The Namikaze and the Water Goddess

Hey everyone, this is Namikaze09 with a new story based off of Challenger's story challenge, Kage's bride. It'll be a Narutox5th Mizukage fic and trust me when I say I'll be awesome. I'll probably make it a harem fic also but Sakura, Hinata, and Ino won't be in it so don't ask me to put them in.

Jutsu: Katon Hijutsu: Daiguren (Original, So I get credit)

Jutsu or Japanese translation: (Secret Fire Release Technique: Great Crimson Lotus)

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Scroll/Book/Author notes/Event Titles: The Great Age of Piracy

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Chapter 1 Bride, Inheritance and Summons

Konoha Hospital

A 14 year old Naruto was currently arguing with his so called sensei in the hallway of the hospital. "What do you mean you can't train me for the finals!?" Naruto yelled while Kakashi who had his book in his face sighed. "Because Naruto I'm already training Sasuke and I can't help you both. Plus he's facing that ninja from Suna and he needs all the help he can get."

The copy nin responded while Naruto looked at him in shock. He wasn't even gonna try to help him. "What the hell do you mean he needs all the help? I'm facing that baka Neji in the first rounds dammit and I don't even know how to fight him!!" The blonde screamed. Again Kakashi doesn't bother to look at Naruto's who had a look of anger and hurt on his face. But that all changes when Kakashi says these words.

"I know that and so what? You're not ready to take the next step as a shinobi and perhaps getting beat by Neji will wake you up to reality. Sasuke is the only one on the team who has what it takes to be a real ninja and I won't waste my time with someone who can't even control his own chakra. I'm sorry Naruto but you have no talent nor do you deserve to be a ninja." He said but failed to realize that Naruto was trembling in rage with his head down.

His eyes became slitted as he realized that Kakashi didn't give a shit about him. He was just like the other villagers and teachers (minus Iruka) in the academy that ruined his academics.

"The only reason you're a ninja in the first place is because the Sandaime felt sorry for you an-" He said until SMACK!! Naruto smacked the book out of Kakashi's hand shocking the Jounin and saw the look on Naruto's face.

His eyes where filled with anger, hatred, rage, and hurt. If looks could kill, then Kakashi would be dead right now. Naruto just looked him with a dark expression on his face. he was clenching and unclenching his hands trying to keep himself from socking his sensei in the face. "Is that so? I have no talent as ninja huh? I'm not ready to take the next step as a ninja just because I'm not like Sasuke?" He said raising the tone on his voice.

Kakashi realized that everyone in the hospital was hearing Naruto raise his voice and started to speak up. "Please Naruto calm dow-" He tried to say only for the pissed blonde to cut him off. "Shut up!" He yelled out making the man's eyes widen in shock. "I will not calm and I will not listen to a fucking thing you say Hatake!! Let me tell you something you piece of shit! I may not have talent like you're fucking Uchiha but at least I''m not a fucking coward who's a jutsu stealing bitch! I have done more for this team than that spoiled brat has. I'm the one who got your sorry ass out of Zabuza's water prison not Sasuke! I'm the one who beat Haku not Sasuke! And not only that, in the forest of death, I took on Orochimaru while your so called Uchiha and Haruno froze up like little bitches! But do you want to know what pisses me off more?" He growled out while Kakashi looked at Naruto with the same shocked expression.

"You didn't follow your own damn motto 'Those who break the rules are trash but those who abandon their comrades are lower than trash.' I guess that makes you and those brats lower than trash because unlike them I took that motto to heart! You are nothing but a fucking hypocrite!!" he yelled out at the silver-haired jounin. "Look Naruto I" kakashi tried to say again but got cut off again. "Save your bullshit for someone who cares asshole because as of now I'm done with this team! So go ahead and train that fucking brat! I don't need your training! I'll find someone who will train me and then not only will I kick Neji's ass, I'll kick Sasuke's and that Tanuki from suna's ass also!! If I don't make chunnin then I'll ask for a team transfer. I'm pretty sure Gai would make a better sensei than you! After all, he trained a dead last that kicked Sasuke's ass and almost killed Gaara. Even if he is a little odd in the head."

