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(Warehouse, outskirts of D.C.)

"Just a minute," the scientist said, grumbling to himself.

"Sorry, we don't have a minute," wise assed Tony, holding his NCIS badge up.

"The door was locked!"

"Not anymore," Ziva butted in as she pocketed her lock picks.

"What do you guys want?"

"Nice car, big house, money, just to name a few things," joked Tony dryly.

"Where were you yesterday evening, around 5 pm," Ziva asked, giving Tony a small smile.

"Why do you want to know that?"

"Cause she has a gun and would like to use it on you. Now answer her," Tony remarked.

"I was here."

"Alone?" Ziva inquired.

"Yes. The whole day."

"That's strange, cause your partner, who by the way has turned up dead this morning, was seen leaving this facility around 4:50 pm," Tony pointed out.

"I haven't seen him since two days," the doctor stated, fumbling with the controls of one of his machines.

"Looks like a canon," Tony thought inwardly, "And he's playing with it... Oh shit!"

Before the senior field agent could have reacted, the machine sprung to life.

"Ziva!" Tony screamed alarmed as his partner was hit by the strange orange beam of light the machine emitted.

"Ow," unable to move away from the beam, the Israeli sagged to the floor and lost consciousness.

Tony reacted instantly. He sprinted the few meters to his partner and pulled her away from where the beam had kept hitting her.

Quickly checking Ziva's breathing and finding it shallow but there, Tony concentrated on the scientist.

"Stop!" he told the fleeing doctor.

"What the hell was that!" He angrily demanded. The scientist just gave him a smug smile.

"You'll see," the doctor laughed as Tony cuffed him to a table leg.

However any reply died in Tony's throat when he heard a soft moan coming from the direction of where his partner still lay on the floor. His anger momentarily forgotten, he rushed over to Ziva ad knelt beside her.

The agent's eyes skimmed for any visibled injury. "Shh, lie still," he tried to soothe his friend, concerned.

Though Ziva had none of it and struggled into a sitting position.

"What happened," she asked confused.

"'Doc Evil', over there, started the machine up," Tony quietly told her as he motioned to the other side of the room, "It's beam hit you and you lost consciousness."

"How do you feel?"

"Dizzy," Ziva told him after a moment of hesitation.

"We should take you to the ER. Let you get checked out."


"Ziva..." Tony sighed disapprovingly.

"Ducky can do that too, yes?"

"You sure?"

"Yes." She slowly nodded.

"'K, just give me a minute to call local PD. There's no way I'll let that dirtbag get near you. PD can take him back to the Navy Yard."

After the police officer finally had showed up and secured the doctor, Tony and Ziva were on their way back themselves.

"Hey Sweetcheeks, you still with me?" Tony asked his partner, who due to feeling sick, had opted for reclining on the backseats of their car.


"We'll be there soon."