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Chapter 5

I wake up slowly, blinking my eyes to clear them of the haze of sleep, and take in my surroundings. I didn't think anything of where I was at first, because I felt the sheets against my back, and saw the deep red curtains surrounding the bed. For all I knew, I could be in my own bed.

Of course, that's when I felt something behind me shift, and arms tightening around me. I panicked at first, the only thought running threw my head being, "Oh Merlin, who was that? What did I do?" But as I turn my head, and see Sirius lying naked behind me, arms wrapped securely around me, I remember, and when I remember, I can't help but smile. Thank God it hadn't all been some sort of wonderful dream.

Sirius loved me, and I had let him make love to me. Could things get any better than that?

I shift slightly, trying to burrow deeper into my lover's, oh god, I just loved thinking that, arms. It was nice, feeling his naked flesh pressed against my back, having his body heat merge with my own, and knowing this wouldn't be the last time.

He loved me.

He loved me.

Sirius Orion Black loved me.

I laughed out loud, unable to hold in my giddiness.

"What's so funny," Sirius mutters groggily, his word breath caressing the back of my neck. I shiver softly as I feel his lips touch my skin.

"I'm just really happy," I tell him, turning so that I lay on my side, my nose practically touching his, we were so close. The way he smiles tells me he doesn't really mind the lack of personal space.

Sirius brings his hand up, his palm caressing my face, before his smile widens, and he leans forward to kiss me softly on my upturned lips. "I'm glad I could make you happy Rem. Merlin knows that you deserve it. I'm just really sorry about everything that's been said and done to lead up to this happiness. I'm so sorry that I made you cry"

"It's ok," I whisper, softly kissing him. I didn't want him to keep dwelling on the things that had been said. They didn't matter anymore, not when I knew that he hadn't meant them, that he had only said them to hide his own pain.

I wouldn't let what he had once said matter anymore, not when I knew he loved me. God, he loved me. I just couldn't wrap my mind around the knowledge. It was wonderful, amazing. He loved me.

Sirius shakes his head though, looking me in the eye. "No Remus, no. None of the things that I had said, any of them, were true. You don't deserve all this bull shit that's happened to you, and you do deserve to be happy, and to be loved and cherished, and Gods Remus, you're just so fucking beautiful. You're so much more than a werewolf, and I'm so sorry for every biting word that I threw at you. I'm so fucking sorry. I don't deserve you."

It was my turn to shake my head this time, my turn to reach up and gently touch my lover's face. I smile as I look at him, though I knew he could see past that, see the sadness that seemed to cling to me like some unwanted mold. "Sirius, it really is ok."

"Don't lie to me Remus. I know I hurt you. I know you can't forget. I know that as much as you smile and laugh and say that it's ok, it's really not. And I know that you rushed into this, into what we have now, because…"

"I rushed into this because I love you Padfoot, and because we've wasted enough time being stupid and scared and secretive. I didn't… I don't want anything to lie between us. It's just you and me. The past doesn't matter anymore Sirius, not when the future stands so bright before us. You love me, and that's all I want to matter now."

"But…" Sirius whispers, his eyes filling with tears.

I shake my head again, gently pressing a kiss to the soft skin below his right eye. "It won't be easy Pads. I'll always remember what you said to me. It's not something that I can just forget. But life isn't about forgetting Sirius. It's about forgiving, and I forgive you. I love you. And to be honest, I'm thankful about everything that has happened, because if they hadn't, if I hadn't become a werewolf, and if I hadn't been abused and then abandoned by my parents, and if I hadn't been hurt by the things that you said to me, I might not be who I am now, and I may not be here, lying next to you. I'd live through everything again Sirius, just to have it come back here, to this moment. I'd live through everything again, just to have you love me."

Sirius whimpers softly, clenching his eyes shut. "I really don't deserve you Moony."

I laugh, firmly pressing my lips to his. "Well that's too bad Sirius, because as much as you say you don't deserve me, you're stuck with me now. I'm not going anywhere. You'll be stuck with me until one of us dies."

Sirius smiles softly, a bit grudgingly, and kisses me back when I press my lips to his again. "We'll die together Rem, that way we won't be separated at all, even after death. We'll always be together. Maybe I don't deserve you, I know I don't, not when you're so kind and beautiful and bloody perfect, with that streak of mischief you try to hide, but I'm not stupid enough to let you go. You're mine now Rem, and I'll spend the rest of our lives together telling you that I didn't mean any of those stupid things that I had said."

I grin, reaching down to grip his arse. "How about, since we all know that you're not so great with words, you show me that you didn't mean any of those things?"

Sirius grins at me. "And how exactly am I suppose to show you, Mr. Lupin."

"Well," I murmur, trailing a finger slowly up the crease of his firm ass, "We'll need this."

Sirius moans, burying his face into my neck. "O-ok…"

"And we may just need this," I purr into his ear, bring my other hand between us to wrap it around his already hardening cock.

Sirius groans loudly, bucking into me as I roll over him, taking my hand off his ass so that my arm could support my weight as I hover over him instead.