He then walks off while the doctors moved out of his way because they didn't want to face his wrath. Kakashi tried to grab Naruto's shoulder only for the blond to swipe at his hand with his now clawed hand. Kakashi slowly backed away from the snarling blonde. "Touch me and I'll rip your fucking hand off you son of a bitch. I can't believe you of all people was my father's studuent." He said and again walked off leaving a wide eyed Kakashi in the hallway.

Little did they know, Mei Terumi, the Godaime Mizukage of Kirigakure was watching and couldn't help but smile when she saw her so called 'deceased' fiancé was still alive but frowned when she realized that the council lied to her about him dying with the Yondaime who arranged a marriage with her and his son and also growled when she saw his sensei brush him off.

"Don't worry my Maelstrom, If he won't help you then I will." She said and Shunshins out of the Hospital.

Naruto was now in a forest no longer wearing that black jump suit but a black one with fingerless gloves sitting under a tree branch with a blank expression on his face. "I should've known that bastard wouldn't teach me anything. Hell the only thing he did teach me was tree walking while going to train the Uchiha in private. That fucking asshole. No talent my ass. I was the one who saved his sorry ass from Zabuza when he trapped him in that water prison while that teme and haruno wanted to run away like little bitches."

He then closes his eyes and falls asleep. "I'll show him no talent when I kick Neji's, Sasuke's, and that sand nin's ass in the finals and make chuunin. It's time I stopped playing the fool and show Konoha what I can really do." He mumbles.

He then finds himself in his mindscape which was in the form of a forest. He opens his eyes and finds himself resting his head on the lap of a red hair, red eyed woman who in his eyes looked like a goddess.

She wore a ruby red kimono with flowers on it and had flawless skin. She smiled back at Naruto who did the same as well. "Kit we have to find a way to get rid of that seal the hebi put on you in the forest of death." Kyuubi said while Naruto nods. "I know Kyu-chan. It's been screwing up with my chakra control and I can only stay in contact with you for a few minutes so what do we do?"

Naruto asked. Kyuubi thought about it and was about to speak until a voice spoke. "Simple my other half, we must become one again." That's when another version of Naruto appeared but there's a difference. Instead of being 5'3 he was 5'6 and was built like an athletic swimmer. There was hardly any baby fat on his face and the whisker marks on his face were gone and he also had deep blue slitted cerulean eyes and canines that jutted from his upper lip.

His hair style and facial appearence was similar to the Yondaimes (Minato as a kid). He also wore a black jumpsuit. "Hello my other half. How many years has it been?" Naruto's other half said while he smiles."7 years," he started to say but felt a pull in his mindscape by the seal. "Look we only have a few seconds before I'm pulled out by that accursed seal. We need to become one again." Naruto said while his other half nods.

"Hai lets do this." The other half replies and reaches his hand out as does Naruto. When their hands grasp each other, their bodies glow. Kyuubi's eyes widen in shock when a white light surrounds them and the white orb grows larger and larger until it covers the entire mindscape.

Outside Naruto's body

Naruto's resting body is surrounded by a blue cocoon made of chakra and it slowly grows white. After a few minutes, cracks then started to surround the cocoon and then it shattered and there stood the new and improved Naruto wearing a new out fit.

He was now 5'6 wearing a dark blue long sleeved jacket with pockets on it and a silver line going down the sleeves. He also wore black ANBU styled pants with a silver line going down the middle and ANBU styled sandals that stopped below his knees.

He also wore a black muscle shirt that hugged his body and wore it like a second skin and it showed off his chest and abs. On the back of his jacket was the picture of the Kyuubi in a crouching position as well as the five elemental kanjis for water, wind, lightning, fire, and earth.

He also had black fingerless gloves on and they had metal plates on them. He also had crimson highlights in his bangs. Naruto walks over to the lake and looks at himself. He smirks and looks at his new clothes. He then stretches his arms and sighs in relief.

"Man it's good to be whole once again. I don't know what I'd do If I had to play the fool for one more day. I better inform oji-san that I'm back and ask him about this seal that's cutting me off from kyuu-chan." He says but stops for a moment and performs a ram seal. Small trees started to form around him but stopped when they only reached to his height. He sighs and wipes a bead of sweat off his brow.

"Damn. I must've lost a lot of my strength when my soul split in half. I guess I have to regain my strength again." He says until he hears a voice that sounds like an angels. "Perhaps I can help you Naruto-kun." Said the soft and serene voice. Naruto turns around and sees someone whom he can only describe as a goddess in human form.

