The Namikaze and the Water Goddess

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Chapter 7: Back to Konoha

Konohagakure Hokage Tower

Hiruzen's Office

Hiruzen was currently sitting in his office giving a nervous Kakashi Hatake a glare that would make even someone like Orochimaru nervous as hell. "Do you want to know the reason why you are here Kakashi Hatake?" Sarutobi asked the man who shook his head.

"It's simple actually. You see I got a report from a certain visiting kage about how you blatantly neglected one of your students in the hospital when he asked you for help against a powerful opponent and you verbally insulted him and ridiculed him for his skills as a shinobi stating that he shouldn't even be a shinobi." He said in a tone that meant Kakashi was in deep shit.

"Not only that but you even had the nerve and gall to say the only reason he is even a shinobi in the first place is because I felt sorry for him." The god of shinobi released a burst of ki on the jounin who shivered in fear. "Where do you, a ninja under my authority go off saying something like that when you know good and well that Naruto got his headband after stopping that traitor Mizuki from escaping Konoha with the forbidden scroll?"

He asked as the man looked away in shame while Hiruzen sighs. "I am very disappointed in you Kakashi. If there is one thing I don't tolerate is favoritism, negligence, and disrespecting a guest of our village especially a guest that is a kage. Do you have any idea how much trouble we could've gotten in for your stupidity?" He growled out and Kakashi flinched.

"I-I'm sorry sir." Kakashi apologized.

"Yes I know you are especially with how fucked up your team is minus Naruto since he was the only one in your team to be promoted to the chunin rank. Pretty impressive for the 'dead last' of the academy right?" Hiruzen replied while Kakashi remained silent.

"Hokage-sama if I may ask? How did Naruto get so strong in less than two months? And how was he able to use those elemental jutsu especially with his chakra control being so out of date?" Kakashi asked Hiruzen who sighed inwardly.

"If you must know I had Jiraiya train Naruto and help him learn the things you failed to teach him in the past two months since you were too busy coddling the Uchiha brat and that boy's lack of discipline could've cost us to lose some important clients." Hiruzen said harshly which made the son of the White Fang cringe.

"But thanks to Naruto and his performance when he faced and beat not only the Hyuuga Prodigy of the branch house but also beat the Kazekage's son who might I add was the vessel for the Ichibi no Tanuki, Shukaku the clients we got have doubled and most of them have requested to have Naruto join in the high paying missions they are offering to Konoha." He finished.

"I see. So what is happening to team 7?" Kakashi asked.

"Simple. Until I say otherwise or until my successor gets here, team 7 is on a 6 month probation period and will not be allowed to do missions outside the walls of Konoha and will have to do D ranked mission. As for you Kakashi I'm afraid I have no other choice but to cut your rank down to Tokubetsu Jonin." He said which made the man's eyes widened and was about to speak up only to have Hiruzen raise a hand.

"Don't say anything. You will have a chance to regain your status once the probation is done but until then you'll be doing two shifts of guard duty each day and you are not allowed to read your 'book' during this time." He said and was inwardly smirking as he saw the horrified look on Kakashi's face. "And that's not all. You will also be assisting your students in these D-ranks and train them properly meaning you will train Sakura and Sasuke equally or else you will be having a one on one session with Ibiki and Anko for insubordination." He finished.

"Yes sir. Is there anything else?" Kakashi asked in a low tone.

"No and Kakashi, Minato and your father Sakumo would be very disappointed in you. I suggest you start waking up to reality and acting like a real ninja is suppose to and pray that Tsunade is in a forgiving mood due to the fact that you neglected her nephew's training and progress as a ninja." He said as Kakashi left the room but then his eyes widened and paled when he heard this as the door closed behind him.

Tanzaku Gai Casino

Tsunade had walked out of the Casino with a grin so wide, that it looked like it would split her head in two and the reason why is because her nephew had practically 'cleaned' the casino out and she was hugging a huge bag of money to her body and giggling like crazy. Shizune was right beside with bug eyes and her jaw hanging from the ground as was Tonton. Jiraiya on the other hand was patting a bored Naruto on the back saying how proud he was of his apprentice for being a gambling god.