"Moony," he pleads, grinding into my palm.

I laugh, tightening my grip on him before letting him go. "I thought you were supposed to be showing me, not the other way around," I murmur, bending down to trail kisses over his pale neck.

"Y-yeah, but you're the one that rolled onto me, you bloody wanker. So come on now, get on with it."

"And if I don't?" I ask, loving the way he groaned as my kisses turned into soft nips and lingering licks.

Sirius moans huskily, throwing a leg over my hip. "Then I'll just do it myself," he whispers hoarsely, pulling our lower bodies together so that there wasn't even enough room for air to separate us.

I grin, grinding into Sirius' thigh, purposely avoiding the hardness that stood proudly between our bodies. "I think I might just enjoy watching that, to see you moving your hands over yourself, moaning my name as you touch yourself, our eyes locked together as you bring yourself to the edge, imagining that it's me touching you…"

"Sweet Merlin Remus," Sirius groans, arching his back as I suck harshly at his neck, making sure I leave a mark. I want everyone to see that he is mine, to know that I am the only one that can touch him, that can see him this way. He is mine, and by the Gods, I'll make sure he is always mine.

"I love you Sirius," I whisper, breath ghosting out across his soft skin as I trail my tongue down the arch of his shoulder, moving over each of his nipples briefly before I trail my lips down over his arms, paying tribute to the soft skin at the inside of his elbow, which I know is very sensitive.

"R-Remus," Sirius whimpers, long fingers tightening in the sheets. "What are you doing?"

I grin against the skin at the inside of his wrist, nibbling gently at the vein there. "I'm showing you that I forgive you. I'm showing you that I love you." I grab a hold of his hand and kiss each finger, before taking his middle finger into my mouth and swirling my tongue around the digit.

"Remus," Sirius growls, "stop teasing me."

"How am I teasing," I ask, kissing my way up his arm once more, past his shoulder, and across his face, stopping when I'm just a breath away from his already swollen lips.

"Please Remus," Sirius pleads, bringing trembling arms up to wrap around my neck.

I smile, and lower my lips onto his, holding nothing back as I kiss him.

"What do you want," I ask, pulling his bottom lip into my mouth and sucking on it softly. He moans, arching into me, and I can feel him, hot and heavy and painfully hard against my thigh.

"I want you Moony, only you. Please?"

"Are you sure," I ask, pulling back enough to see his face, so that I can look into his grey eyes.

"Why the fuck are you asking me for Remus? Haven't we already said that you're mine, and that I'm yours? I made you mine last night, I claimed you, explored you, in every way possible. Now I want you to do the same for me."

"I just don't want to rush you into anything or for you to act out of guilt for…" I am cut off as Sirius swung his fist up, cuffing me in the side of the head.

"Fucking hell Remus, stop being a bloody idiot and make love to me already. I'm not acting out of guilt. No matter how sorry I am for what I may have said while I was drunk, I want you. Nothing will change that."

I can't stop the smile that stretches across my face, or the way my body seems to respond to his words, hardening farther in certain areas.

"Ok," I whisper, lowering myself until I am kneeling between his legs. He moans as I take his cock into my hands, and I merely look down at it for a moment, feeling saliva pool along my tongue as my eyes took in the long, thick length of him.

"You're so beautiful," I whisper, running my tongue along the head. "So, so fucking beautiful."

"Moony," he moans, hands tightening in the sheets that lay beneath him.

I don't respond, too focused on sucking on the head of his cock. I work slowly, never having done this before. I didn't want to embarrass myself, but mostly, I want to please Sirius. I didn't want to disappoint him.

"Oh Merlin Moony, that feels so good, so fucking good baby. You have no idea. Yes, that's it, that's it, take more of me in. Yes, yes, YES!"

I slide my lips down slowly, taking in as much as I can, wrapping my hand around what can't fit, and I feel him tremble under me and I suck on him gently, then a bit harder as I hear him moan my name.

"Rem… Moony… Baby… it's too much. Please, it's just too much. What you're doing…"

I pull my mouth away from him quickly, his cock leaving the moist confines with an arousing pop, before I smile up at him mischievously, kissing my way down so that I could suck on his balls, one after the other. "I'm going to make you come," I whisper, before lowering my mouth down further.

"Rem… Rem?" he whispers in alarm, as I gently part his cheeks.

I merely smile again, and swipe my tongue over the puckered hole that lay before me.

"Remus!" he shouts, and I can tell it's both a plea and an outcry of surprise.

My smile widens before I gently probe him with my tongue, licking along the rim of his entrance before I slide my tongue inside.

The way he tastes is unlike anything I can explain. The taste is sharp and strong against my tongue, overwhelming my taste buds in a way that leaves me craving more at the same time it makes me want to pull away.

Sirius moans above me, hands coming up to tangle in my hair, and he pulls me against him, forcing my tongue deeper into his body as he silently begs for me to continue.

I give into his request, thrusting my tongue in and out, scraping it along the walls of the sensitive entrance, before pulling out and licking along the outside, moaning as his taste seeps heavily into my eager mouth.

