Arkarian's POV

I woke up in a cold sweat from a nightmare I did not care to repeat. It took me a moment to realize what had woken me when I heard Isabel's thoughts come into my head. Arkarian! She was wanted me to let her into the cave. I willed the passage open with my mind mainly so I could get her out of the cold. I quickly changed into a less sweaty pair of sleeping pants and transported myself down to my waiting love. Isabel was sitting on a stool in the main chamber. As she heard me enter she turned to me. I noticed immediately how red and tear stained her face was. "Isabel?" She shrouded her thoughts from me and rushed into my arms. She began crying on my bare chest. Her tears tickled me as they fell.

I picked her up and carried her into one of the rooms which I willed to change into a bedroom. I lay her on the bed as she continued to cry. "Isabel either let me into your thoughts or tell me what happened, but this not knowing what's wrong is tearing my heart in two." Isabel stopped blocking her thoughts. I was launched into a whirlwind of sporadic thoughts from Isabel as I saw what happened. Matt had yelled at Isabel about seeing me so often. His opinion is that we have forever together because of our ageless gift so y do we need all this time now. He'd forbid her to see me for a month. So naturally she'd snuck out in the middle of the night to see me. As I returned from my trip through Isabel's mind I noticed she'd stopped crying. Much to my relief. "Isabel, I'm so sorry…" She smiled at me, "Forget it." She crawled under the covers and invited me to join her, although I didn't need an invitation.

We lay together just staring into eachother's eyes, and every once in a while she'd let an I love you slip in her thought blockade she had out up. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into one of her kisses. I put my hands at the small of her back and rolled her on top of me. I felt her fingers on the bare skin of my neck meaning shed made it through my curtain of hair. Her touch was sensational and made me grow light headed. Her thoughts came unblocked and I pulled her closer to me as I ran kisses down her neck. As I reached her collarbone I switched our positions so I was on top of her. I then continued laying my kisses on every bare patch of skin I could find. When I'd kissed every square inch I could get at I stopped. I began toying with the bottom of her shirt silently begging for permission. Isabel giggled and nodded.

I pulled off her shirt showing her flat toned stomach and a bra that was black with lace around the edges. I started back up on my attack of kisses on Isabel's bare skin. When I kissed her stomach she giggled and it was the most adorable sound that had ever reached my ears in all my 600 years. I had to make her do it again so I kept kissing her stomach and sides until she was laughing from how much it tickled. Then I noticed there was still patches of skin I had missed. Actually 2 to be exact. I looked at Isabel. I wasn't going to push her any farther than she wanted to go tonight. She understood what I wanted thank god, and again she nodded. I reached under her back and found the clasp of her bra. As I undid it I heard Isabel's voice say my favorite sentence in the world, "I love you, Arkarian." Isabel's eyes were glowing with love and also embarrassment as I removed her bra. Her thoughts told me she was afraid of what I would think of her body. If id still find her attractive naked in the candle lit light. "Isabel," her eyes met mine as I spoke. "I will never love u any less. Understand? I will only ever love you more."

Isabel smiled and she let me pull the sheets off of our bodies. I gazed at her tanned upper body and saw just how wrong Isabel had been. I was in awe and a word escaped my lips without me being conscious I had even said it, "Beautiful…" Isabel blushed but I could tell it made her happy. I was pulled from my gawking as Isabel pulled my lips back to hers. I lay my body on hers and my blue hair fell over both of our bare tops. At one moment I remember feeling Isabel's hands leave my back for somewhere lower and on the other half of my body. But her kisses were throwing my conscious mind into a whirl and all I knew was that I needed more of her. When my conscious mind returned I realized we were both stripped down to our underwear. I pulled my lips away from Isabel's and pushed my body so I was hovering over her. Again I wasn't going to push her into anything she didn't want. Not to mention Matt would kill us if he ever found out this had happened. Isabel's voice brought me back to the present, "Why'd you stop? Did I do something wrong?" Fear replaced the adoration in her eyes and she refused to meet my gaze.

I grabbed her chin and forced her eyes to mine. "Are you sure you want me to continue?" Isabel smiled, "Yes, I'm sure." I smiled and remover her underwear as she removed my boxers.

Isabel's POV

I awoke the next day burning up from the warmth of sleeping so close to Arkarian last night. Last night… Last night was incredible! I wasn't a virgin anymore, and even though it was my first time Arkarian had taken great care in teaching me. Omigod it was magical! I hadn't moved and was still burning up but I didn't want to shatter this moment. Suddenly Arkarian lurched up, "Sorry Isabel." He said as he threw on some pants and left the room. I sat there totally afraid of getting discovered. I knew the only person who could make Arkarian jumpy like that was my older brother Matt. This wasn't good. My breathing was fast and I strained my ears to hear. I heard Arkarian's voice, "She's not here Matt!"

"Don't give me that Arkarian I can hear her thoughts!" Matt's voice was angered but Arkarian's came out firm and calm. "Well it's none of your business if she's here or not." Their voices had gotten just a tad closer. Matt's voice came next, "It is MY business Arkarian! She is my sister!" Arkarian was yelling now, "She's no longer your responsibility! She's my soul mate! She is mine to care for!" They were right outside the door now. I figured I should put some clothes on but I was frozen with anxiety. "Arkarian!!! She is not an adult!!! You have forever!!!" Arkarian snapped at that, "She is an adult! She is 18 and old enough to think for herself! You're not her father! Her agelessness has taken affect and she is mine! But open up your naïve mind! Were ageless not invincible! We can still die! We don't have forever! Rochelle should be proof enough of that…"

It was silent for a long time. I began to wish I was a TruthSeer simply so I could know what was happening. After a while the door opened and Arkarian entered alone. He came over and held me close to him. And I hugged him back as tightly as I could. He stroked my hair out of comfort and we sat there in silence. "Matt has agreed to let you move in. He doesn't know what happened and there will be another fight when he finds out. So when you go home to pack and tell your mom keep your thoughts locked. Oh and he will be checking up on us quite often." I smiled this was great news I was so happy! "So how about it Isabel?" He pulled me away so he could see my eyes, "Do you want to move in with me?" As he asked I noticed a slight blush around his face which only grew when I said, "Of course!"

Me and Arkarian had fallen back asleep at some point and when we woke up again I got dressed and told Arkarian I was hungry. "So will I be living here or what?" Arkarian laughed, "You know I don't live here Isabel." I got excited at that, "So do I finally get to see where you live???" Arkarian scooped me up in his arms all the while laughing. "Yes, and since you're hungry now is the perfect time! I've been waiting to show you this for a long time Isabel! You have no idea how thrilled I am that you said yes to moving in with me!" I laughed as Arkarian used his Wings to carry us to where ever it was he lived.