For those that had lost to Naruto were on their knees crying while looking at there empty wallets. Some of the richer folks nearly had heart attacks when Naruto cleaned them out in 5 games of blackjack and 21.

"I still can't believe that Naruto-kun won all that money." Shizune said with a stumped expression on her face. "I never knew you played poker." She said while the blonde shrugged.

"Meh, Saru-oji taught me how to play that and shogi when I was 8 and I'd always win somehow when I play him in 21 but it was with candy. He mentioned something about me having the luck of the fox on my side though I could never beat him in shogi. The man may be old but he has an IQ that'll make the hebi cry." Naruto commented until he was glomped by a squealing Tsunade who was hugging him so tight that he turned purple and his bones started to crack.

"You've made me the happiest woman in the world my favorite nephew." She said as Naruto struggled to escape from her death hug.

"O-Oba-chan…. You're crushing my spine." He strained out but then she dropped him and hugged the money once again.

"I've never seen Tsunade-sama so happy." Shizune said with a sweatdrop on her face while Naruto got up and popped his back in place.

"Yeah. Remind me to steer clear of her grabbing range from now on." Naruto muttered rubbing his back painfully while Jiraiya snickered.

After staying in Tanzaku Gai until the end of the week, the group left and was now traveling on a dirt road towards Konoha until the blonde stopped. Tsunade and Jiraiya saw this and stopped as well as did Shizune. "Who ever you guys are come on out or I'll make you come out." Naruto called out and that was when four blurs landed onto the ground in front of them, revealing themselves to be Iwa nin and from the looks of it they had their focus on Naruto.

"So the rumors are true. The Konoha no Kiiroi Senkou (Konoha's Yellow Flash) does have an heir." Said a female who stepped forward. She had short, black hair and pupil-less pink eyes. She wears what seems to be a long, red kimono with the sleeve on her right arm missing as well as the bottom left side of the kimono, the brown Iwagakure flak jacket, fishnet tights and shorts over them.

"And you are?" Naruto asked while the female narrowed her eyes at Naruto.

"My name is Kurotsuchi Otsuburo, the grandaughter of the Sandaime Tsuchikage Ryotenbin no Onoki ( Onoki of Both Scales) and I'm here to kill you." She said and instantly flung a kunai at the blonde's heart at speeds that surprised Naruto who dodged to the left. Kurotsuchi suddenly appeared in front of him swinging a kunai at his throat and another at the area where his kidneys were but Naruto reacted by grabbing both of her wrists and keeping them t bay.

"Man's she's fast." Naruto said impressed. The other Iwa nin were about to interfere until Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune appeared in front of them. "Don't even think about it you brats." Jiraya said releasing KI on the now frightened ninja because they knew they were no match for two Sannin especially one that trained their most hated enemy.

"Just stand there and watch my nephew beat the stupidity out of the midget's granddaughter's ass." Tsunade said while they paled.

"N-nephew? H-he's a Senju?" One male asked.

"Oh shit we're so screwed." The other one said.

Kurotsuchi was gritting her teeth in frustration as she tried to use her strength to push her kunai forward but Naruto's strength was beyond hers at the moment. A smirk formed on Naruto's face and his bulged, confusing the kunoichi until he sprayed what look liked brownish green liquid in her face making her back away a yell in frustration, trying to rub the substance off her face.

"Ugh! That was disgusting you bastard!" She screamed.

"This coming from someone who takes dirt baths. How's about I wash you off?" Naruto commented and did a few hand seals. "Suiton: Mizurappa (Water Release: Violent Water Wave)." He shoots a fast stream of water at Kurotsuchi who cries out in surprise when she is hit by the blast and hits the ground hard.

Water drips down her face while she looks up at Naruto with a growl escapes her lips. "What? Now it'll be easier for you to get that excess dirt out of your hair." He said cheekily which caused a tic mark to form on the back of her head.

