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Distant Communication

(Person 1/ person 2) "In unison/in unison"

(5D's) "This symbol indicates the card is created by yours truly. All rights go to me."

(A/N): "This last chapter, I'll make it into a Song-Fic. All rights of the song goes to Kra."

Jason: Now let's ger up to speed with YuGiOh! 5D's: After the match with Akiza Izinski, Yusei finally realized his Signer mark! So it's time to find answers from Goodwin! He then learned from Jack that he didn't exactly leave the Satellite on a whim; he was actually invited by Goodwin in exchange for bringing Yusei's Stardust Dragon card. So he kidnapped Rally and sent him out to sea, knowing Yusei would put his friends ahead of his own cards. While the duel went underway, Yusei held his ground pretty well. But when Jack brought out his Red Dragon Archfiend, the real battle has just started! Can Yusei prove his worth and defeat the Master of Faster? Let's hop on, rev it up, and find out in this explosive Season Finale!"

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Stardust Accelerator

Final Ride 45: The Fortune Cup Finale

Part 2: Stardust Dragon, Accelerate!

"Welcome back to the Fortune Cup finale, where the Master of Faster Jack Atlas already has a commanding lead!" the MC announced, "Can the Satellite Shooting Star Yusei Fudo catch up? Or will this be his final lap? Let's watch and see!"

Luna looked up at the sky and gasped, "What's that?"

Everyone else looked and saw that the skies were ominously clouded over.

"I don't think the forecast called for scary purple clouds!" Leo said, scared.

"It's... a sign...!" Yanagi whimpered, "The Crimson Dragon is coming! And if he's coming then we should all get going!"

"Take it easy, gramps. I mean, it's probably just some acid rain drifting in from the Satellite," Tanner assured.

Inside Goodwin's private box...

"It's the sign we've been waiting for," Goodwin said, pleased at the dark clouds, "Soon the Crimson Dragon will awake from its long slumber."

"Um, just one question about all that," Lazar said to Goodwin, "I thought we needed five Signers, no? At this point, we just have the four: the little girl, Akiza, Yusei, and Jack. Besides, are we even sure we can control the Dragon's power once it's been summoned? Perhaps Trudge had a point..."


"Director? Look, sir, there's something I've gotta say," he protested, "It's my official position that you need to stop this tournament."

"I thought your 'official position' was mall security," Goodwin replied, taking a sip of wine from the glass in his hand.

"Very funny. But I feel this tournament is cursed or something! You witnessed the damage of the last duel! I'm concerned things are gonna get worse!"

...End Flashback.

"Lazar, don't you trust me? You see, I know the fifth Signer."

"Oh. That's cool. If you know, then I'll just watch this match and rela-," but realizing what he just heard, the Vice Director gasped, "Wait, you know? Who is it? Ah-are they here? How exciting! Then that means we can unlock all of its power!"

"That's right, Lazar. But first, we must see if we can harness the immense power the Crimson Dragon's summoning will create."

Back at the duel...

"It's time to put you in your place, Yusei! And by the way: since my Dark Tinker is a V2 monster, I get to draw 1 card from my deck!" Jack announced as drew his card, and then he twisted his duel-runner 90-degrees, facing his opponent, "Red Dragon Archfiend! Send that Junk Warrior back to the scrapheap! Go, Absolute Powerforce!" the red dragon plowed its scorching claws into the recyclable warrior and destroyed it.

Yusei: 1900 (3)

Jack: 2800 (3)

Then Jack turned his runner back forward, "Finally, I throw down 3 face-downs and end my turn!"

"It's my turn, Jack!" Yusei started his turn, "And It's time I even up the playing field! First I activate my trap, Descending Lost Star! This lets me summon a monster back from my graveyard in DEF mode, as long as I lower it one level, and its DEF points to 0. So now by powering down my Junk Warrior, I can then bring it back out to my field," Junk Warrior returned to the field (DEF: 0) Then I summon the tuner-monster, (1) Hyper Synchron V2(1600/800)!" a portal opened and released a small, bulky robot. It had crimson armor and a yellow metal torso. On its back a winged jetpack was equipped (ATK: 1600), "And now I tune Junk Warrior with my Hyper Synchron, in order to synchro-summon Stardust Dragon!" the machine opened its chest to release four synchro-gates. They surrounded Junk Warrior as Yusei chanted:

"Clustering hopes will become a new shining star! Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro Summon! Take flight, Stardust Dragon!"