It was the only way to describe the woman that was in his line of vision. She had long red russet colored hair which was pulled up into an elegant topknot on the top of her head and a bang came down from the top of her head and covered her right eye.

Her eyes were a beautiful jade green, a small nose and beautiful lips which had blue lipstick on them, all of which were perfect for her face. She also had on a full body fishnet suit and over it she wore what appeared to be a one piece blue garment that hugged her hourglass body and showed off her flawless cream colored sexy legs.

This woman was without a doubt the epitome of beauty and Naruto couldn't help but blush. Mei, who was watching his eyes wonder on her figure giggled at his dazed look and smiled. " Are you done checking me out now?" She asked which caused Naruto to blink for a while and when he realized what he was doing, he turned red and jumped back.

"S-sorry! I didn't mean to stare at you like that!" He said while she giggles and walks up to him until they're a few feet from each other. Naruto had to keep his eyes from ogling her cleavage and chest. "It's okay. I expect my future husband to look at me like that." She said.

"Oh I see- WAIT WHAT!?" Yelled Naruto whose eyes were the size of dinner plates while Mei just smiled at him. "I'm your fiancé Naruto-kun." She said and Naruto did the only thing he could do. He fainted while Mei looked at his unconscious form. She sighs and rubs the back of her neck. "Maybe I shouldn't have been so forward." She says to her self.

A few hours later, Naruto slowly opens his eyes and finds his head resting on her lap while she smiles down at him. "I'm glad you're finally awake Naruto–kun." Mei says while Naruto sits up and rubs his head in embarrassment.

"Sorry for fainting but I could've sworn you said that I was your fiancé." He said and she nods. "Yes I did say that Naruto-kun. You and I were supposed to be engaged but certain members in this village lied to me about you dying and I need to talk to the Hokage about it." She said while caressing his face while he had to hold in a shudder. "I-I see but I don't think Saru-oji had nothing to do with it. That's not his way of acting. I should know he did train me before that incident occurred." He said while she blinked at him in confusion.

"Okay. Let's go meet him and after that I'll help you with your training." She said and wraps and arm around him pulling him close to her ample chest while he blushes a little and the disappear in a swirl of water.

Hokage Tower

Sarutobi was currently doing paperwork while glaring at the rest that was piled up on his desk and on his floor. "I swear Minato died just to get away from this accursed paperwork." He muttered. That's when a swirl of water appeared in his office and he jumped out of his seat, pulling out a kunai.

When it cleared, he saw Mei the Godaime Mizukage with a boy who looked like a younger version of Minato. Hiruzen blinks for a while and looks at him for while before his eyes widened. "Naruto?" He asked while the boy nodded and grins. "What's up Saru-oji? I'm back." He said. Sarutobi blinks for a while and then smiles.

"I see. That's good to hear Naruto. It must've been hell for you to play the fool for the last 7 years." He replied while the blonde sighs in frustration. "I'm just glad to be whole once again. Do you have any idea how tough it was for me to do it? The only difference is my strength and knowledge. I lost half of it after what happened to me when I was 7." He replied while Sarutobi nods. "I see. Ah Mizukage-dono I apologize for ignoring you. What can I do for you?" He asks while Mei has a serious expression on her face.

"You can start by explaining why you sent me a false document stating that my fiancé died along with his father, Minato Namikaze during the Kyuubi attack 14 years ago and cancelled the arranged marriage?"

She asked in a dark tone. "An action like can be considered an act of war." Mei growled out while Sarutobi looked at her with a look of confusion on his face. "I'm sorry Mizukage-dono but I don't recall sending you a document in canceling an arranged marriage." He replied while Mei raised an eyebrow while Hiruzen smirks.

"I may be old Mizukage-dono but I'm not senile. Do you happen to have the documents with you?" he asked while she nods and pulls it out of her garment and hands it to Hiruzen who takes it. He opens the paper up and looks at it. When he looks down at the hokage signature his eyes widen then narrow.

He then looks up at the Mizukage. "I'm sorry to say Mizukage-dono but this isn't my seal of approval. This seal is a fake." He says and her eyes widened. "What?! But I could've sworn- are you sure? I mean the elders of this village had an ANBU with a blank mask sent this." Naruto's and Sarutobi's eyes widen when she said elders and an ANBU with a blank mask.