"Shut up!" She yelled in anger, does a few hand seals and leaps into the air. "Yōton: Sekkaigyō no Jutsu (Lava Release: Quicklime Congealing Technique)." She spits a large quantity of quicklime from her mouth in the form of a substantial projectile that makes it way towards Naruto.

"Whoa she can use Yoton too? Well then I can play that game." Naruto says. "Yoton "Maguma Bakudan (Lava Release: Magma Bomb)." Naruto fires a large orb made of molten rock from his mouth which heads towards Kurotsuchi's attack and cancel each other out andlava splatters all over the ground.

"Wh-what the? You can use Yoton too?" She asked astonished that a leaf nin, the Yondaime's son no less can use it.

"That and more." Naruto replied and aimed his index and middle finger at her while sparks of lightning form around them. "Raiton: Byakurai (Lightning Release: Pale Lightning)." Naruto fires a beam of bluish white lightning at the Iwa kunoichi whose eyes widen at the speed it was going and barely dodges it as it grazed her shoulder making her wince in pain.

Naruto appeared below her with a tri pronged Kunai drawn and before she could react, he plunges it into her stomach and her eyes widened in shock. The Iwa nin watching gasped in fear as they saw their leader's granddaughter get killed. "Kurotsuchi-sama!" one of them called out while she stood there frozen but she smirks at Naruto who raised an eyebrow until he saw her dissolve into mud.

"A Tsuchi Bunshin (Earth Clone)? Then that means" He didn't get to finish because earth spikes rose from the ground and impaled him in several areas of his body and he gasped in pain. "K-Kuso" Naruto said while Kurotsuchi leapt out of a tree with a smirk on her face.

"You lose Namikaze." She said in triumph. "Any last words before I finish you off?" She asked as she pulled out a kunai and raised it. Naruto on the other hand coughed up blood and grins weakly.

"Boom." Was all Naruto said and glowed white. Kurotsuchi's eyes widened and cursed.

"Oh shi" She couldn't finish because 'Naruto' exploded into smoke. A few seconds later Kurotsuchi leapt out of the smoke with burns on her skin and clothes and lands back on the ground panting a little.

"You're pretty quick." Naruto said crouching down on a tree twirling a tri pronged kunai as she turned her attention towards him.

"Impossible, how did you substitute yourself without me sensing it?" She asked while Naruto grinned.

"What can I say? I inherited my old man's speed though you are the first foreign nin aside from my fiancé to force me to move that fast especially since you're both Yoton user's though her style is more adverse than yours." He commented while she scoffed.

"Well then she must not be that great." She never got to finish because a flash of silver shot past her and embedded into a tree and it happen to be a tri pronged kunai knife. A cut formed on her cheek and a little blood dripped down her face. She wiped it of and looked up at Naruto whose gaze was now as cold as ice which nerved her a little.

"Rule number one Kurotsuchi-chan, don't insult my fiancé because can kick your ass six ways to sundae and will send you back to your old man in a match box." He said harshly.

"Two, grow up. What happened back then was war and your people are just as responsible for killing leaf nin than my father was killing your leader's ninja and killing me will be bad for your village and do you know why?" he asked while she remained silent. "Because not only am I the last Namikaze but I'm also the last Senju meaning that I am related to not just the Yondaime but the Shodai and Nidaime and also the future Godaime Hokage's Nephew so technically I'm related to four Hokage's." He answered making her eyes widened in dread.

"So now do you understand? Killing me will get your village wiped off the face of the earth by my village and her allies so I'll do us both a favor and end this." He said as he appears in front of her without warning and with a Rasengan in his right hand reared back and slams it into her stomach, making her gasp out in pain and be sent flying towards her comrades and hitting the ground hard, losing consciousness.

"Don't worry she's alive. I held back enough power only to knock her out now please leave. "I don't have the time nor patients to deal with what little grudge you have over my dad so do what I told her and grow up." He said.