I feel him tremble above me again, shivering harshly, legs parting wantonly to give me easier access to what lies between his legs. I reach up, gripping his erection tightly in my fist, and stroke him in time with the thrusts of my tongue.

Just as I'm getting tired, my tongue sore and my jaw aching, Sirius arches up with a loud cry of my name, and I can feel his come shooting out between my long fingers, just before the muscles of his arse tighten around my tongue. I stroke him through it, kissing his entrance softly, until I'm sure that his orgasm has passed, and when it's finally over, I look up at him, bringing my come covered hand to my mouth and licking his essence away.

He tastes rather good, in a salty, slightly bitter sort of way.

"Oh God Remus," he whispers, refusing to meet my eyes. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to… I wasn't trying to come. It's just…"

"It's ok," I say, crawling up along his body so that I could take his face in my hands. "I wanted you to. I wanted to taste you. Was it good for you?"

He nods fiercely, kissing me deeply, and I know that he can taste himself. The thought makes me harder, and I moan as I grind against his thigh.

"Your turn," Sirius whispers, reaching down to take my erection into his hand.

"You don't have to," I say, kissing him softly on the neck. "Go a head and rest a while."

He shakes his head though, tightening his fist around me until I can't stop the moan from escaping from deep inside of my throat.

"Want you in me," he pleads, reaching over me to grab something from deep inside the night stand that lay beside his bed. I smile as he hands me the lube, and I kiss him softly before I pull back.

"If you insist Padfoot," I tease, opening the cap of the small bottle and covering my fingers in a rather generous amount. I want to make sure that I don't hurt him, my lover.

I trail my thick fingers down the inside of his trembling thigh, then skim them back up again, before I'm right where we both want me to be, circling a finger around his entrance slowly, before easing it inside the clenching heat of him.

We both moan loudly, at exactly the same time.

"More," Sirius pleads, grinding down onto my finger.

I smile again, kissing him gently on his parted lips, and I ease a second finger into him, thrusting and scissoring them to stretch him.

He groans, letting his hand that isn't wrapped around my cock wrap around his own, and my breath catches at how beautiful he looks in the moment. I ease a third finger in a long the others, and thrust them harder, hitting his prostate as I crook my fingers slightly.

"Enough Moony, enough," he tells me, grinding down onto the fingers. "get in me now, PLEASE!"

I whimper softly, removing my fingers and aligning my cock at Sirius' entrance, reaching down to wrap his trembling legs around my waist. "Are you ready Sirius?"

"Yes, yes please. Now Remus. I want you inside of me."

I nod, kissing him deeply as I slide inside of him, moaning suddenly as the clenching heat wraps around me.

Sirius groans and arches his back. "Come on Rem. Don't go slow. It's fine."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't, you can't. Please Remus? I need you, all of you."

I sigh before pulling out of him slightly, despite his loud protests, only to thrust back into him, hard, until I'm buried to the hilt.

He whimpers, a sound of both pain and pleasure, and I till, allowing him to adjust to the intrusion.

"So good," he tells me, bringing his hands up to gently touch my face. "So, so good Remus. I can't believe you're in me."

I smile down at him gently, leaning forward to kiss him, before I begin to move, moaning as pleasure over takes through me.

"I love you," I tell him, as we move as one, moaning and sighing together.

Sirius trembles, bucking under me as I hit his prostate as my thrusts become harder, faster, less smooth.

"Oh gods Remus…"

"Are you ok…?"
"Yes, yes, come on baby, harder, please. I want to come, I need to come. I want to feel you come inside of me."

I groan loudly, reaching down to wrap my hand around his erection over his own hand, linking our fingers together so we could both stroke it.

"Come on Sirius," I plead, stroking him fast and hard with my thrusts. "Come on baby, Padfoot. Come for me."

Sirius screams, arching up into me, before he comes, his release seeping out over my fingers and splattering slightly onto our stomachs and chests.

I groan as his walls tighten around him, and mere seconds later, I'm coming too, bucking into him as my seed fills him. "Sirius," I groan, collapsing down onto him as I come down from my orgasm, completely spent.

Sirius smiles, wrapping his arms around me and kissing me softly on the neck. "I love you Moony."

"I love you too Padfoot."

Just as I'm drifting off to sleep, exhausted from my activities, I hear a groan from somewhere else inside the room, different from those me and Sirius were releasing seconds before.

"You know Wormtail," James says, voice laced with amusement and disgust, "as happy as I am that those two have finally stopped being bloody idiots and gotten together, I really did not need to hear all that."

Peter squeaks, and I hear shuffling, before seconds later, James opens the bed curtains surrounding Sirius' bed, and glares down at the two of us.

I feel a blush forming across my face.

"Can you two please use a silencing spell next time?"

Sirius laughs, sticking his tongue out at his best friend. "Why Prongs, I was only trying to show Remus how sorry I am."

James grimaces, turning away as we covered ourselves with the sheets. "I think it was more like he showed you."

I laughed as Sirius pouted.

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