Naruto's eyes narrow as does Sarutobi's. "I'm going to kill that crippled bastard and his flunkies." Naruto said in a dark tone. "You're gonna have to get in line Naruto because I'm gonna deal with them first. Those idiots could've caused a war for doing this." Sarutobi growled and smashed his fist on to the desk.

Mei's eyes widen in shock. "So you didn't send that ANBU with the blank mask?" Hiruzen shook his head. "No I didn't. Mizukage-dono on behalf of my self and Konohagakure no Sato I offer you my deepest apology. I promise you once I get enough proof on those fools I'll have them publicly executed for treason and nearly starting a war. If not then I'll have them sent to you in chains and you may deal with them. I know it isn't much now but unless I find proof of this then there's little I can do." He says while she nods.

That was when Naruto spoke up. "Speaking of seals Oji-san, there's this seal on me that's screwing up my chakra and contact with Kyuu-chan." Naruto then lifts up his shirt, showing off his six pack and getting a small blush out of the Mizukage. Sarutobi walks over to Naruto, kneels down, and looks at it. He notices five extra seals on the Shiki Fuin and hmms. "The Gogyo Fuin (Five Elemental Seals). Looks like my student Orochimaru's work." He mutters.

"Just give me a minute to get rid of this Naruto." He says and his finger tips glow blue in his right hand. "Brace yourself Naruto, Gogyo Kaiin (Five Elementals Unseal)!!" He says and thrusts his palms into Naruto's torso and removes them instantly. Naruto gasps out in pain and clutches his stomach. "Sweet Kami that hurt!!" he cries out but can feel his chakra control return to normal.

"Thanks oji-san. Is it possible for me to get my parent's scrolls now?" He asks and gets a nod from the old man. He goes to a grey vault and opens it up, pulling out three scrolls. One was yellow and had his father's jutsu, the other was red and had his mothers, and the last one contained his mother's sword, sword style, and her fighting style. "Here you go Naruto, the rest are in your family's compound but I had to seal it back due to certain people trying to break into it." Hiruzen says getting a nod from the blonde.

"Thanks oji. I'll be spending the next two months training with Mei-chan so that I can get my strength back to what it once was." He says while Sarutobi had a look of confusion on his face. "Shouldn't Kakashi be training you to face Neji Hyuuga?" He asked only to see Naruto's eyes grow cold. "No. unfortunately I'm not worth his time and don't have any talent. But what pissed me off was the fact that he said the only reason I became a ninja in the first place was because you pitied me."

He said while Sarutobi's eyes became murderous and he grinds his teeth in frustration. He was gonna have a long talk with Kakashi after the chuunin exams. "I see. I'll be sure to deal with him after the finals Naruto. I wish you luck in your training and will see you in two months. Now I have to get back to my paperwork." He said with disdain in his voice while Mei sweat drops at the piles of paperwork. She had the same issue in Kiri.

Naruto snorts at the sight and then grins. "I think I know a way on how to get rid of your problem Saru-oji." Naruto says. Sarutobi looks at him in shock then appears on his knees begging scaring the blonde while anime tears fell from his face. "Please tell me Naruto!!" He asks in a hysterical voice while Naruto thinks about it in mock thought while Mei just looks at him with wide eyes.

"I don't know oji-san. What do I get if I tell you?" Naruto asks. "Anything!! Access to the Hokage Vault! Sannin traveling rights! Name it and I'll do all in my power to grant it!!" He says frantically. "Show this old man some mercy and tell me please!! Did I mention that I always thought of you as my grandson?" His lip quivers and he does the puppy eyes jutsu. Naruto however was laughing his ass off inside of his mind.

"Okay I'll tell you." He says while Sarutobi's eyes become stars. "Why not use Kage Bushins to finish it faster? They pass their knowledge back to the user when they disperse." He says while Sarutobi's jaw drops and Mei just look at him. The old man then gets up from his desk and he starts banging his head on the wall while calling himself a baka.

Naruto however was laughing at him but then calms down when Sarutobi returns to normal. "Well I'm a man of my word Naruto so for helping me find a way to finish paperwork faster I'm giving you your first S-ranked mission pay for helping two kages deal with our worst enemies which is that." He says pointing to the piles of paper work. "An also access to the hokage vault and Sannin traveling rights." He finishes.

