A/N: This is basically the same story as "Absolution", only from Sookie's point of view. When I was writing the first chapters of "Absolution", I sometimes felt the need to include Sookie's POV, but since it is Eric's story, I thought it might be better to write a whole separate story instead.

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We all stood up, when Nan Flannigan and her associates left the room. Godric was just about to leave too, when Eric put himself in his way.

"No," Eric said, having to look down at Godric, because he was that must taller than his maker. If the atmosphere hadn't been that tense I might have laughed at the sight. As it was I remained silent and just watched.

"Look in my heart …" Godric replied in a calm voice.

But Eric didn't let him finish. "You have to listen to me …"

"There is nothing to say."

"There is!" Eric stressed.

"On the roof." Godric just said, and left without another word.

On the roof … but it is close to sunrise? He won't do it, will he?

Eric just stood there, looking sort of lost. I barely noticed Bill walking away from me, because I was kind of lost in my thoughts. When I finally realized that Bill had moved, I thought he was about to lead Godric out. But then he stopped at the door and turned, facing Eric.

"We got a score to settle." Bill said, in a menacing voice. Eric turned to face him.

Bill now is not the time …

"Not know." Eric mirrored my exact thoughts. He sounded so sad, and tired, and clearly not in the mood for a fight.

"Yes now!" Bill retorted, and without a warning he punched Eric right in the face. I hadn't seen that one coming and neither had Eric apparently. Or he had, but just didn't care. I was so stunned that I could move or say anything. I knew that Bill had every right to get revenge for what Eric had done to me, but I wished he'd chosen another time for this. I was surprised to see that Eric didn't react like I expected him to. He just spit out some blood and faced Bill again, staying calm.

"Have I made my point?" Bill pressed, his voice still threatening.

Eric answered in a quiet, almost dead voice. "It's done. I'm part of her now."

There was no regret in his statement, not that I'd expected that. He was only stating a fact.

Both vampires faced each other for a moment, and then Eric commanded. "Get out of the way."

Reluctantly Bill stepped aside, letting Eric pass and closing the door firmly behind him. Bill walked into the other room, and I followed him.

He stood with his back to me, facing the window.

"I'm going to find Godric." I stated, cautiously, because somehow I knew that Bill wouldn't approve.

"None of this has anything to do with us. Godric is not your concern." He replied.

"If it weren't for him I wouldn't be standing here. He is in pain. He's suffering. I gotta do something." I justified myself. I could sense that he didn't understand the reason behind my decision.

"Don't you think we've done enough for Dallas?" Bill asked incredulously.

"You of all people should understand how he feels. What if it were you, Bill? What if in eighteen hundred years you were Godric?" I tried to explain.

For a moment he looked like he really was considering my reasoning. "Alright but I'm coming with you."

"I wish you could. But it will be dawn in a little while." I replied, caringly.

"If we don't stay long I'll heal." He tried to convince me.

"I will not take that chance. With Godric there, you don't have to worry about me." I assured him. Of course I didn't want him to take a chance of getting hurt, but the main reason for rejecting his offer was that I didn't want him to be there, because he didn't want me to do this in the first place … because he just didn't get it … because Eric would be there … and …

"You are so tenderhearted." Bill said lovingly. "You feel obligated I can see that. Sookie in all honesty what can you do for him?"

"I don't know. I just gotta be there. It doesn't make sense … but you understand?" I asked, hoping he would.

"I do." He said, but I knew he didn't mean it. He tried but he just couldn't grasp the reason behind my decision.

There was nothing more I could think of to say, to make my point, so I just kissed him tenderly, and left the hotel room.


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