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He continued to walk, looking down at his book and not at the annoying voice behind him.

"Hey, Yaaagyu!" That annoying drawl could only be one person.

"What, Niou?" He turned a page. The rustle of paper was the only sound beside their footsteps, and then:

"Nothing." A laugh. They both were laughing.

"That's what I thought."



The black tie itched at his neck, but he knew better than to adjust it right then. Yagyuu-san the father and Yagyuu-san the mother were both looking at him, faces austere. He tried to swallow the edge of annoyance that moved beneath his sorrow.

"You knew Hiroshi well." Her voice…was much softer than usual. He had a moment to feel surprised before she was embracing him, drying her tears on the shoulder of his second-hand suit.

"Aa…" And it was a shame that, as he cried with her, he only felt close to his parents-in-law after his husband had died.



"Jam?" A sticky red substance was proffered to him from Niou's position on the floor.

"No thank you." And he couldn't hide the amusement that filtered into his tone. His lips quirked. "Why are you visiting, again?"

"Nee-san's over." Ah. "And you know English. So, what exactly does 'Soft, what light through yonder window breaks' even mean?" The unfamiliar syllables dropped out of his mouth like rocks.

"It's poetry. Are you reading Shakespeare? I thought you weren't taking English in university." He glanced down at his long-time friend with a raised eyebrow.

"I changed my mind."


"Yeah." He munched a piece of toast, spread liberally with jam. "I wanna be a teacher."



"What happened to your head?" The tone was calm, the question was not. If Yagyuu's level of composure was any indication, the stone-still face was hiding a massive level of shock.

"Oh? I felt like a change." The light tone was concealing an edge that set Yagyuu's warning lights blinking. "Besides, it makes me look sexy, yeah?" He shook the white mass of fluff with rue-tinted enjoyment.


Niou shot him a look that was more poisonous than a thousand deadly snakes. "So be like everyone else, why don't you? Throw me off like an unwanted child just because I don't feel like kissing girls!" The rant meant little to Yagyuu, but Niou's hurt was evident. He wrapped his arms carefully around his doubles partner.

Niou's hair was never black again.



Niou was Yagyuu and Yagyuu was Niou.



He laughed. Yagyuu loved it when Niou laughed; not the 'I've just royally screwed you over' laugh, or indeed, the bitter chuckle that had developed much too early. No, this was a carefree joy that made him want to kiss the pale-haired boy.

"Oh yeah…" Niou sighed. "That was good." He rolled over and looked sleepily at Yagyuu with half-lidded and sinful eyes. The sheets rustled as he scooted a little closer. "Mmm… Let's do it again."

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