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Warnings: BerwaldxTino (SuFin)

Today was a special day, emphasis on the 'was'.

"So Peter, how was show-and-tell today?"

At the mention of the special event that happened today in school, his face literally brightened up. "It was awesome!" The small boy exclaimed, throwing his arms up into the air in genuine enthusiasm. "I mean—you know that prompt that we had to do? Family?" His head bounced up and down as he looked at both Berwald and Tino, eyes searching for any slight showings of recognition.

"Ah. Ye—"

His voice cut through. "You know that I drew us, right?" A brilliant grin found its way onto his face as Berwald and Tino exchanged hasty looks.

"Ah… y-you did now? What did you tell them exactly?"

The cautious tone was not lost on Peter. His face immediately become a stony as he gently set the utensils down onto the plate and crossed his arms across his chest. "I did not tell them that I was a nation this time. I promise. You will not be getting a phone call about that again."

There was something of a chuckle from Tino's side and the Finnish male shot a quick glare at his companion. Berwald was not the one who had to answer the phone call. He was also not the one who had to attend to the parent-teacher conference… even though he should have. After all, he was the one who was Peter's legitimate guardian. Berwald had no idea of how embarrassing it was to be there.

No, no he did not.

"Honey, that wasn't what I was talking about. What did you tell your class about your family?"

Thick eyebrows raised upwards. "Um, I told them a couple of stuff." He stuck his index finger out. "I told them that I lived with Papa and Mama." A second finger came out. "Mama and Papa aren't married." A third finger was shown. "They live and sleep in the same bed together though." A fourth finger. "Papa is my big bro." A little pinky was shown. "And I'm not related to any of you guys by blood."

Tino's face paled. Out of all the things Peter could say about them, he had to pick those facts? He looked over at Berwald and though he wore the same look he always has, Tino could see the surprise and worry in his eyes.

"Oh, Peter…" While Peter did tell the truth to the class, he failed to mention some very important facts. Such as: Tino is not a female (it's the most important), Berwald's relationship with Peter, and some other mundane information that would calm Peter's teacher's nerves.

"Wait, Mama, did I do something wrong?"

"Yo' did no'in' wron'. Don' wor'y."

"Y-yes! Nothing to worry about, Peter! Just hurry up and finish your dinner so I can wash the dishes."

He didn't look convinced as he stared first at his Mama and then at his Papa. Deciding that nothing good (for him) would come out of this, he copied Berwald's example and set about to cleaning off his plate. It shall be licked clean, a Peter specialty!

Tino watched with knitted eyebrows as Peter finally started finishing off his dinner. He heaved a large mental sigh as he picked and poked at his food. Appetite suddenly lost now that he knows a phone call would be waiting for him and a possible parent-teacher conference too. Fun.

Everybody could hear the phone ringing, but nobody made a move to get it. Peter stared at Berwald who in turn stared at Tino in the kitchen. Tino returned his gaze before shaking his head in denial. "I'm making today's dinner. I'm not picking that up unless you guys want under-cooked fish in your soup." With his point made, the Finnish male went back to cooking.

The two remaining contestants launched into a staring contest. The annoying ringing of the phone was only a mere background noise now. Peter knew that the Sweden man would crack soon. He just hated leaving phone calls unanswered while Peter didn't really give a damn at all. He had this in the bag.

Abruptly Berwald got up and rushed over to answer the phone, leaving behind a very pleased boy.

In one smooth movement, he scooped the phone up to his ear. Yes! Right on its last ring, perfect timing! " 'Ello?"

"Hello? Is this the Oxenstierna residence?"


"Um, I'm Peter's teacher and I am looking for his legal guardian. May I please speak to him?"

"This 'im." He replied, his eyebrows furrowing just a slight bit. Wasn't this how that bad parent-teacher conference started… according to Tino?

"Well, I'm very sure you're aware that yesterday was Show-and-Tell in his class and the prompt was 'family.' He told the class some… interesting things that I would like to ask you about." There was a pause before the teacher added hastily, "Not that I don't doubt them… it's just that Peter is a very imaginative boy…"

The Sweden blinked once before he scratched his head. So, Tino was right. They did get a phone call about yesterday. At least it isn't about Peter being a nation again. Hmn… should he go get Tino or should he take this one? "Peter al'eady tol' m'. Wha' yo' wan' to tal' 'bout?"

Her face paled as he talked. She couldn't understand one word he was saying. This guy's accent was just too heavy. The last time she saw one of Peter's parents, he spoke with a very clear accent. Why couldn't she be talking to him? "Well, um…" Oh, she could only hope that she was answering him properly. "First off, Peter said that he lived with his Papa and Mama. This is true, yes? These are the only people who live with him?"

This teacher was beating around the bush and Berwald could already tell what the teacher wanted to ask. "Yes. Peter m' 'dopted b'ther. Pare'ts di'. Peter thin's m' lik' papa."

What did he just say? "A-Ah... that explains that."

"Tino, blon' Fin'ish boy, m' wife."

Did he just say 'boy?' "Boy? Did you say boy?"

"Boy, male. M' wife." His hand reached up to scratch his head again as he leaned back just a little bit to catch a glimpse of Tino busying himself in the kitchen.

"In the report, Peter said that you weren't married…"

"Tino m'wife."

I have no idea what's going on. "O-Okay. Thank you for your time. Sorry to have bothered you. Peter is a wonderful boy by the way. Full of imagination. Um, okay. Have a good night, sir."


A small clink and a buzz. Berwald set the phone back onto its receiver and lumbered back into the living room.

"Hey, Papa! Who was it?" Chirped the small blonde from where he lay sprawled out on the floor, Hanatamago napping on his chest. He watched in silence as his father walked over to the couch, scooped up the remote, and turned the television on.


1) "Yo' did no'in' wron'. Don' wor'y." - "You did nothing wrong. Don't worry."
2) "Peter al'eady tol' m'. Wha' yo' wan' to tal' 'bout?" - "Peter already told me. What you want to talk about?"
3) "Tino, blon' Fin'ish boy, m' wife." - "Tino, blonde Finnish boy, my wife."