In a flash of power, Stardust Dragon exploded from the synchro-jet (ATK: 2500). Then the Marks on Yusei, Jack, Luna, Akiza and Jason started glowing.

"Welcome to the party, Stardust," Jack greeted the dragon with a smile.

Back at the stands, Katherine spotted Gabriella clutching her own bandaged arm...

MC: "This is the moment we've been waiting for! So get ready, 'cause these two beasts are about to battle it out! It's Dragon vs. Dragon!"

In the research center, Zixzix monitored the entire duel through the D-Tector. The generator was overflowing with energy, "Incredible! Director, are you getting all this? The readings are off the charts!" he laughed dramatically, "THE CRIMSON DRAGOOOON... is here!"

Back at the duel...

"And now, Hyper Synchron's special ability activates!" Yusei called, "You see, Jack, when it's part of a synchro-summon, the new monster gets an extra 800 ATK points! So now my Stardust Dragon's got 3300!" as the spirit of Hyper Synchron entered Stardust's body, the dragon roared with its new power-up.

Stardust Dragon: (ATK: 3300)

"Well then I guess I'll play my trap card: Tuner Capture!" Jack flipped one of his face-downs, "This enables me to take control of the monster you used to make your synchro-summon happen. What goes around comes around, Yusei!" Yusei's tuner was summoned to Jack's side (ATK: 1600).

MC: "Whoa! While Yusei's Hyper Synchron goes Benedict Arnold, Jack out-monsters him two to one!"

"Well then, Stardust Dragon, why don'tcha even up the playing field!" Stardust took a deep breath for an attack.

"Come on! That pathetic dragon's no match for me and my deck!" Jack laughed, "I trigger the trap card Tuner's Mine! And this is just one example of why I'm the Master of Faster, and you're a worthless wannabe! Now I can de-tune my Dragon to double my defense," Red Dragon Archfiend separated its fearsome body into Dark Tinker and Twin Sword Marauder (DEF: 1300/1000), forcing Yusei into Replay.

'Oh, man. If I don't take out 'is Twin Sword Marauder, he'll just use it to bring out his Red Dragon Archfiend all over again next round. Guess that leaves me just one thing to do... ' "Stardust Dragon! Attack Twin Sword Marauder with Cosmic Flare!" Stardust fired on the warrior, but its attack was intercepted by Dark Tinker, destroying it instead, "No way!"

"Surprise, surprise! Y'see my trap forces you to attack my Dark Tinker. When're you gonna learn that you'll never be a match for me, Yusei? I'll beat you in front of the whole world, just like I beat you way back in the Satellite."

"Well that was then and this is now! Go, Synchro Blast!" Yusei's trap blasted Jack with more damage.

Yusei: 1900 (5)

Jack: 2300 (5)

"Thanks to that trap card, when any synchro monster like my Dragon attacks, you automatically lose 500 life-points!"

"The difference between us is that I can afford it! Now I can draw another card!" Jack drew once.

"It won't help you, Jack."

"Oh really, Yusei?" Jack started his turn, "I tune Hyper Synchron with Twin Sword Marauder, in order to synchro-summon Red Dragon Archfiend one more time!" the dragon cast its shadow over Yusei as it stretched its arms. It greeted once more with a fearsome roar (ATK: 3000), "Let's kick this turbo-duel into overdrive," Jack's runner skid backwards, "And just like Hyper Synchron added 800 ATK points to your dragon, now that it's helping me with my synchro-summon, I get to reap the benefits of its power as well. And remember, after I win this, your Stardust Dragon is mine!" Jack's red dragon powered as well.

Red Dragon Archfiend: (ATK: 3800)


"Bring it!" Yusei challenged.

"Consider it brought!" when Red Dragon Archfiend made a fiery clash at Stardust, Yusei's dragon separated them, without even a scratch; except for Yusei's life-points, of course.

Yusei: 1100 (6)

Jack: 2300 (6)

"It looks like you forgot that, since Hyper Synchron was used, neither dragon can be destroyed now!" Yusei said.