The Iwa team glared at Naruto but then took their leader and leapt away into the forest until the leaf team couldn't eve sense them. Naruto pulled the kunai out and put it away sighing. "Well then shall we? I'm pretty sure you're ready to bust some heads when we get back oba-chan." Naruto said grinning while Tsunade blinks but grins also ad rubs her hands together in an evil fashion. Jiraiya and Shizune sweatdrop when they see this.

"Oh boy, the village is gonna suffer some major collateral damage when she returns." Jiraiya mumbles while the brunette nodded.

"Hey Oba-chan I'll race you to the village gate." Naruto challenged while Tsunade grinned.

"You're on gaki." She said and the last two Senju took off like rockets, leaving a dust trail behind Shizune and Jiraiya who were stumped.

"Where in kami's do they get this energy? 'sighs' come on Shizune." Jiraiya says and they run off to join up with Tsunade and Naruto. As they made it into the gate and headed towards the tower they all noticed that the villagers and ninja's were wide eyed when they saw Tsunade and Naruto. The ninja were giving Naruto nods of respect as they made their way towards the Hokage tower.

Hokage Tower

"You ready?" Naruto asked his aunt who cracked her knuckles.

"Is that a trick question? It's time to rip out the weeds that are sucking the life out my ancestor's legacy." She said as she made her way towards the doors and then kicked them away, revealing a shocked council. Sarutobi on the other hand was smiling warmly while Danzo was fuming that the Iwa nin he had one of his ROOT ANBU inform about Naruto's heritage failed to kill him and now that Tsunade was back in the village he had to be extra careful especially since his two main backers have been removed from their position thanks to Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"Ah Tsunade it's great to have you back in the village." Hiruzen said with Tsunade smiling back.

"Likewise sensei and I'm pretty sure you'd love to retire again and hand the mantle to me correct?" She asked getting a chuckle from the man. "But before we get to that I need to know where those old buzzards Koharu and Homura are since they were the ones who told me that my nephew here was dead and were the ones as well as a certain group in this council responsible for how he was treated due to the fact that he contained the Kyuubi." She asked in a sweet yet dangerous tone that made the civilian members cower in fear.

"They're currently under house arrest until I say other wise Tsunade since they along with a certain war hawk were responsible for lying about the demise of the current Mizukage's future husband after the civil war was over in Kiri and falsified documents that I didn't approve of." He said and Tsunade raised an eyebrow at this.

"Current Mizukage? Future husband? Is there something I should know?" She asked which caused Naruto and Jiraiya to start sweating bullets. Hiruzen saw this and an evil grin formed on his face.

"Oh? You don't know? I thought Naruto or Jiraiya would've told you once they found you?" He asked while the two waved their hands and shook their hands frantically in the background screaming silent no's. Tsunade on the other hand blinked in confusion a couple of times.

"Tell me what?" She asked while the two shook their fists violently at the old monkey whos grin grew.

"That your nephew is engaged to the Godaime Mizukage Mei Terumi." He answered making her eyes bug out while the master and apprentice slapped their foreheads. "As well as the late Yondaime Kazekage's daughter Sabaku no Temari who was given to Naruto by Suna as compensation for their attempted invasion with Orochimaru." He answered.

"Say what?" She yelled while the two made their way to an opened window. "Naruto! Jiraiya! You two have some explaining to do!" She said as she turned her head and saw them make an attempt to leap out the window. "And where do you two think you're going?" She yelled which made them freeze in place.

"Run Kyofu!" Naruto cried as he leapt out the window with Jiraiya behind him. Tsunade ran towards the window with tic marks on her head.

"Oi! You two come back here right now and explain yourselves!" She yelled waving her fists at their retreating forms and then looked back at Hiruzen who sighs.

"Go ahead Tsunade but keep the damage to a minimum." Sarutobi said while a predatory grin formed on her face.

"No promises." She said cheekily and leapt after them. A few minutes later, two girly screams were heard begging for mercy while an enraged Tsunade was… beating them senseless causing large sweat drops to appear behind the Clan Heads.

