Author's Note!

I was looking through a bunch of demon descriptions in books and online. I couldn't find a specific demon I wanted to use so I combined Seleos and Forras into one, then changed him up a bit.

This is the intro to a story I've had in my head for a while, and I'm not sure where I want to go with it. Please review, and feel free to give me critiques and ideas.

--- Part One ---

Sam looked over the map as Dean drove, and frowned. He marked down all the omens that had occurred. It was a pretty wide area, so they might have thought all the crop failures and livestock deaths were unrelated… if they hadn't all happened at the same time.

"This must be a pretty powerful one, huh?" Dean muttered, frowning at the asphalt. Sam hummed in affirmation.

"We haven't seen a circle this wide since… well…" He didn't have to say it, because Dean was thinking the same thing.

"Any human deaths yet?" Sam put the map down and leaned back in the seat.

"Just two. Two sisters were found dead, and two other women were tied up in a basement around the same time all this happened. Carol and Leigh Jones apparently died of heart attacks at the ripe old ages of twenty-one and twenty-five, surrounded by satanic symbols. Their older brother David is missing, but the cops found his DNA at the scene. A farmer that was looking over his dead crops saw David riding by on an impossibly black horse."

"Impossibly black?" Dean made a face. "What the Hell does that mean?"

"He said it looked like the absence of light in the shape of a horse, with David Jones riding it faster than a normal horse could run." Dean shook his head and sighed.

"Any word from Bobby yet?"

"No, he-" Sam was interrupted by his cell's ring. "It's Bobby." Sam answered it. Dean couldn't hear the older man, so didn't bother trying to listen until Sam ended the call. "It looks like Bobby figured it out," Sam started, then hesitated.

"Well?" Dean snapped. He knew it was going to be bad, and wanted to get on with it. Sam sighed.

"The Jones' were doing a ritual. We'll know for sure when we get a look at the scene, but it's something that can only be done by three siblings on a full moon with the stars in a particular alignment and specific weather conditions. Bobby thinks the two survivors were meant to be sacrifices to the demon Saleoras, who instead took the lives of his summoners and took David as a vessel. Bobby's looking into the demon to find out what we're up against. We already know one thing…" The brothers looked at each other.

"This is a bad mofo."

"Most demons that are summoned are partially, if not completely, under the control of the person that brought them here," Sam said as he went through all the facts in his head. They were almost to the house. "Therefore they only have part of their power to use."

"So if this guy turned on the witches and killed them, he's not under anyone's control. David's probably dead too, and Saleo-whatever-"


"Has full reign." Dean shook his head and ascended the steps. It was dark outside, with only a street lamp fifty feet away to light the area. It was a large, old, farmhouse sitting on several now dead acres. Chances were the land would never produce again, even if someone decided to buy the house. The Winchesters readied their shotguns and ducked under the police tape. They made their way to the basement, where they made a startling discovery.

David Jones stared at them with black eyes, arms crossed over his chest, and looking very unhappy.