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Amu and the girls were walking down into an ally way to find somewere to sleep. Yes the girls are poor. "Damn i am hungrry." Yaya said grabbing her stomach. "Maybe we can transform and hopefully someone would feed us." Rima said while leaning on the wall. "Fine but if we get caught its your fault Rima." Utau said. "Can we just transform already!?" Amu asked annoyed. "Fine." Utau said. "Fish" "Toys" "Yarn" "Love" and with that they transformed into cats. Amu turned into a pink cat. Utau a golden color. Rima a brown. Yaya a light brown.

"Alright lets get some food." Amu said heading out of the ally way with the girls foloowing close behind.


We were at the house deciding what to do for the day. Since we dont have work.

"How about we play soccer?" Kukai suggested.

"Kukai we are not playing soccer." Nagi said a little bit annoyed.

"Serouisly Kukai we played that all the time when we have free time." Ikuto said while getting some milk.

"Find how about we get some ice cream?" Kukai asked.

"That is the best idea you had all week." Kairi said sarcasticaly.

"Thanks..HEY!!" Kukai yelled. Everyone laughed.

"Ok we can go get ice cream." Ikuto said while getting his money. We went to the park to the ice cream stand. We walked up to the stand and ordered.

"How may i help you?" The man asked.

"I would like a chocolate " Ikuto said

"Mint Chocolate Chip." Kukai said

" Cotton Candy." Kairi said.

"Vanilla." Nagi said.

"Ok that will be $8.00 total." The man said. they paid and went to the nearest bench and sat down and ate till we felt something by our legs.


Ok we have been going around the park for hours and havent found anyone that would share thier food with us.

"Yaya hungry." Yaya said while slowing down.

"So are we Yaya." Rima said while also slowing down since thier paws start hurting.

"Guys look!" Amu said while looking over at the boys.

"Amu do you think they will share?" Utau asked.

"Hopefully they do. I get the blue haired dude. Utau brown. Rima purple. Yaya green." Amu said while walking over to them with the girls close behind.


The girls walked over and rubbed up againest the boys legs tha they were suppose to boys looked down and found 4 cute little kitties. "Meow" they said in unison. The boys looked shocked because cats usually travel alone. Just then Yayas stomach growled then Amus , Rimas and Utaus .

"Are you 4 hungry?" Kairi asked. the girls nodded. The boys looked at each other then looked at the ice cream then the girls. Back and forth. Ikuto and Kukai had enough and picked up Amu and Utau. Nagi and Kairi followed and picked up Rima and Yaya. The girls looked at each other until the boys placed the ice cream in front of them. The girls looked at the boys.

"Go ahead your hungry right?" Kairi asked. They looked at the rest of the boys who just nodded. The girls started to eat the ice cream. "So were are you cats from?" Kairi asked

"Meow meow." ( Girls should we tell them?" Amu asked.

"Meow meow." (Not yet.) Utau said while Rima and Yaya nodded to Utaus answer.

"Meow." (Fine) Amu said in defeat.

"We don't speak cat." Kukai said. The girls just glared at him. Utau put her paw up to hit Kukai when they heard a familair voice.

"HERE KITTY KITTIES!" Tadase yelled. The girls jumped at the voice.

"What is it Pinky?" Ikuto asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Meow meow!!" ( Amu what are we suppose to do?) the girls asked.

"Meow meow" ( IDK hopefully these guys will help us get away from him.) Amu said.

"Meow meow" ( does that mean we have talk normal and not in cat talk.) Utau said. Amu nodded. Rima and Yaya also knew they had no choice.

" Whats wrong kitties?" nagi asked.


"They .....they...can talk?" Kukai asked.

"Yea we can talk stupid." Utau said while jumping off the his lap.

"But cats cant talk." Ikuto said while looking at Amu.

"We can and we need to get away from TadaGAY NOW!!" Amu said while hoping on his shoulders with the girls doing the same thing.

"Why would you need to get away from the nicest guy in this town?" Kairi asked.

"Nice?!? NICE!!!????" They screamed in unison.

"OW !!" the boys screamed in unison.

"Sorry but he ....he turned us into cats. and you call him the nicest person in town?!?" Amu said.

"Why did he turn you into cats?" Kairi asked.

"Long story short he wanted to test his theory and use it on his "closesiest" (Sorry if i spelt that wrong) friends." Rima explained quickly.

"HERE KITTY KITTIES!!" Tadase yelled coming closer.

"HIDE US!!" The girls said in unison.

"Here get in jackets." Kukai said. The girls did what they were told and got in the boys jackets. Tadase came over hoping he would get some information.

"Hey guys have you seen 4 cats around here lately?" Tadase asked.

"Nope we havent sorry." Ikuto said bluntly.

"Oh ok if you do call me." He said before running off.

"Ok he is gone you can come out now." Ikuto said. the girls came out and heard faint voices calling thier name.

"Kukai i sense more charas." Daichi said.

"Ikuto i can sense them too ~nya." Yoru said.

"You guys have charas?" Yaya asked.

"You mean you can see them?" Kairi asked.

"Yes we can." Rima said. when she said that their charas came flying up to them.

"AMU, RIMA, UTAU, YAYA!!!" The charas yelled.

"Ran , Miki , Su , Dia over here!!" Amu yelled.

"Iru, Eru." Utau yelled.

"Pepe" Yaya yelled.

"KusuKusu!" Rima yelled. the charas flew over and seen thier masters in thier other form.

"What happened to you guys?" Ran asked.

"TadaGAY thats what." Amu said anootyed.

"Dont tell me he did the exiperiment on you guys again?!" Miki yelled.

"What do you mean again? And who are you?" Kukai said while pointing to the charas.

"Can we please talk somewere more private. I dont feel comfortable with people staring at me." Yaya said while shaking. The boys nodded.

"Come on well take you to our house to talk." Ikuto said putting Amu on the ground.

"Ok Ran Dia." Amu said.

"Iru eru." Utau said the charas nodded. Suddenly Amu recieved wings from Dia and Rima earned pink wings on the back of her paws from ran. Utau earned devil wings form Iru and Yaya got angel wings from Eru. Then the girls were in the air. The boys were shocked.

"Show the way." Amu said .

"Ok keep up if you can." Ikuto said while chara changing with Yoru.

The girls looked at each other and flew with the boys.


The boys arrived at thier house with the girl hovering behind them. Ikuto placed a key in the hole and unlocked the door and let them in. The girls flew over to the couch and thier wings disappeared.

"Thanks guys." They said in unison.

"NP guys." The 4 said before flying over to the rest of the charas.

"So who are you guys anyway?" Amu said.

"What do you mean?" Kukai asked.

"She means your names!" Utau said while hissing because some people can be really stupid.

" