Chapter 6

Once the police arrived, I took my gaze from Jason and fixed them on Nate and Cindy who were looking like they couldn't believe what it was that was happening.

I knew I couldn't, for the many thoughts that were filling my head right now was why did someone kill Jason like that and why at this time when there would probably be many witness about. It just didn't add up when Jason was loved and adored by many. This was obviously not some big joke but then who, what, why, where, when? These questions seemed to run round in my brain for a while before I realized Nate was shaking me, trying to get me to come over and speak to the police with him so I obeyed walking to the back to the front as I had paced further back without realizing as I was thinking just a little while ago about what was happening.

My questions were answered as soon as me and Nate reached the police who had managed to gather all the evidence that they could.

"Been dead for at least half hour, Did any of you see anything?" We both shook our heads at the police-man's words before a lonely voice spoke up from somewhere in the crowd.

"I did."

The girl stepped forward and I noticed that she had straight brown hair with a square fringe and big brown eyes just bursting with news.

"Name?" The police-woman who was with the man asked the girl who shook slightly as she answered back.

"Mitchie, Mitchie Torres."

"Okay Mitchie, what did you see?"

"Well..." Mitchie started before launching full into the story.

"I had just arrived with my friends Tess Tyler and Caitlyn Geller, we got here about half past one and Jason was arguing with some guy, something about not being able to go out because he had a signing and was wanting to see an old friend or something. Anyway, Jason grew tried of the argument eventually and moved to the table so he sat down then a large noise erupted around us then the next second, Jason slumped down on the desk dead."

"So, you didn't see who it was that killed Jason Black then, Miss Torres?" The police-man asked taking down all of Mitchie's notes but also being on alert just in-case the guy came back.

"No but the guy that Jason was arguing with seemed really annoyed like as if he was maybe about to do something like shoot Jason. I don't really know, that's just the feeling that I got when he passed by me" Mitchie replied looking down before looking back up at the police officer as if scared that the guy would get angry with her or something.

"Just one more questions miss" And Mitchie looked relived before she tensed up again at the question "Did you by any chance get the guy's name?"

Shaking a lot more than she had when answering what her name was, Mitchie nodded before uttering out only two words.

"Luke Gallagher."

And that's when I knew.

It had got to be him, Luke was doing this to get Jason's money, it all made sense now. He would just have to do something before he hurt anyone else.


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