"Good thing I've got this, then! My trap Field Cannon!" as soon as Jack activated his reversed continuous-trap, it hit Yusei with a blast of energy, "Now you lose 500 life-points, 'cause I couldn't destroy your monster!"

Yusei: 600 (6)

Jack: 2300 (6)

Leo: "Yusei, no!"

Tanner: "This isn't good. Yusei'd better think of something, fast."

Yanagi: "I couldn't agree with ya more, Tanner! Especially with those clouds circling around like that!"

Sure enough, the dark, murky-grey clouds were indeed swirling with downright unnatural menace. As everyone looked up at the skies, huge red flashes of lightning begin shooting out of the clouds, and form into one huge bolt that struck through the holographic sphere, and separates the two battling dragons.

"Here it comes," Jack said.

"The Crimson Dragon!" Yusei gasped.

The lightning resolved itself into a familiar shape, forming into one pair of wings, two pairs of claws, a barbed tail, and a fearsome lizard's head. The Crimson Dragon has appeared, bellowing a ringing cry.

"I see it, but I do not believe it!" the MC replied.

("It's a third dragon!")

("Hold on, who summoned that thing to the field?")

"The Crimson Dragon! It's...huge...!" Yanagi cried.

And since then, the sensation on Gabriella's arm worsens.

"Your arm's hurt, Gabe!" Katherine said, worried for her sister, "We need you to get help! Now!"

"It's just a little scar; there's nothing to warry about," Gabe assured.

Somewhere over the stands, David witnessed the phenomenon unfolded, "This is getting interesting..."

Even Sayer looked thunderstruck, his eyes twitching uncontrollably, "It can't be... They actually awakened you?"

"Crimson Dragon, welcome to my arena!" Jack greeted the dragon, "Now watch and witness how your future master rules this duel!"

"Jack! Be careful! The Crimson Dragon might rip this place apart and everyone in it!" Yusei warned.

"Don't tell me you're scared. I am a Signer, Yusei Fudo, and this is my destiny!" the Master-of-Faster boasted, "Goodwin told me that the power of the Crimson Dragon will help me save this world!"

'And it shall, Jack. But you will not fight the darkness that is coming alone,' Goodwin replied in his mind, 'Legend says that once all five Signers are gathered, the future can be revealed. So with the power I possess as the fifth Signer, I will now show you what our enemy plans!'

Somewhere else, in a dark chamber of some sort, stood a glowing capsule filled with liquid. The tube contained inside a severed forarm, decorated with crimson marking symbolizing a dragon's head. The light inside glowed brighter.

All the responding Marks of the Dragon reacted! Yusei and Jack looked at theirs, while Luna and Jason. The Crimson Dragon roared and howling winds whip up, obscuring everyone's view. It then swooped down, and grabbed the two duelists in its claws. The beast rose into the sky over the stadium, shining brilliantly as it spreads its wings with an unearthly cry...

When the white light faded, Jack, Yusei, Stardust, and Archfiend were racing along a shining white path on their runners, surrounded on all sides by stars and an empty night sky.

"Where are we?" Yusei wondered.

"Beats me," Jack replied, glancing around the world that had appeared. Behind them, three spheres of crimson light glided along the light road, one containing Luna, the other Jason, and the third, Akiza. The five Signers were gathered into one place, but somehow that fact was outweighed by the power this mysterious road of light seemed to hold.

"Where's the stadium?" Luna cried, "What's going on?"

"That's what I'd like to know..." Jason answered, looking around in wonder at this cosmic track.

Above them, a fiery crimson star appeared, the mighty Dragon Star. Below, the mountains came into view, containing the Stairway to the Dragon Star, which looked as if they had been built the day before. Numerous worshipers bowed down to the temple as five people stepped into view on top.

"Yusei, they look exactly like the People of the Stars!" Jack deducted.

"What are they doing here?" Yusei wondered again.

The five bore the Marks of the Dragon upon their arms, the five marks shining just as brightly as those upon the arms of the current five Signers above.

"Hey, Jack! They're all Signers!"

"Like us! Goodwin told me about these people! He said somehow we're all linked to the Crimson Dragon!"