"At least things won't get boring with those three around." Tsume said to Hiashi who just nodded.

"Indeed." He said and a large crash was heard which made the ground under them shake. Hiruzen slammed his head on the desk and groaned.

"Why do I bother?" He muttered out.

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After Tsunade had 'beaten' some sense out of Jiraiya and Naruto and healed them, she, Naruto, and Shizune went to the Hospital after she heard about one of the genin getting seriously injured during the chunin exam prelim matches and went to see if she could do anything to help this person.

As they made their way to the second room of the hospital they heard the sound of someone yelling about proving his flames of youth despite being injured and as they turned the corner, they saw a pissed off Tenten dragging a protesting and struggling Lee who was wrapped in a bandage like cocoon back to his room.

"Lee you're going back to your room and you're staying there! You shouldn't be training in your condition anyway you got injured during your match in the prelims!" Tenten said and she struggled to drag lee back to his room.

"But Tenten I will weaken if I don't at least get a day's worth of training! Please just 30 push ups and I'll be done for today!" He tried to reason.

"No you baka the doctor said to stay off your feet until Tsunade-sama gets back and training will only make it worse!" She responded and was inwardly cursing at how her teammate could be this strong even in his current condition.

"Yo Panda-chan need some help?" A voice behind her asked and a tick mark formed on her head and growled at the nickname.

"Don't call me that!" She yelled as she turned around but then paused when she saw Naruto walking towards her with his hands in his pocket and was grinning. "N-Naruto?"

"Yo. Hey Lee shouldn't you be in bed bro?" Naruto asked while the bowl cut ninja blinked when he saw Naruto.

"Naruto-san you have returned my youthful friend. Congratulations on your promotion." Lee said with a grin on his face while Tenten bonked him on the head and said blonde chuckled.

"Same here oh yeah I'd like you two to meet my" He didn't get to finish because a green blur crashed into him and sent him flying into a wall and that blur happened to be a grinning Gai.

"Tsunade-sama you have retuned! Thank you oh youthful Kami you have answered my prayers!" He said in a prayer position with anime tears falling from his face while a spotlight shined down on him which caused everyone to sweat drop.

Tenten on the other hand was trying to pull Naruto out of the imprint he made in the wall when Gai crashed into him and successfully did so while the blonde had swirls in his eyes. "Hey Naruto-kun are you alright?" Tenten asked the groaning blonde.

"Tenten why are there three of you standing in front of me?" Naruto asked the girl who sweatdropped until he shook the cobwebs out of his head. "Man what the heck hit me?"

"Not what hit you Naruto, who hit you?" Tenten said pointing at Gai but then her eyes bugged out when she saw her idol standing a couple of feet from her. "I-Is that" She tried to say but the words died in her mouth.

"Yep. That is Tsunade Senju. The next Hokage and my Aunt." Naruto said which made Tenten's jaw drop and just stare at Naruto who blinked a few time.

"What?" He asked and the next thing that happened was that she fainted but luckily for her she was caught by Naruto. Before she hit the ground.

Tsunade shook her head and then looked towards a bound up lee. "So you're the one who got injured during your fight with Sabaku no Gaara correct?" Tsunade asked Lee who blinked and nodded. "Well then let's head to your room and see what the damage is but first let's get these off." She ripped off the bandages he was bound in without even trying shocking the taijutsu specialist.

"Now come on young man." She said motioning him to follow her which he did while Gai was thanking Kami for bringing the goddess of medicine back to the village. Naruto on the other hand sweat dropped while holding an unconscious Tenten in his arms. He sighs and sets her down on the ground, pulling out some smelling salts from one of his pockets, popping the bottle open and waving it in front of her nose.

A few seconds later, her head shot up and she looked around. "Who? What? Where?" She said and saw Naruto. "Oh hey Naruto-kun I had the weirdest dream that Tsunade-sama was here and you were her nephew." She said and the blonde rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Well I hate tell you this but it's true." He answered which made her eyes widen. "But don't faint again" Tenten rubbe the back of her head and blushed in embarrassment.

