"They're still out there..."

Foremen looked over his shoulder slowly, taking his eyes away from the window he glanced out of. It was late, rain was gently tapping upon the glass before him while thunder gentle purred above.

Lowering his arm from the surface, he turned to Cuddy who sat at her desk, her back to him. She held tightly to the one thing she could find, the one thing she ran with a few hours ago.

When House disappeared into the building with Wilson, the police force ran in after. Cuddy cried on the side lines, her heart sinking. She did this, she tried to kill House first and then she let Foremen tell the force where they could find Wilson. If she kept her mouth shut, then she could have tried to save them, get them away.

She finally got to get into the building once it was announced it was clear. There she found out the horror that laid behind Wilson's closed door. The death, the master bedroom that looked like nothing more then a butcher shop. It seemed Wilson had chained House to that room, a notice due to the two holes that seemed to have been made on each side. In that room, Wilson had murdered god knows how many people to House. It was enough to make anyone sick.

She had to leave, but when she did. She found Wilsons coat. His lab coat... Blood stained and dirty. It looked as thou it was tossed off in their fleeing. Without a thought, she picked it up and left the building and ran back to the hospital. She needed to get away, she needed to think.

In her office she found Foremen still standing, watching from the window. They didn't speak, but simply indulged in each others silence. What could they say? They both had signed their death sheets.

"Yeah.." Cuddy answered lightly. Her fingers brushing along the coats sleeve, hugging it to her chest. Gone was the good memories and good times she use to have with her two co-workers. It hurt to think of them as dead, to know they were monsters.

"We did this to them." Foremen muttered, Cuddy didn't reply. She couldn't. "If I was them, I would get back of us.... You think they would do that?"

Cuddy only shock her head whispering, "No. Their mindless dead bodies with nothing on their mind but hunger. They would kill anyone in it meant they could live."

Foremen frowned a little before whispering, "I thought you said there was a cure, I heard you say that before the police left to get Wilson."

"I lied."

Foremen shock his head a little confused. "You say their mindless killing machines and yet you wanted to save them? Why?"

"I...don't know."

Silence fell back over them and they stared once again away from one another. They would have to live with this.

A scream sliced the still air causing both Cuddy and Foremen to flinch and jump. Cuddy quickly got to her feet and Foremen ran to the glass door. A women was screaming.

Slamming the clinic doors open, Foremen looked out in a panic. It was the mid night shift and the lobby was surprisingly empty. He called out but the scream came again.

"N-no! Stop! Aahhh!!!"

"Whats going on!" Cuddy shouted, her face struck white with fear. Foremen rushed towards the yelling only to come to a sudden dead stop. Cuddy rushed after him to see what was happening and when her eyes trailing with his own, her hands quickly covered her mouth.


There was a thick smear of blood trailing to the doors of the stair case. Behind those doors, they could hear the wet sounds of grunts and cries.

"We need to call police." Cuddy whispered, willing her feet to move, to go away. Foremen closed his eyes tightly, his body trembling. Another scream ripped threw and he couldn't take it. He shoved and ran to the door, Cuddy voice pleaing behind him. "Foremen no!"

Slamming the doors open, he searched, seeking where the blood was trailing. Up the steps the blood seemed to be dripping and he began to climb. He arm was snatched by Cuddy whom rushed after him, pleaing begging him to flee with her but he had to go. He needed to save her.

He needed to know who was killing her.

Cuddy let go of Foremen when he pulled away, rushing up the slippery steps, following suit to the noise. Cuddy was at a lose. She should turn around and leave and call for help, call for back up. A knife twisted in her chest when she heard Foremens foot steps and she cursed her lack of weapons and ran after him. She would not have another dead body on her guilt.

The noises were louder. Foremen pressed his lips as he stood near the top of the steps. The screaming, the women had stopped. No longer was she gasping or hiccuping. No. The only noises that played around him was sounds of something wet being ripped and groans... deep groans, munching moans. He didn't know what made him, but kneeling to the finally steps, he leaned and peeked around and the sight before him made his stomach turn.

One of the late night nurse laid on the marble ground, her body bent and battered. A pool of blood was rippling around her, staining her scrubs and flesh. Her head was bent away, only letting him see a river of blond curls that was heavy stained with red. Her arm was jerking wildly being pulled, her pale flesh being ripped, her muscle being torn apart by bare teeth. Like a wild animal.

Foremen watched as Wilson devoured her. His back was to Foremen, but he knew it was Wilson. That dark brown hair, messy and sticking up on it, that purple button up shirt, smeared with mud and blood, ripped with holes. A sweater vest soaking up every drop that fell from the arm he was chewing. He was kneeling in the pool of blood, jerking, growling. Ripping every tender piece of meat he could from her. The very sight made Foremen want to puke but he couldn't. Another movement stopped him.