As the Signers flew over the shrine, they next approached...

"Down there looks a lot like the Satellite, Jack."

As they looked down at it, purple fire erupted from the concrete earth. With unnatural precision, the flames formed a pattern...

"Look there! Is that a giant spider surrounding the Satellite?" Akiza pointed to the ruined city. Surely, the purple flames below them have been drawn as a glittering violet spider.

"I can't believe this is happening!" Yusei forsaken the vision, "We have to stop it!"

"It can't be real...!" Jack said, "Perhaps it's the future!"

"Well if that's the future then we'd better stop this duel right now! We gotta get home!"

"We will... once we finish this."


"Yusei, this is a duel! The Crimson Dragon won't let either of us go back until one of us wins!"

"Come on!"

"Don't you get it? Dueling brought us here and dueling's gonna bring us back home! And whoever wins will show the Crimson Dragon they deserve the power to save the world! And I'm gonna be that person!" Jack sets two reverse-cards and two reverses appeared, "I throw down two face-downs!"

"You're nuts!" Yusei groaned frustratedly as he started his turn, "But if you wanna keep dueling, you'll get more than you bargained for, Jack! I just activated Silver Contrails!" the Satellite activated a speed-spell onto his disk, "It gives one thousand more attack points to any Wind monster on my field! And guess what my mighty beast is!"

Stardust Dragon: (ATK: 4300)

"Stardust Dragon, attack Red Dragon Archfiend and take us home!" Stardust Dragon roared, unleashing the blast of white fire from its maw. Jack cried out in pain as the sparkling flames licked at him.

Yusei: 600 (7)

Jack: 1800 (7)

'That attack... I can feel it! Like it was real!' Jack realized just now, 'I guess the Crimson Dragon wants Yusei and I to play for keeps! Well that's just fine by me!"

"Next I activate my trap, Synchro Blast!" Jack screened again as he took the damage from Yusei's continuous-trap.

Yusei: 600 (7)

Jack: 1300 (7)

And you thought I had short memory," Jack said, short of breath, "Since Hyper Synchron helped summon both our dragons out, neither one can be destroyed in battle!"

"I'll throw down 3 face-downs and end my turn!" three reverses appeared on Yusei's side.

'3 face-downs? Looks like Yusei's makin' his big move...'

(Music begins; mic solo)

'Too bad it's too late! No matter what he's got hidden, my speed-spell will destroy it!' Jack's spirit of both his Mark and his Red Dragon Archfiend stired in his heart as he kicked into overdrive! "Here we... GO!"

Donna ni harareta'tte togireru koto wa nai sa

Yori fukaku e kizamareteyuku

(No matter how far we are apart, I'll still go on.

I'm going to engrave it even deeper.)

Jack started his turn, "I can't slay your dragon, but I can still take out your life-points! Go, Red Dragon Archfiend! Attack!" when the two dragons strike, the stalemate took a tool on Yusei's life-points as he cried out.

Yusei: 100 (8)

Jack: 1300 (8)

"He's really hurt!" Akiza said, "It's just like when I duel people!"

"What was that?" Yusei wondered, "I could feel his attack!"

"That's right, Yusei," Jack replied, "This duel is winner-take-all! and now you'll see what it's like to duel with more than just your life-points on the line!"

Donna sekai ni ita'tte donna basho ni ita'tte

Mata sorezore no unmei ga motsureatteyuku

Hikareau you ni

(No matter what world we live, no matter where we are,

Our fates will get entangled once again.

As if being attracted to one another...

"You don't know if that's true!" Yusei sighed, "But if it is, then I plan on defending myself and taking you down! I activate my trap Crossline Counter! Now if I take battle damage during your turn, I double it and add it as attack points! Plus now my dragon gets to attack you!"

Stardust Dragon: (ATK: 4300)

"Well, what're ya waitin' for?" Jack chuckled.

"Stardust Dragon, let's not keep 'im waiting any longer!"

Stardust's blazing breath burned through Jack's very being. The champion slumped for a moment...

Yusei: 100 (8)

Jack: 800 (8)

Yusei rode over to his side to see if he was okay, "Jack!"

