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Outside the rain hammered down, soaking the few hurrying people in their grey-toned coats and hats. The wind bit through scarves and mittens, making them shiver and curse. Thunder boomed.

Inside a young man sat alone, on the floor. There were chairs, much more comfortable places to sit, but he steadfastly remained by the studio's floor-length window, staring outside in fascination. Rain appealed to Fuji Syuusuke, who found the refracting light and dimly illuminated atmosphere pleasing to his artist's eye. Yuuta had been afraid of thunder. Syuusuke had gone outside to play.

He placed a spread hand on the window, lightly caressing the cold glass and wondering if he should go out onto the terrace.

"Syuusuke." A soft voice called him from behind. He turned his head a little in acknowledgement, but continued watching the roiling clouds. Tezuka leaned his arm on the counter and quietly watched the storm and his lover. Fuji was a wild thing, much wilder than most would tell you. His blue eyes danced with the lightning. Tezuka approached cautiously, out of consideration for the smaller man. As his bare feet stepped closer, Syuusuke closed his eyes, let his hand drop. He was calm again.

"Kunimitsu. Come and watch the storm with me." The taller man complied, gently seating himself behind his love. He wrapped a blanket around them both and silently reveled in the feeling of security, of right, that settled over him when Syuusuke leaned against his chest.

Outside the rain hammered down, soaking the sidewalk and the parched black pavement.

But inside two were sitting, holding close to the warmth of their shared heart.

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