The Story Of You & Me

Chapter 1

Shane's P.O.V

"Thank you very much officer" I said holding a blanket in my arms with a little baby girl inside it.

I had got home from the recording studio to find a police motor parked outside my house then when I got out my car, the police man came out and told me about the girl being an orphan and asked if I would look after her so I said yes.

Now inside I shut the door with my foot and went to sit down on the couch with the little girl in my arms sleeping away silently.

As I watched her, I wondered what on earth I was going to call her for the police officer said he couldn't find anything like birth certificates so I had to pick the name myself.

"Mandy nah not good enough, Millly no not that either what does she look like oh I know she looks like a Cindy that's it you're name's Cindy, hello little Cindy" I said rocking the baby gently and smiling to myself at what I now had.

Seven years later....

"Come on Cindy, you're going to be late for school."

"Sorry dad, I couldn't find my backpack but I can go now."

I sighed to myself, Cindy had always been the same when growing up, couldn't find anything but found it like within minutes of lossing it.

"Okay let's go."

I got Cindy out into my car, got her buckled into the back seat of the car and started driving whilst listening to the radio.

A couple of years after I had got Cindy, I had dropped out of the band only to find it collapsed only two days later without me and I hadn't heard from Jason or Nate in three years so I wasn't sure what they were doing now.

Once I got to the school, Cindy asked me to take her in just like always and just like always I went in with her and walked her to her class.

Once we reached the class, I walked in with her and walked up to the teacher who was facing away form us but I could tell from this distance it was a he.

"Excuse me, sir, I have my daughter Cindy Gray here to leave you to teach so...."

"Shane Gray" The teacher intrupted me turning around and I gasped. It was Nate Little, still with his curly hair.

"Nate" I said dropping Cindy's hand and hugging my fellow band mate and best friend.

"Shane how you been" Nate asked me looking me over before looking at Cindy.

"Good, Good, Cindy's not my actuall daughter but she feels like it."

Nate smiled, I had totaly missed his smile when I quit the band cause his smile always got me and Jason hyped up for a concert and for after it.

"Er Nate, where does Jason stay now?" I asked wondering about my other ex bandmate.

"Oh he's the swim teacher at this school but he lives with his mom and dad up state."

I nodded, said goodbye to Cindy and Nate then went outside the classroom to try and find Jason and talk to him.

I was walking about lost for what seemed like ages when a loud male voice echoed.

"May I help you mister, you look lost."

I turned round to look into the eyes of Jason Black and stopped where I was.

Jason's brown hair was now darker but shorter and straight just like always.

"Shane, Shane Gray is that you" Jason said smiling and walking up to me.

"Yeah how have you been Jason."

"Good, Good and you."

I opened my mouth about to say something and I felt myself being pulled back then I woke up screaming.

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