"Don't worry about me!" Jack recovered, "In fact you should be a lot more concerned with yourself! I activate the speed-spell Overboost! So now I get four extra speed-counters this round, completely maxing me out!" Jack gunned his ride and zoomed across the bright track at top speed.

Bokura wa kono hoshi de deau tameni umaretekita no darou

Kono saki ni matsu donna konan o mo koeteyuku tame ni

(Were we born to meet on this planet, I wonder.

As to go and overcome any hardship that awaits us ahead.)

Yusei: 100 (8)

Jack: 800 (12)

"With that much power, there's no telling what he'll play next!" Yusei braced for the worst.

"That's right. So get ready for me to call on one of my favorites; now from my hand, I play the speed-spell End of Storm!" when Jack played his super-rare spell, massive winds blew up, once again obscuring the field, "And with the power of this card, Yusei, I can now put you in your place! And since 'first'-place is going to be all mine, I guess that you'll have to settle for 'second'!"

Donna ni harareta'tte togireru koto wa nai sa

Yori fukaku e kizamareteyuku

(No matter how far we are apart, I'll still go on.

I'm going to engrave it even deeper.)

"I'm not settling for anything, Jack! And that's because Stardust Dragon's special ability can counter your End of Storm!" Yusei released his dragon to calm the storm.

"Perhaps, but at what cost? Just look! That counter only works if you sacrifice Stardust; and with him gone, you're wide-open! Making this the perfect time for my favorite trap: the Sneak Exploder!" Jack's reversed continuous-trap depicts Berserk Gorilla bracing for numerous explosions, "So during your next standby-phase, you lose 500 life-points for every monster on my field! And since I've got the ravenous Red Dragon Archfiend, that means your life-points don't stand a chance!"

Dakara kizutsuku koto o osorezu ni

(So, don't be afraid of getting hurt, and...)

"Oh, no!" Luna cried, "That trap'll finish Yusei off and next round he'll lose!"

"Then he'd better figure something out 'this' round, and quick!" Jason added.

"Then I'd better keep 'this' round going! So I activate Stardust Dragon's special ability, and bring 'im back to the field!" Stardust returned (ATK: 2500), "And then I'll activate the trap. Meteor Stream! This slams you with 1000 points of damage since I special-summoned a monster back from my grave this round! Stardust Dragon, end this now!" Yusei's dragon fired another stream of Cosmic Flare.

"Just what I was waiting for!" Jack replied, "There's a reason I'm the champ; Jack Atlas is destined for great things, while you're just destined for defeat! This adventure's over; I play Crimson Fire! Not only does it block your 1000-point trap, but it boomerangs it right back to you, at double the damage! Goodbye, Yusei!"

Bokura wa kono hoshi de deau tameni umaretekita no darou

Kujikesou'na toki mo te o sashinobeaeru futari de aru youni

(Were we born to meet on this planet, I wonder.

As if we're a pair outstretching their hands to each other even through daunting times.)

(Keyboard solo!)

Archfiend countered Cosmic Flare with his own Scorching Crimson Flare. The demonic dragon's flames proved too powerful for the cosmic beast...

"Sorry, Jack, but I play my trap Shining Silver Force, which douses your comeback and destroys all the spells and traps on your field!" a milti-colored forcefield protected Stardust form the condemning blazes, while every card on Jack's spell/trap zone were obliterated.

"You're still as annoying as ever!" Jack growled.

"I never was one to give up, and with your speed-counters about to run out of gas due to Overboost's effect, I don't plan on starting any time soon!" sure enough, Jack's counters lowered to one...

Yusei: 100 (8)

Jack: 800 (1)

His runner skid, decelerating rapidly and slowed down real quickly, allowing Yusei to catch up with him even quicker.

"How's the new view," Yusei joked as he and Jack crossed paths, their eyes glaring at one another for what seemed like forever, "See ya', Jack!" the Satellite then raced away, with his Stardust Dragon soaring alongside.

"Time to get us home!" Yusei drew his last card of the duel and started his turn, "This is just what I needed! I play the speed-spell, (5D's) Stardust Accelerator!" Yusei's new spell shows the Stardust Dragon itself, racing alongside an unidentified turbo-duelist, with the power of cosmic stardust running through its illuminated body, "And since I have at least 8 speed-counters, the ATK points of my Stardust Dragon are doubled! As well as granted the ability to lock all spells and traps you throw at me!" the dragon screeched over his roof-piercing power.

