Some post-holidays crack for the Elisabeth category. A little late for Christmas carols, I know. Props to whoever gets the last line. Seriously. It would make my day.

Disclaimer- None of this is mine. Not Elisabeth or the carol I ripped off. :)

Rudolf The Angsty Hapsburg

Rudolf the angsty Hapsburg (Hapsburg)

Had a very tragic life (really tragic)

His mother forgot she loved him (loved him)

And he didn't like his wife (he liked Mary)

All of the other Hapsburgs (Hapsburgs)

Laughed at him behind their fans (HA, flap, HA!)

They never knew poor Rudolf (Rudolf)

Had secret suicidal plans

Then one night at Mayerling

Der Tod came to say (dressed like Mary!)

Rudolf with your tragic life,

Let me shoot you dead tonight

Then all the fangirls loved him (loved him)

As the shouted with a squeal (EEE!)

Rudolf, you angsty Hapsburg (Hapsburg)

You can do it with oatmeal!