung across his abdomen as he lay on his back. That was probably the most surprising thing about Bones that he never would have guessed before their relationship. She loved to snuggle with him, especially after they made love. She would get really, really grumpy if he tried to leave her and as much as it amused him to see her pout at him, he didn't like to see her unhappy.

And it looked as if something was disturbing her sleep right now. The worry lines on her forehead were more pronounced and Booth could she her eyes moving rapidly behind her eyelids. Over the last two months, they both had their fair share of nightmares, some regarding their captivity by the Grave Digger, some with issues brought up from their near death experience with each other. But the most important thing was that they were there to wake each other up and comfort each other when it got to be too much. Now, it was Booth's turn. He gently kissed her forehead and rubbed soothing circles on her back with the arm she was currently sleeping on.

"Bones, wake up baby," he whispered in her ear, hoping to wake her up gently. He felt more than saw her change in breathing against his side that indicated to him that he had been successful in his goal of waking her. He saw her eyes blink open and was immediately met with her bright blue eyes still fuzzy with sleep. He could see the instant she became oriented with her surroundings and left the nightmare behind in her sleep. Looking at her, he knew he was gazing into the eyes of the love of his life, the woman that he wanted to wake up next to every morning and come drag out of the lab every night. Booth had no illusions that just because they were in a committed relationship she was going to become Holly Homemaker and he was glad; that was not the woman he fell in love with. The woman he fell in love with was fiercely independent, wicked smart, always challenging him, and sometimes frustrated him to no end but he wouldn't have it any other way. She finally came back to herself and he could see the clarity return to her deep blue eyes.

"You okay?" he asked softly. She just nodded against his shoulder and Booth chuckled as he felt her bury her face further into his skin. He continued to rub her back and began to place soft kisses on her temple and across her forehead, determined to wake her up. He heard her groan and felt it vibrate into his shoulder before he felt her gently nip at his skin, a clear signal to him to stop but he didn't care. Adding his hands into the mix, he gently began to tickle her sides against her rib cage making her begin to squirm. Her quiet giggle was the best sound he ever heard and the smile it put on his face made his cheeks hurt.

"Stop it, Booth," she managed to say through her giggles, batting his hands away from her sides. She turned her head and captured his lips in a passionate kiss, effectively stopping his tickling in the best way possible. After a few moments spent getting reacquainted with each other after six long hours of sleep, Booth reluctantly broke away; knowing that they needed to get moving so they could be in court by 9 am. Sitting up, he gave Bones one last kiss before jumping out of bed.

"Let's boogie, Bones. We have to get to court." At her pout, he grabbed her hand and gave her his patented charm smile. "Which, rationally means that we should shower together to save time."

He saw her smile and get out of bed, following closely behind him, saying "I love when you get rational, Booth."


June 18, 2010

Outside the Superior Court of the District of Columbia

2:04 pm EST

Heather Taffet sat in the back of the police cruiser, hands cuffed behind her back, waiting for it to take her to the airport and back to her maximum security cell in Colorado. She had not been surprised by the guilty verdict; after all, she had been a federal prosecutor and knew that the case against her was very strong. That was why she told her defense attorney not to fight the case, hoping it would help her in the sentencing part of the trial, hoping she would somehow be able to breath free air again sometime in the future. Hearing the engine start, two more FBI Agents slid into the car and Heather chuckled darkly. Where did they think she was gong to go?

Feeling the car stop at a stoplight, she glanced out the window and scowled at what she saw. There was Booth and Brennan, walking hand-in-hand, down the sidewalk, looking like they were enjoying the summer day. He said something to her, which made her break out in a radiant smile, making him smile as well. Heather doubted they knew that anyone even existed they were so wrapped up in each other. As the car started again, she looked back at them one last time to see Brennan pull him in for a quick kiss before going on their way. The happy couple fading into the distance, Heather's scowl returned as she began to plot her revenge against the three that got away; the triad of the trial.