"Heh sorry about that. Oh I wanted to talk to you about those two swords you had on your person after the chunin exams but you already left with Jiraiya-sama to find Tsunade-sama. Where did you get them by the way?" She asked. Naruto was about to speak up but that was when an ANBU appeared in the hospital.

"Namikaze-sama, the Sandaime wanted me to inform you that your fiancé Sabaku no Temari has arrived while you and Jiraiya-sama were away to look for Tsunade-sama and right now she's at the Nara Clan's Compound." He stated and Tenten's eyes bugged out when he said Temari was his fiancé.

"Gotcha well I'll see ya later Tenten and I'll head to your dad's weapon shop and bring my swords with me." He said and shunshins away.

Nara Compound

Temari and Shikamaru were engaged in a terrifying game of shogi. So far Temari won 4 game with Shikamaru winning 5 and so far they were evenly matched.

"Heh I should've known you two would've been doing this." Said a voice and the two looked up to see a smirking Naruto and Yoshino Nara, Shikamaru's mother, approaching them. "Thanks for the green tea Yoshino-sama. I've never tasted anything so amazing like the kind you made." He said politely and bowed.

"Why thank you Naruto-kun and just call me Yoshino-san and be sure to treat your fiancé like a queen." She said while he chuckles and does a mock salute.

"Yea ma'am." Naruto said which made her giggle and looked at Temari. "You've got a good one here Temari-san. Polite, strong, rich, and not lazy." She emphasized which made Shikamaru's brows twitch while Shikaku, who was cleaning up some deer antlers to send to the pharmacy center sneezed and muttered troublesome wife.

Temari on the other hand grinned and nodded and as soon as Yoshino left, Temari placed her game piece on the board and said checkmate which caused Shikamaru to slump his shoulders. The fan user then walked over to Naruto and wrapped her arms around his neck "Hey Naruto-kun." She said while he smirked and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Hello yourself beautiful." He said. "Thanks for letting my future wife stay here while I was gone Shika." Said however waved his hand in dismissal.

"Yeah yeah whatever... wait did you say future wife?" He asked as he shot his head up in shock and Naruto nodded. "You're engaged to her?" Temari on the other hand narrowed her eyes dangerously at the shadow user.

"Yes I am his fiancé is that a problem you lazy rat?" She asked in a tone that promised pain and was slowly reaching for her fan and use it to cave his skull in. Naruto's eyes widen when he saw what she was about to do and Shikamaru was about to open his mouth only for Naruto to speak up.

"Whoa would you look at the time we gotta go and get you settled at my apartment Temari-chan." Naruto stated while she looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Apartment? I thought you had a clan complex?" She asked.

"Oh I do but sadly I need my godfather Jiraiya who is now in the hospital has to remove the barriers and security seals since he and my dad made some new ones that keep people out and sadly I'm only intermediate level when it comes to fuinjutsu and I could end up killing myself if I messed with them." He answered.

"Oh I see. Well is the apartment nice?" She asked and he scoffs.

"Nice? My mom left me the place and it is beyond nice. Trust me you'll be wowed by it." He said. "So where's your stuff?" He asked.

"Oh I got everything I own in a sealing scroll." She said releasing him and grabbing a large scroll from the porch and Naruto whistled.

"Wow did you bring the whole house with you?" He asked humorously and she responded by lightly punching him in the shoulder.

"Shut it you and carry me to your apartment." She ordered with a playful grin on her face. After Naruto straps the scroll with her belongings on his back as well as her fan, he scoops her up in his arms holding her bridal style and making her giggle while she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"See ya later Shika." He said and shunshins away with his second fiance while the Nara mutters troublesome but he was also glad that he now had another rival aside from his dad in shogi.

Naruto's Apartment

Naruto and Temari appeared in front of his door and he sets her down. "Well here's our humble abode until we move into my parent's complex." He said as he pulled out the key and opened the door. As they entered Temari whistled at how clean and decorative the place was.