Form the corner, a shadow fell over Wilson's body, making him look over. Those eyes, once brown and filled with warm and care was now misted, filled with hunger and need, his high cheek bones showing, his tan skin now sickly gray, bearing the blue veins of his own blood pulsing. His lips and jaw dripped with blood as he panted, as if he could not eat enough. Eat fast enough. The shadow got closer and another body knelt. Foremens shoulder pressed into the wall as House appeared.

His old boss was kneeling beside Wilson, his own white misted blue eyes roaming over Wilson's face. He groaned to him and Wilson only ducked his head a little. It was like... their were talking to one another. House moved closer and gently took Wilson's chin in his right hand and lifted the others head back up. Wilson looking up to him before closing his eyes, those blood covered lips turning into a smile when House bowed his head and pressed their foreheads against one another. Houses hand trailed up sinking into Wilsons hair before pulling him closer.

They pressed closer. Houses arms wrapping around Wilsons body, holding him, squeezing him tight while Wilson leaned in. His face burying itself happily into Houses neck, purring into his embrace. They stayed like that for minutes, Foremen was to scared to move.

House finally broke their bond to tip Wilsons head back. His lips mouthed, Foremen did not hear anything but it looked like Wilson was chuckling. Dipping his head, House touched his lips to Wilson's jaw, his teeth nipping at his lovers flesh making the other shiver and arch. House lapped gently at Wilson's jaw, at his lips. It was like he was cleaning him.

A sudden intake of breath felt like a whip cracking against Foremens back.

Cuddy covered her mouth quickly but it was to late. Foremen's head snapped back when Cuddy gasped at the sight of House and Wilson kneeling in front of the dead body, only to look back and what he saw made him yell. "Run!!"

Wilson and Houses head snapped in their direction and their lips pulled back in a snarl.

Foremen turned and grabbed Cuddy's arm and yanked her down the steps quickly,hearing Houses roar and scattering feet as they gave chase.

Cuddy screamed behind him at the sight of House leaping over the railing, dropping down behind them, Wilson following suit by rushing down the stairs like a tiger. Foremen bolted threw the door, dragging Cuddy out with him but he only made it to the lobbys desk when House pounced, tackling Cuddy down. Cuddy screamed and held tight to Foremen causing him to get yank down as well.

Pain sliced thew her. House was on her, his teeth ripping into her throat, filling her mouth quickly with her own blood that when she opened to call for help, only red liquid spilled out. She didn't want to die, she didn't want to die!

Foremen yelled and rushed away. Cuddy struggled, her hands hitting, clawing at Houses arms and face to get his teeth out but it was like House seemed to get stronger with every gulp.

A loud 'crack' sent House flying off Cuddys body, slamming him against the stair wells door. Cuddy looked up with her tear filled eyes, seeing Foremen above her panting, his hands gripping the fire extinguisher he used to knock his old boss off. Quickly he got in front of her readying himself to protect again if House thought to get up and attack.

House sat there shaking his head for a moment before looking back up. His eyes met Foremens own and he only growled. The door swung open and Wilson appeared, his teeth bear and his voice yelling out. Wilson looked down to House and his face twisted in worry as a cry left him. Kneeling, Wilson grabbed Houses arm, his hands roaming, touching, leaving House to shove him off to stand back up.

What will he do now? Cuddy was kneeling behind him bleeding to death, her hands trembling to cover the gaping wound while he faced off with two blood thirst monsters. House stood crouching, his blood covered jaw slack open in his hiss, his stiff fingers flexed, clawing at the air lightly. Wilson stood behind him, his eyes narrowed.

What could be do?

House moved slowly, circling them. Foremen watched as House crept to the left while Wilson began to walk to the right. They were trapped. Foremen had to fight them, he had to get Cuddy out of here.

"Lisa." Foremen whispered. "Just stay with me okay? I'm going to get you out and get you help but you need to keep with me okay?" He looked down quickly, taking his eyes off them both for a split second to glance down at his boss.

Cuddy stared up at him limp on the marble floor. Her wide blue eyes dark and cold, her skin already growing white. Foremens eyes widen before his arms slumped down. "Lisa?" He whispered, he watched for those pink lips to move, for her chest to rise up, to show him she was still there.

But there was nothing.

Foremen was in a state of shock that he didn't notice the two shadows that loomed over behind him.


Chase covered his mouth in shock as Cameron let out a scream. Quickly he grabbed her, turning her away from the sight, burying her tear covered face against his chest as he tried to find his own voice.

They had just finished their shifts upstairs and was on their way out to head home when they entered the lobby. The sight brought Cameron to her kneels in tears, puking on the floor while Chase held her, shielding her.

Cuddy laid on the floor, her back to them limp in her own pool of blood while Foremen laid a few feet away. They both were torn, their bodies broken, their arms and legs bearing chunks of muscles and tissues gone. Blood was splattered everywhere along with other matters that Chase didn't even want to know.

Closing his eyes tightly, he buried his face into Camerons head and held on, his voice whispering to her. Cameron coughed, wrapping her arms around his back, "Oh god, its not real. Its not real!"

Chase only held her close and closed his eyes tightly, tears falling as he whispered to her. Praying quietly over her cries.

"Oh god..."