A/N: I had such a difficult time categorizing this one! In my mind, this is a story about Puck and Finn, even if they aren't referred to by name! Also, I don't own Glee. but IMO Rachel deserves to have these boys chasing her for a change!


Jonathan first notices them in the bookstore before the movie.

He and Rachel are browsing in the music section, she's got the Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Musical Stage out and he's reading over her shoulder. One of the things he really enjoys about her is their shared interests. He thinks that it may be a little shallow of him, but he really couldn't be with someone who isn't musical. This point of view sometimes makes things awkward given how many of his Vocal Adrenaline team members he's dated. Oh well. Sometimes show choir is just like that.

Of course, going out with someone from a rival squad may also be challenging, especially at they get closer to Regionals. Vocal Adrenaline has owned Regionals for years and he can't help wondering if Rachel will be up for the victory party. They've already put a deposit down on the Terrace Room at the Westin. He can tell that performing is important to her, but Rachel doesn't seem like the kind of girl who holds a grudge. At least he hopes not, because he's starting to really like her. She's gorgeous, she's obviously intelligent and her smile is amazing. Possibly, she's a little intense, but unquestionably Rachel is the most talented singer he's ever been with. Sometimes he thinks she may almost be as good as he is. He actually woke up this morning thinking about duets; their voices would sound amazing together.

She's still immersed in her book when he hears a few muttered words in the next stack over, possible ending in "Rachel." Curious, he takes a step or two to the end-cap and sees two guys, about his age, just around the corner in the cooking section. He frowns because there's something so familiar about them, but he can't quite put his finger on it. Hmmm. They aren't from Carmel and he doesn't recognize them from the gym or from his volunteer work. Jon studies the tall one: brown hair, handsome in a boyish way. He must be a little distracted or possibly confused because he's holding Cooking the Italian Way upside down. Next to him, staring at the shelves is another guy, shorter, more muscular with a distinctive haircut. (It's important for future stars to be diplomatic.) He briefly catches the eye of the taller one and the boy flushes and turns away, grabbing the arm of the arm of the other one and retreating to the self-help aisle.

Sweet. Must be a first date. Still, he knows he's seen them someplace before. Maybe his fan club?

He sees them again at the movies. As he's buying himself and Rachel each a small popcorn and soda, the tall one buys popcorn and Milk Duds and Junior Mints and Reeces Pieces and Twizzlers and two giant sized slushies. On their way back into the theatre, Jon gives him a small wave (he's supportive)--and the guy walks into a cardboard cut-out of Brad Pitt. The slushies go flying one way, the candy another. He would stay to help clean up but the previews are starting and he doesn't want to keep Rachel waiting. As he heads back to his seat, he thinks she looks slightly annoyed for a moment, but as soon as she sees him, she's all smiles. The one with the hair is sitting seven rows up from them and is scowling. Poor guy. He probably thinks the tall one is ditching him.

He and Rachel hold hands during the movie, which is enjoyable. Less enjoyable is the person in the back with the bad cold. He can tell it irritates Rachel too, because she keeps squeezing his hand harder and harder. All the coughing is seriously distracting and he can't help thinking about the dangers of H1N1 or other contagions an enclosed space. Just in case he pulls a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer out of his jacket pocket. He does have a performance next week.

As they walk out they talk about the movie, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and they both agree that it would have been better with more singing, which leads them directly to Sweeney Todd. And then they're so busy debating the merits of the film version of the music versus the Broadway version--he has both on his Ipod--that the conversation lasts the entire drive home. It gets a little heated actually. She can be firm in pressing her point.

As they pull up to the curb in front of her house she smiles up at him. He opens the passenger door and walks her to her doorstep. He's about to lean in for a kiss--which he thinks is just about right for a second date when a car alarm down the street goes off. Then another one. Which seems odd, because Rachel's neighborhood is a nice one, but the mood is apparently broken. Rachel reaches up to kiss his cheek--why are those dogs barking?--tells him again what a nice night she had and slips inside.

On his way home, he remembers where he's seen those two, the tall one and the one with the hair, before. Right! New Directions! He'd seen their Sectionals performance, of course. His musical director has all the Invitational and Sectional performances in the state taped, so they can study the competition. He had been so blown away by Rachel's performance that he hadn't paid much attention to the supporting ensemble, but now that he thinks about it, the tall one is the male lead (a little flat in parts and his rhythm needs work). And the one with the hair is just a background singer, but moves fluidly enough.

He'll have to remember to tell Rachel that he saw the two of them tomorrow. Maybe she'll want to double-date.


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