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A Long Time Ago

It was a rainy day that day that Abby was kidnapped. Abby had gone to get something from the store after she finished in her lab. Ziva, Gibbs, McGee and Tony were almost done with their work. They still had to write their reports, so they could close the case that they had just finished. Tony's phone suddenly rang and he looked at who was calling him. It was Abby and he wondered why she was calling.

"Hello, Anthony."

Tony sat there in shock. Their father had Abby.

"Where's Abby? You lay a finger on her head you are a dead man."

"You should know by now that I would never hurt her. I love my child. You on the other hand I don't care for. Meet me at this address and come alone. I'll release her as soon as you set foot in the house."

Tony shut the phone and gathered his things. "Tony, what happened?"

"Our Dad has Abby. He says to come alone and he'll release Abby. Please let me do this if anything happened to her I'll never forgive myself."

"What's the address, Tony?"

"Please don't come and don't follow me. He said that he would release her. If something happens to me take care of her."

"Tony, the address." Gibbs barked out and glared at his senior field agent.

Tony wrote down the address and gave it to Gibbs and left. Gibbs got up too and made his way towards the elevator.


"Don't worry, I'm just going to get Abby. Come on McGee." Tim grinned happy that he was going to be allowed to go get his wife.

When they got to the address they just saw Tony go into the house and Abby walk out. The two siblings exchanged hugs and then Tony faced his father.

"Well, what did you want that was so important?" Tony said as he glanced around the room. There were three people in the room with his father.

"It's time for you to learn a lesson, Anthony."

"You had Abby kidnapped and I'm the one who needs a lesson."

"Don't talk back to me." Senior said as he walked up to his son and slapped him. After that he signaled his friends to beat up on Tony too.

"Abby, I want you to stay here and lock the doors. If I think what's happening in there that Tony's going to need help."

"Go save my brother, Gibbs." She watched as her and her brother's father figure go towards the house and watched her husband walk besides Gibbs. Gibbs broke down the door and told the men to freeze.

Tony and Abby's father didn't freeze and kicked his son once again in the stomach.

"You are under arrest for assaulting a Federal Agent." Gibbs said. He called for backup and waited for the others to come and arrest the others. They would be safe from hurting Tony and Abby again.

Tony was sore from the men kicking his stomach. He had a cut over his eye from one of the men's rings caught his eye. He had bruises on his face too. It would be a couple of weeks until he was healed, but he was glad that he was safe from his Father and his sister would never get hurt from their father again. They even had done some other things to keep him in jail for a very long time. Gibbs was happy that the two siblings could go on with their life and not have to look over their shoulders. Tony and Abby were happy that they would never have to see their father again.

The End