I had to choose some state so I chose something random on a map, then I made up the name, so the school is not real but the name is close to my own. I decided to make this 'cause I read so many and wanted to try, this probally wont continue but it may while I am still in school. Some of the days may base off of my days at school but mostly none of them wont. Also I am in 6th grade but since Zak was 12 in my other FnaFiction, but turned 13 in the episode that was on the 9th of January I decided to put him in 7th Grade, making a possible sequel to be made if this is completed for an 8th Grade year. If you have your opinion or request please R&R or PM me. I DO NOT APPRECIATE FLAMERS!! IF IT IS A FLAME I WILL PUT IT OUT WITH THE FIREMAN(ADMINS) WITH A PHONE CALL(ALERT)!!!


Zak Goes To Middle School

Zak Saturday goes to WoodCave Middle School in Idaho after one month of finding out hes Kur. Zak makes some new friends but reunites with an old one too. But WoodCave has some secrets. Will Zak be able to fight till the end with his friends? Or will they turn on him?

Chapter 1, WoodCave Middle School

One month after finding out I was Kur without anyone knowing but my parents, Drew Saturday and Solemen "Doc" Saturday, my awesome Uncle Doyle Blackwell, and my brothers Fiskerton Phantom Saturday a seven foot tall gorilla-cat with light brown bushy hair, and a genetically altered green scaled komodo dragon called Komodo Saturday, and my pterodactyl sister Zon Saturday. My brother Fiskerton and my sister Zon were cryptids that we had adopted into our family. Oh! I frogot to tell my name. Zakary Solemen Saturday, though everyone calls me Zak Saturday, or just Zak and I'm 12 years old. My parents were about to tell me something at six o'clock on one of the days we weren't chasing cryptids. That was our job. My parents were Secret Scientist who are scientist that study things other scientist don't believe in, we were stuck with cryptids. But we also hunted down the ancient evil king of cryptids, Kur, which, like I had told you, is me. My family won't tell anyone because I would be hunted down by others so they could use my power. I didn't blame them, I would have never told anyone either. Zak looked up at his parents, my mother had white, long hair while my father had black hair with a white scetchy line in it. I had black ahir with a white star in the front, I admit my hair was pretty cool, but the white kind of looked silver-ish.

"Zak," Drew said trying to get my attention, "your going to middle school."

Everything was silent. . . . Until--

"NO!!" I shouted on top of my lungs and it bounced off the walls increasing the loudness. Everyone covered their ears, "Why!? You never made me go in the past, so why now!?" I argued.

"Honey, honey," My mom told me, trying to calm me down while putting her hands on my shoulders. "We, including the Secret Scientist, agree that you need an acual education and learn like all of us did, in a school."

That made me cross my hands and shrug off her hands from my shoulder while turning away from them. How could they! It was so unfair! But since I couldn't argue to my parents when they made up their minds with the Secret Scientist backing them up I sigh, defeated for once. "When am I going?" I asked.

"Tomorrow. All you need to do is get to know the school that we chose, get some new cloths to put on, and grab your back pack to prepare it. We already got your school stuff." Doc answered my question, it appealed to him that he didn't like Zak going to school either but still agreed to it.

Again I shighed and walked back to my room wiht Fiskerton, Komodo, and Zon. When I got to my room I started looking through my closet to see where I had my normal cloths at, Fiskerton was talking to me about how upset I was. Making fun of me. I just kept rolling my eyes everytime he made a comment, Komodo said nothing while Zon left them. I looked through my cloths and spotted a black jacket on the ground and picked it up, I tried it on to see if it still fit. It did and I looked good in it too even though it was leathery with some pocket on the sides by the zipper. Next I spotted an orange shirt that didn't have my family's insignia on it, the dark orange dragon-like S that I was wearing now. I tried it on and it fit me too and I tried on my black jacket as well and they looked good together, I looked over it with my dark yellow pants and black shoes.

1. Find An Outfit. Check!

I put back on my regular cloths and put the orange shirt and jacket including one of my dark yellow pants and started to walk down the airship hallway to where I could find my parents to see what my school would be.

2. Find Out What My School Was Like.

3. Get My Back Pack.

4. Get Something to Eat.

5. Go to bed.

I made a list in my mind for the day while the door to the living room of the airship. Since my family's house was destroyed we lived in hour giantgantic airship we had. My parents were there sitting on the blue coach together talking. I walked over to them and asked, "Oaky, what place of torture am I going to?"

Drew rolled her eyes at my remark and replied, "WoodCave Middle School in Idaho."

"See, even its name is wierd!" I shouted walking away to go to a computer that we had. I got to the computer room we had, it was filled with three computers, a table, and some technology I didn't know the name of. I got to one of the computer that wasn't hooked up to anything but the plug in and turned it on. They were an advanced style computers so they loaded up fast. I clicked on the internet and looked up 'WoodCave Middle School' on Google. It came up with many suggestion, but I didn't bother to look at the rest when I clicked on the first one. It took the page to a website with brown background and some list at the top in a row. It had a picture as a signature with the words "WoodCave Middle School" in blue and with a picture of a black wolf snarling. I guess teh school colors are black, blue, and brown while the mascot is a wolf, I shrugged satisfied with that about the school. I looked down to the filed list.

Home. About Us. Information. Departments. Activities. Athletics.

I moved my mous above the Departments and it gave me another list. How many links are there!, I complained in my mind and read it over.

6th Grade

7th Grade

I stopped there and clicked on 7th Grade and it dragged the page away to bring the smae background and snarling wolf but with some writing below the list on the page.

7th Grade

7th graders are assigned to one teacher for each of their subjects in school of Social Studies, Math, Science and English. They are required to take one semester of P.E. and Health. They may select one elective class if they wish.

I read and looked below it sighing, it listed all the teachers' names. I looked at it with disinterest then clicked over to Home again. I put my mouse over About Us expecting another list, and what luck! Another list appeared! I growled, irrated and angry that I had to go to school but he couldn't help to be nervous. I went over to to what said 'Principle Coden's Message' and clicked on it then read over what it said. It talked about how he wanted the school and the students to be the best, how WoodCave was a good school, and their wish for the school. I already mad, and nervous clicked out of the window and turned off the computer. Fiskerton and Komodo must have left me because they weren't there when he turned around. I even think they knew about me going to school! I yelled in my mind, they both were laughing at me when my parents called. Now that just made me frustrated with them. Oh! How much he wanted to get back at them! I grumbled to myself and marched to my room. I grabbed my back pack and put it by my door, knowing my parents they already put everything I needed in my back pack with my lunch in the fridge, but just to check I looked into my back and placed the Claw in there snickering to myself. I should be catious about school, shouldn't I? I though to myself and placed everything I didn't need that my mom probally added away inside my closet and put it back by my door. I got my pajamas on and slipped into my bed after burshing my teeth. While I began to fall asleep I muttered to myself, "Tomorrow is going to be a harsh day. . . ."

Alrighty then! I'm sorry that it wasn't the Secret Saturday and Kingdom Hearts CrossOver but I wanted to write this so yeah. I hoped you enjoyed this and like I said up above, if you have any requast or questions Review or PM me. Anyways, I tried hard on this with slight Writers Block, but I will write another chapter tomorrow and maybe post it. Well, bye! :D

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