"Wow this place is huge. You're mom must've been loaded to afford a place like this." She said as she looked around.

"Yep she was and so was dad though I barely scratched the surface on either of their accounts so there's no need to worry about money. Oh and before I forget there's someone you've got to meet." He said and a red kit popped out of his jacket and landed on the ground which surprised Temari. The fox then glowed and transform into a human shape and after the glow died it revealed Kyu in her human form grinning and Temari's eyes bugged out.

"Temari say hello to my first mate and tenant the Kyuubi no Yoko or Kyu as I call her." Naruto said which made her sputter and point to Kyu who just giggled.

"You can relax Temari-san I'm not gonna hurt you or anything even though I'm the strongest of the bijuu I'm not like that blood thirsty weasel Shukaku." She stated while the wind user let out a sigh of relief. "So your Naruto-kun's third future mate huh?" She said and started to walked around a nervous Temari and seemed to be inspecting her body.

"Hmm… not bad. You take real good care of your body and despite your age, you're filled out in the right places." She commented which made Temari turn red due to the fact that she's being checked out by the opposite gender and a female demon no less. Naruto on the other hand had to plug his nose in from the thoughts he was getting but what he saw next made his eyes bug out. Kyu was 'groping Temari's breasts with both hand and were giving them a good squeeze. "Wow, you're already a C cup." She said as she squeezed them more and Temari's eye was twitching in embarrassment and steam escaped from her ears but the she squeaked when Kyu grabbed and squeezed her rear. "Damn do you have any idea how many girls would kill to have a nice and firm ass like this one." She stated.

Naruto manage to snap out of his stupor and cough. "Ahem Kyu I think you should stop 'inspecting' Temari-chan before her head explodes from the amount of blood rushing in it." He said and the demoness blinks and looks at Temari's red face.

"Whoops sorry about that. Anyhow welcome to the family Temari-chan and don't hesitate to do anything I wouldn't do with Naruto-kun especially with what he's packing in his boxers." She said which made Temari cover her nose and Naruto to turn red.

"KYU!" Naruto yelled out in embarrassment.


After that little scene and after Temari got settled in and they had dinner, Naruto was currently in his room in a grey sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of black shorts writing down some notes from a fuinjutsu book he got from Jiraiya during his training. Kyu was currently in her fox form sleeping on the edge of his bed curled up into a ball with her ears twitching occasionally.

As he continued to do this, there was a knock on his door. "Come in Temari-chan." Naruto said as the door opened. He looked up and saw Temari with her hair down and was wearing a light purple shirt that stopped above her knees. "Hello beautiful come to give me a goodnight kiss?" He asked as he put the stuff away. Temari smirks and walks over to the bed and sits down on it.

"Actually I was hoping to stay the night with you Naruto-kun. Please?" She asked with a pout on her face while he chuckles.

"Sure I was bout to hit the hay anyway." He said getting a grin from her. She crawled onto the bed and then kissed him on the lips and he returned it. After kissing for a few minutes their lips parted and Naruto laid back. Temari rested her head on his chest and pressed her body against his while he wrapped an arm around her.

"Goodnight foxy-kun." Temari said while he smirked.

"Goodnight Sabaku-hime." Naruto stated and snapped his fingers which resulted in the lights turning off. A few seconds later Temari squeaked.

"Hey! No groping pervert!" Temari said in the darkness.

"That wasn't me." Naruto stated and heard Kyu giggling. "Kyu!"

"Ahh! Oi! Stop feeling me up you perverted vixen and Naruto move your leg it's poking me!" She said only for Naruto to remain silent. "Naruto did you hear me?" She asked as she shifted her body around.

"Uhh Temari-chan that's not my leg." Naruto replied and said female blonde was glad Naruto couldn't see the huge blush on her face. Kyu on the other hand was giggling like crazy.

"I told you he was packing." She said and groped them both making them yelp.

"KYU!" Naruto and Temari yelled at the same time as she grabbed them both in the darkness.

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