Motto kakenuketeyuku shinjiteru mono sono mune ni dakishimete

Shinjitsu wa itsudatte hitotsu dakara kokoro no koe o kanjite

(Go forth, race even harder and take your beliefs into your embrace!

The truth always comes in ones, so sense the voice inside your heart!)

Stardust Dragon: (ATK: 5000)

"5000? It's too powerful!"

"I don't wanna hurt you, Jack, but if ending this duel is the only way home..., then I gotta attack! Stardust Dragon! Take out his life-points with Stardust Acceleration!" the cosmic dragon channeled all the energy coursing through its body into a small point in its maw.

Stardust released its powers as a devastating stream of white sparkling flame to race back along the track. It was big enough to engulf Jack and Archfiend both, and they were driving right into it.

Yuruginai kimochi o kakagete ashita e no kizashi o tsukame

(Hoist your sentiments firm and grasp the signs for tomorrow...)

(Keyboard solo!)

Archfiend roars in agony, while Jack lets out a heart-rending holler...

As light flashed once more, Jack's runner all but skid across the track, tossing rider onto the asphalt as it flips over, sparking and flaming. Yusei side-skid hard to curb his momentum and came to a halt at the other end of the track, breathing heavily.

Above them, the holograms, or actualities, of Stardust Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend have frozen in place, angrily nose-to-nose, seconds from clashing, frozen in time, turned grey... well, you get the idea?

"Ladies and gentlemen, we seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties at this moment. Your patience is appreciated as we try to sort this matter out," the MC tried hard not to panic and whispered harshly at the cameramen, "Can someone tell me why these two dragons have been frozen in midair? Get the Director on the line!"

The dragons began to blur, as though the holograms were breaking up, then glowed blindingly and vanished into sparkles.

"What just happened?" Tanner asked in amazement.

"First they were dueling, then they disappeared," Yanagi gasped.

"And now they're back and their dragons are gone!" Ken added

Leo looked at the scoreboard and gobsmacked as his eyes grew big, "Look at the score! Check out Jack's life-points!"

Yusei: 100 (8)

Jack: 0 (1)

"Is that the right score?" Dexter asked.

"Yusei won..." Luna desisted softly, returned to earth, "He's the champion now."

"HE WHAT?" everyone gasped, except for Jason and Gabriella, who was relieved the pain in her arm was gone.

David saw the score as well, "That's weird. Their life-points clanged. What's going on...?"

Sayer also, "Yusei won...?"

And so did Lazar, with his sniveling and freaked-out self, "JACK LOOOST?"

Yusei dismounted his bike and raced over to jack, as fast as his feet could take him, "Are you okay?"

The now-former champion struggled to look up at Yusei, blood pouring down his face from a few deep cuts on his forehead, "You beat me... I don't know how you did it, Yusei... but you're the champ, now."

"If that vision was true, none of this matters," Yusei said, "Because it looks like we all might lose. We're in danger and our cities might be destroyed, and we have to unite to stop it from happening!"

"You always wanted to be a hero... now here's your chance," whit his last, exhausting breath, Jack passed out...

Meanwhile, the MC was on the brink of going crazy, "Has anyone heard from the Director?"

Luckly, Goodwin came just in time on a holo-screen, "The duel's over. The winner's Yusei; tell them all."

"Ugh...Ah... Guh! It's over!" the MC screamed, "Yusei is our winner! From the refuge of refuse he rose! From the slums of Satellite he now reigns supreme! I proudly present New Domino City's newest hero- Yuseeeeei Fudo!"


(1) Hyper Synchron (V2)

Stats: [Machine/Effect] Level 4 ATK/1600 DEF/800

Attribute: LIGHT

Description: When this card is sent to the Graveyard when used as a Synchro Material Monster for the Synchro Summon of a Dragon-Type Synchro Monster, that Synchro Monster gains the following effects: ● It cannot be destroyed by battle. ● It gains 800 ATK. ● During your second Standby Phase after this turn, remove it from play.


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