Title: And They Lived Happily Ever After

Summary: Drabble! /Sarah Palmer was a lot of things, and "dreamer" happened to be one of them./ TomxSarah, AxelxSarah

Genre: Romance

Rating: T


Silent Knight: I only own the plot for this drabble the drabble itself. So..enjoy! :)

Silent Knight over and out!

And They Lived Happily Ever After


Sarah Palmer was a lot of things, and "dreamer" happened to be one of them. When she was about 4 years old, all she could think about was the stories her father would always read to her. About the lovely princess and the handsome, charming prince and the "happily ever after" the two always shared. Of course, in between, there was a witch and a tower and a dragon that needed to be slayed, but Sarah never really liked to go into details. Whenever it was time to go to sleep, though, she was all about them. She wanted to know every single thing that happened to the princess, every single thing that happened to the prince and every single thing that happened in a castle far, far away. Specifics were the things she cherished then.

All her life until the ripe age of 8 - although, she had always thought about her fairytale until she was 15. It was a little too embarrassing to even think inside her head - she thought about her happy ending, about her wedding and about her very own prince charming. He would have to top all the others, wearing gleaming armor and riding a beautiful, white horse. He would have the be the most gentle, caring and loving - not to mention handsome - man to ever land on the face of the Earth, but most of all, he had to love her and her only. That had been what she had wanted, what she craved in a man that would marry her and take her to their castle in some land unheard of. It would the most wonderful, romantic fairytale with a blooming ending that would enchant anyone who would hear it.

And when she had finally gotten Tom Hanniger as her boyfriend, the tiny part of her that still clung onto those wonderful tales knew that he was the One. Her prince charming that had rescued her from her boring life and was to whisk her off her feet with a breathtaking kiss and would marry her and love her only. Tom was a gentleman and definitely a sight for sore eyes; he was everything Sarah wanted - needed, and she found herself falling deeply in love with him.

That is, until, he left her after that unfortunate Harry Warden incident that had occurred in Hanniger Mines. Her soul and heart had been crushed, and she weeped for many long hours, just thinking about him and how he left her by herself, alone. And Sarah didn't like being alone. Although, part of her knew that he would be back for her - that he would eventually come for her and whisk her off her feet and take her with him and they would live with one another until they grow old and have grandchildren. But that never happened...Tom never showed up.

Sarah had then lost all hope.

But then, Axel became her shoulder to cry on - the one she could depend on - her bestest friend in the universe after Irene became a bitch and dumped Axel and practically shunned Sarah. Axel became the one who was always there for her, day in and day out, and she found herself falling in love again. She found herself dreaming about her perfect fairytale again. Though, a part of her cried out for Tom, but that part of her was quickly muted out forever by her endless love and devotion for Axel.

But that never meant that that part of her ever quieted.