Hopes and Dreams

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Chapter 16: Epilogue: The Dawn of a New Age

Eowyn stood alone upon the white walls of Minas Tirith, her expression wistfull. The sun was rising in the East and the pale blue sky was flecked with burnished gold, streaks of warm pink mingling within the low clouds that scudded across the sky, blown by a warm breeze. A year had passed since the fall of the Dark Lord, and the world was changing. Indeed much had already changed; Aragorn was now the rightful King of Gondor, his wife Arwen its ageless Queen; Faramir was Prince of Ithilien and remained Steward of the White City...and she herself was now his wife. A slight disbelieving laugh escaped the Lady of Ithien at that as memories of the previous night flashed before her.

Eowyn stood before a full length mirror gazing at her reflection. A blush coloured her cheeks as she took in the shape of her body beneath the diaphonous bridal shift her maids had dressed her in, a touch of excitement mingling with her nerves. Faramir, her wonderful husband, awaited her in the next room. She looked down at her hand, smiling at the golden band he had paced upon her slim finger; he had chosen well, it was of two running horses twisted around a perfectly crafted, tiny image of the white tree itself.

After a while Eowyn shewed her maids away, and giggling, they fled into the hallway to leave the young maiden to final her preparations. She brushed out the crown of plaits and flowers that had adorned her head for the wedding, letting her hair hang loose the way she knew Faramir loved. A shaking sigh escaped her as she ran tremulous hands over her gown, smoothing away non-existent creases, knowing she had naught left to do save to make her way to her lover. Soft noises travelled from behind the closed door before her. The glugging of wine, the rustle of a bedsheet, the gentle click of a closing door...He was waiting for her now, alone.

The White Lady turned the handle and stepped out into the bridal chamber, a small smile upon her face. The room smelt of lavender, and rose petals were strewn about the floor and upon the sheets, candles and moonlight casting a soft glow that fought back the shadows.

"Meleth nin," Faramir's voice was deep and husky with emotion, his eyes shining with tears of happiness.

Eowyn nervously brushed back a tendril of her unruly hair as he rose off the bed to meet her. He stood slowly, his shirt billowing about him, and Eowyn saw that he too wore the same diaphanous material as she. Her eyes travelled over his body as he neared her, her heart beating faster at the knowledge that his eyes also took in each curve of her flesh. His dark eyes bored into her own as he stood before her then, and though it was clear he desired her greatly, the love brimming forth from his gaze was what truely struck her. She smiled broadly at him, her hand touching the side of his face gently.

"I love you, husband..." she whispered. A laugh escaped her as he grinned excitedly and pulled her towards him in a gentle embrace.

"Oh, Eowyn...This is like a dream..." he murmured against the top of her head.

"It has been a dream for many months now, but it is not any longer," she said into his chest, turning her head upwards to gaze into his eyes once more.

And at that Faramir stooped and pressed his full lips against her own gently, his hand stroking her hair and straying down to her bare shoulders, his touch leaving a trail of icy fire in its wake. Before long their kiss deepened, longing and passion fighting for release. Faramir led her to the bed and they lay down, his lips never leaving hers until she sighed and he began trailing kisses down her neck, his hands gently untying the laces holding her gown in place, slipping beneath it. His breath was hot against her skin, and Eowyn trembled with desire, sitting up so that her gown slid from her shoulders, revealing milky white skin. She leaned into his touch, her own hands emboldened now and tugging against his clothes. Faramir pulled his shirt over his head and leaned down over her, kissing and teasing each inch of her exposed skin as she ran her hands over the flat planes of his lean, muscled chest and farther still. A deep moan escaped him and Eowyn renewed her efforts, pleased when his breeches slipped over his narrow hips. His strong hands removed her shift and he looked into her eyes.

"I love you Eowyn," he whispered.

"And I you," she smiled, pulling him closer, closer...

Finally they were united, their bodies moving in time with one another, in utter harmony, their soft moans mingling and rising.

"Goodmorning, my beautiful wife," Faramir crept up to her silently, his hands catching her about the waist as he whispered in her ears, rousing her from her recollections. She smiled widely as he leant beside her, his keen eyes looking out upon the new day as light bathed the lands in glory. Eowyn's eyes strayed to the leafy lands of Ithilien and excitement coursed through her veins. Today Faramir would take her to their new home. Today shadows of the past would be left behind, forgotten. Today a new age would begin.


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