Naruto had the biggest grin on his face and was about to say something but found himself being glomped by Mei and having his head buried into her cleavage. "Yes! My future husband rid me of my biggest issue!!" She said and burying him even deeper into her chest. "Mmph!" Naruto says while waving his arms around the air struggling to breathe and free his head from her cleavage.

Sarutobi was watching this and couldn't help but giggle pervertedly at the scene. 'Naruto you lucky bastard. If Jiraiya was here, he'd be flying out the window via nosebleed right now' Naruto was finally able to pry himself from her cleavage and gasp for air. Kyu, who had just woken up was fuming. "That slut!! Who does she think she is hugging my Naru-kun like that!? It should be me hugging him like that!!" She ranted while her eyes glowed red.

When Mei releases him a sly smirk appears on her face. "I guess that means that I'll have to reward you for helping me Naruto-kun." She says in a sexy voice while a blush appears on Naruto's face and he starts sputtering. She then leans next to his ear and whispers into it. Naruto's blush grew bigger and a trickle of blood drips down his nose.

"M-Mei-chan." He says while she giggles and sets him down. She then winks at him, grabs his hand, and leads him out of the Hokage tower while swaying her hips in his line of vision. Naruto just kept his eyes on her ass and drool escapes from the side of his mouth.

Kyu however was grumbling. "Her ass isn't that great. Mine is way cuter." Naruto snaps out of his daze and speaks to her in his mind. "Kyu-chan are you jealous?" he asks and she hmps. "Please why would I the Queen of the Makai realm be jealous of a ningen? I know my ass is hotter. How come you don't stare at mine like that?" She asks with a pout on her face.

An evil smirk appears on his face. "Because I have another reason for wanting your ass." He says sending pictures in his mind of him violating her ass. She sees them, blushes and hides her ass with her tails. "Hentai!! Oh well I can't blame you for wanting to do that to me. Think you can convince Mei-chan to let you do that to her?" She asks with a sly grin on her face which causes Naruto to nearly fall on his face. "WHAT!?" He yells out loud getting Mei's attention. "Is something wrong Naruto-kun?" She asks while they head to the forest again. Naruto looks at her and shakes his head. "No Kyu-chan is being perverted. She mentioned something about me doing something to you." He says and rubs the back of his head while looking away. Mei raises an eyebrow and stares at her fiancé. "You doing what to me?" She asks and Naruto gulps and motions her to lean over and she does.

He whispers into her ear and after a while she blushes at the thought. Naruto moves his head away from her and she just stares at him for a while. She then grins pervertedly at him. "So you like to give it a try Naruto-kun?" She asks and he gives her a shocked look. "Eh!? Mei-chan are you serious? We barely know each other!" he protests while she laughs.

"I know I know. I don't expect us to become that intimate for a while but if you want to we could" She started to say but Naruto waves his arms in protest. "No it's fine! W-we can wait!" He says laughing nervously while Mei laughs at him. "You're so cute when you act like that. Anyway before we start our training let's introduce ourselves." She says getting a nod from Naruto.

"I'm Mei Terumi, Soon to be Mei Terumi Namikaze, Godaime Mizukage if Kirigakure. My likes are my fiancé, village, green tea, and hotsprings. My dislikes are men who think women are only good for breeding, traitors, and the elders of Konoha who lied to me about the death of my fiancé. My hobbies are relaxing in hot springs, swimming, and performing tea ceremonies. My dream is to get married, have children, and know what it's liked to be loved by a real man." She says while Naruto blushes.

"My name is Naruto Namikaze Senju. My likes are training, ramen and dango, Iruka sensei, Oji-san, and Kyu-chan. My dislikes is most of the village, team 7, Uchiha's, rapists, and the civilians and elders of the council. My hobbies are sparring with Oji-san, morning jogs, swimming, gardening, cooking, and a lot of other things. My dreams are to become the strongest ninja to ever exist, revive my clan and have a large family." He said and Mei smiles.

"So does that mean you'll have to take on more than one wife?" Mei asks and Naruto nods. "Yeah but only those that will love me for me and not for my status or money. I hate people who do that. I hope you're okay with this Mei-chan." He replies while she thinks about it. "I'm fine with it. However I want to be the one who bears your first child understand?" She asks and he nods with a blush on his face. "S-sure."

