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Sebastian then, removed off his gloves showing his slightly glowing pentacle, he used two of his fingers and smeared some cream off the cake. Ciel stared at the cream in his butler's hands, a sadistic smile spread across Sebastian's face

"if you want it, lick it".

The boy growled but obeyed. Ciel seized Sebastian's bare hands and started attacking the cream with his tongue. Sebastian found himself unable to tear his gaze from the warm and tiny pink tongue lapping at his fingers.

'How adorable'

Sebastian chuckled. However, Ciel was too absorbed in licking the sweet, rich cream to pay any attention to his butler. Sebastian wanted to pin him down and kiss him.

And that's exactly what he did.

In an instant both of them were lying on the counter, Sebastian on top of Ciel. It took the Earl a while before he realized the position he was in. "S-Sebastian!" he shouted demanding to be let go, the butler's hand started to caress the boy's cheeks, he winced.

The raven bent down to plant a kiss on Ciel's lips. Seeing the cake close by Sebastian pinched a tiny part of fluffy cake, "do you want it?" the servant asked as he waved it around in the air, the boy's orbs followed it.

Sebastian started to feed Ciel tiny pieces of the pastry. Ciel wanted more, he watched Sebastian eagerly. Sebastian snickered, he willingly positioned a small portion of the dessert on his tongue, and leaned in and made contact with his master's lips. Ciel's tongue chased Sebastian's attempting to lick the pastry. The servant started to rapidly undress his master, "Sebastian!" he gasped his cheeks turning a light shade of crimson. Once all of Ciel's clothes were stripped off Sebastian once again reached for the cake's rich cream, he started rubbing the cream on Ciel's perky nipples. He gasped as the *cold *cream tenderly *met his pearl skin. Ciel trembled lightly. Sebastian noticed it but he continued *rubbing cream on Ciel's more private parts "mnn... Ahhh~ Se-...Bastian... ahn.."


"Ah... I see the young master isn't used to getting touched there~" he smiled cheerfully; a playful smirk followed the smile. Sebastian then started to suck on the boy's cream *covered nipples "ahh … ngh…mmn…" Ciel tried to stifle his moans of delight. The *butler laughed. Sebastian started to spread apart his master's *small aperture earning an innocent moan from the Earl. "Oh my, aren't you excited" a smirk. "Now we need to punish this naughty hole don't we, young master?" Within milliseconds Ciel's face *was against the counter and butt high in the air. He gasped, Sebastian *stuck his tongue into the tiny opening, licking it, savoring the taste 'it's sweet'. "Ah…ngh" Ciel gasped for air.

'So cute… I can't restrain myself anymore'

Sebastian started shoving his (rather large) member into the petite orifice ravenously. "ahh… Se- Sebastian… it …mmn hurts" Ciel gasped as he tried to breathe calmly,

"Shit, he's too cute I can't stop" Sebastian started pounding it in harder "AHH… SEBAST… TIAN" The blue boy mewled, slowly the pain was forming into pleasure.

"mmn… more" Ciel ordered briefly.

"yes, my lord" Sebastian started to quicken his pace.

"SEBASTIAN" Ciel cried, Sebastian's cock hit his prostate over and over again.

The painful pleasure spread throughout Ciel's body.

Every time Sebastian rammed his cock into Ciel's opening the boy moaned a bit louder.

"Ahh~ Sebast- … I'm … going… ha…ha…com-" Sebastian rammed his cock in a few more times before the tiny boy ejaculated. The butler then too came inside the boy after seeing his alluring expression.

"ha… ha… Sebastian, take me up to my room" Ciel commanded.

"Don't you want to take a bath first?" Sebastian asks.

"No, it fine I just want to sleep" he responded.

The raven brought the small child into his room and changed him into his pyjamas and tucked him into bed. "Pleasant dreams"

'My love'

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