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"I'm sorry Freddie, but it's over."

"What? What's going on Mackenzie?" Freddie asked desperately.

Mackenzie sighed and avoided his gaze as she twirled a piece of fake blonde hair. Truly, she looked a little like Sam-curly blonde hair, blue eyes. Her blonde hair was naturally brown though, you could see the roots, not to mention shorter, and was in tight unnatural ringlets that framed her soft face. Her eyes were dull shade of blue that always looked sort of worn, and discolored. They didn't ever knock him down like Sam's eyes.

"Look, I'm getting back together with Thomas, Freddie. I think he could be the one, and I don't want to let that go. I'm so sorry Freddie." She said quietly, peaking out from her curly bangs nervously, like a child about to be scolded. Her innocent act.

"Oh. I see." And he should have seen it coming. They hung out every Wednesday afternoon and Friday night, she went to all his tennis games, and he was tutoring her in Science for summer school. Freddie was better at Science than Thomas, and Mackenzie knew it.

"It's not your fault Freddie, it's mine. You'll still be my friend right?" she looked up at him, her blue eyes looking so gentle, when really they were full of stress and lies. Naturally she was pretending, she'd dumped so many guys before she could probably do it in her sleep.

"Wow, that's gotta sting. The 'It's not you it's me' thing, AND you still wanna be friends. I'll hand it to you McHully, you really know how to dump 'em." Sam suddenly came out of now where and took a seat next to Freddie at the table.

"How long have you been listening?" Mackenzie asked angrily. Mackenzie had always hated Sam, partly because she called her by her last name, McHully, and there was the "accident" in the bio lab that had involved a "minor power outage" and a "extreme amount of frog blood". Lots of frog blood. Mackenzie had always tried to prove it was Sam, but no one believe her except Freddie. He knew it was Sam cuz he knew her. After that he was even secretly proud of her.

"I've been here long enough to know you're dumping the mighty Benson over here." Sam smirked, and poked Freddie harshly in the shoulder. Of she had to come here, sit next to him, watch him get dumped, and then cause him pain. Sure, it was minor pain, but it wasn't making anything better.

"It's ok. You can leave now Mackenzie. I understand." Sam rolled her eyes at Freddie statement, then crossed her arms.

"Thanks Freddie, I'll talk to you later. Bye Sam." Mackenzie glared at Sam before leaving Subs 101, her favourite place to dump guys.

Soon as she was out the door Freddie groaned and put his head on the table.

"Subs 101, it never fails. Did you know she's dumped close to 20 guys here?" Sam asked Freddie, lifting his head off the table by his hair.

"Why'd you come here?" he asked, ignoring the pain in his head.

She dropped his head and it hit the table with a sudden thunk. Surprisingly, it barely hurt at all.

"I heard that she was gonna dump you, here of course, and I figured I could warn you before you left the pool with her. You were gone to quick though, so I figured I'd come her and laugh at you, then maybe try to cheer you up, because crying people freak me out." Sam shrugged at the end, and started down at her shoes, like they'd suddenly grown horns.

"Wow…thanks Sam."

"Carly would've if she was here, but she's off visiting her cousins in Canada, and besides us, Freddifer, you have almost no friends."

"Thanks" he said sarcastically, then let out another sigh.

"You're not done being depressed yet? This being a friend gig is harder than I thought."

"I just wish I could get my revenge, make her want me, regret dumping me! I want to make her jealous!!"

"Sounds like my kind of thing. Are you gonna try?" her powerful eyes searched his for an answer, but the direct eye contact only made him lost focus.

"I n-n-need a fake girlfriend." He stammered out. Luckily Sam blinked and looked away.

"Ask Carly."

"She's in Canada for the rest of the summer and I need to start this by next week!"

"Right. Well, have fun with that."

"Will you be my girlfriend?" her eyes avoided his.


"Will you be my fake girlfriend? You said it's your thing, and it is! You can help make her jealous, so we'll get to watch her squirm!"

"I won't be able to make her jealous Freddork." Sam pointed out, blowing a piece of hair out of her face.

"Sure you can. You're funny, pretty, and it's great to watch you get violent! Sure it suck to be a part off, but man it's fun to watch. Besides that you're loud, crazy, fun…" he trailed off smiling at the end.

The he looked over at Sam, who looked very surprised.

"Um, so anyhow, be my fake girlfriend?"

"I…guess…so…" Sam stuttered, still not sure if he has said all that.

"Yes! Ok, so we'll meet at the Groovy Smoothie tomorrow at 10am, to plan everything."

"Wait, what's in it for Mama?"

"Free food on all the dates."

"Duh. And?"

"Free smoothies all summer."


"I'll give you my pen that writes in five different colours."


They shook on it, and just like that Freddie had a fake girlfriend. At least, for now.

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