Mei smiles and kisses him on the forehead. "Oh I also have this for you. No one has held this contract for a long time and is considered to be very powerful. She bites her thumb, performs a few seals and then slams her hand onto the ground. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (Summoning Jutsu)." In a puff of smoke a large silver white scroll appears and on top of it was the head of what looked like a silver dragon with fangs.

"This Naruto-kun is the contract for the Akuhei (Hydra) clan. They're a clan who are of a higher group of serpents but they're related to dragons. I found it in a cave off the shores off Mizu no Kuni. Once you sign this, you'll be sent to their realm to meet their leader so try not to upset her or she'll kill you." Mei said in a serious tone while Naruto gulps but nods. The scroll opens up and reveals a list that only had one name in it but it was smudged so Naruto couldn't tell whose name was on it.

He then bites his thumb and smears his name on the blank space next to the smeared name and finishes it with the Senju symbol. His name glows blue on the scroll and it suddenly trembles and rolls up, shocking the blonde. The head on it comes to life and lets out a roar before disappearing in a puff of smoke as does Naruto.

Mei was watching this and couldn't help but be afraid for him. "I hope he's the one, Yamata No Orochi." She says and sits cross legged onto the grass. Meanwhile, Naruto appears in a puff of smoke in another world. He looks around and couldn't help but admire the sight.

He was currently at a lakes edge turning around he saw a forest that seems to stretch for miles and next to the forest was a green hilly area that was attached to a huge mountain, at the foot of the mountain was a huge cave.

As he finished surveying the area he turned back towards the lake and sat down. "Okay I'm here now what do I do?" He says to himself until he hears the sound of splashing water and turns his head around only to see a large gold yellow slitted eye that was the size of a full grown man staring at him. The eye was connected to the head of what looked like a giant serpent that had silver white skin and blackish green spots on it. It also had what appeared to be long sharp spikes on its head and probably went down its neck and back.

Naruto just sat there staring at the giant eye for a few minutes and did the only thing any person would do when they saw something of that size. He screamed like a little girl and ran for his life. While he did that, a small sweat drop appeared on the Hydra's head as it watched Naruto run away waving his arms around and screaming his head off about 'giant snakes trying to eat him again.'

Inside his mindscape Kyu was rolling around the ground laughing her ass off and clutching her stomach. "Oh kami this is priceless!! Naruto-kun is running away from Yama-chan!!" she then stops and looks up at the sky. "Can't blame him though, Yama-chan does have that effect on people when they see her in that form. But it was still funny!!" She says and continues to laugh.

Naruto was currently running away until a large white and blackish green tail stopped in front of him, causing him to crash into it. Again the Hydra sweat drops but chuckles when he falls over clutching his head. "Damn that hurt." He mumbles and finds him self staring in shock as the Hyrda fully rises from the water. Water glistened from its body and dripped from its black underbelly.

Naruto's eyes were the size of basketballs and his jaw was on the ground as he looked at the hydra. 'It has Eight Heads and Eight Tails!!!' One of the heads move down to Naruto and looks at him for a while. "Why hello little ningen. What are you doing in my realm?" The feminine voice asked while Naruto just sputter and points at her. Said Hydra sighs at this. "Why is it that people always act like this whenever I'm in this form?" She thought and then decides to show her true form.

She glows white and starts to transform. As she shrunk her heads melded together and became one head while her tails resided into her body and she became smaller and more human shaped. When the transformation started to end, there was a flash of bright light which temporarily blinded Naruto. When his eyesight returned to him, he was met with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

She had silky smooth black hair that stopped to her mid back and it had silver highlights in it. Her skin was creamy white and smooth and it seem to shine from the sunlight. She had beautiful gold yellow slitted eyes and fangs jutted from her upper lip. She wore a black kimono that had white dragons on it and the outfit seemed to hug her hourglass figure and assets that weren't too big or too small.

She also had a slit on the right side of her kimono and showed off her long, sexy, flawless legs. Naruto couldn't help but blush at her appearance. A sly grin appeared on her face and she leans over to give him a better view of her cleavage.

"Like what you see?" Yamata asks while he does the next thing that came to his mind. He fainted. Again.

Well this is my new story that's based off of challenger's story challenge Kage's Bride. Tell me what you think of the chapter so far and no Flamers!! Next Chapter. Training, Perverts, and First Round.