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Tempted by sweets

"Sebastian" Ciel called to the ruby-eyed butler clothed in black, "Yes, young master?" Sebastian asked standing at the door way. Albeit Ciel's chair not facing the demon, Ciel could feel his butler's tantalizing smile piercing the back of his own hell infested head.

"Make me something sweet" Ciel said waving him away.

"Understood" he responded.

The child cast his attention to the clock hanging on the wall,


Sebastian's footsteps started to diminish, the younger closed his eyes and started listening to the rhythm of the clock 'tick …tock… tick …tock…' It was calming. 'Just a little he thought '… just let me rest a bit' the last thing the juvenile heard before dozing off was the peaceful ticking harmony of the clock … tick … tock.

Ciel woke up at the thought of unfinished paperwork and Sebastian's sweet pastry.


'it's taking the demon an awfully long time to make the dessert' he sighed, getting up and made his way to the kitchen. The counter was occupied with countless numbers of sweets. "What are all these cakes for Sebastian? Why did you make so many?" the azure eyed asked. A deceitful smile crawled up the rogue's lips, the demon patted the marble counter "come up" he insisted, "Just what are you scheming this time?" Ciel gazed at him. He smirked and said "well, my lord, you've been eating so many sweets recently so I thought that we should exercise you a bit don't worry you will be able to enjoy your beloved desserts"

The youth grumbled, 'how dare he call me rotund' he thought but seeing that this is a chance to get away from paperwork and that he'll be able to eat something sweet, he agreed.

The boy leaped onto the counter and waited for the devil to speak first. "Now out of these cavity- giving-sweets choose one." the raven said.

The teal haired examined through all the cakes, tarts, puffs, crepes, scones, crème brulees, truffles, strudels, and pies that was set on the table, it took about ten minutes before he finally settled for the chocolate cream cake.

The adolescent lad not noticing his beatific expression, Sebastian chuckled, "Oh my, who knew master would be in love with my cake, just like a child" Sebastian teased. "Shut up Sebastian, there can be mortals in this twisted world who love confections" Ciel growled.

The immortal chuckles once again at the sweet craving boy. "Now let's get started with your 'exercises' shall we?" An ominous smile appears on ebony clothed face.

The black butler walks towards his master, he stood unbearably close to the individual. Right then and there Sebastian wraps his hand around the male's waist.

"S-Sebastian! What are you doing?" Ciel said but his voice was muffled in the butler's tailcoat.

"Master?" Sebastian said calmly.

Looking up, the youngster immediately regretted it. Sebastian's lips touched the Earl's. The boy's eyes widened so much his cerulean eyes could have popped out of his head. "Sebast-"he started but was cut off by another kiss from the demon. The grownup slid one of his hands to the back of his master's head while the other one met the minors face.

Ciel struggled to break free but Sebastian pulled him closer and their lips grazed each other again. The innocent boy felt something wet enter his mouth, it was Sebastian's tongue. The beast's tongue explored the lad's cavern. This time the livid creature pulled back, however he had just begun.

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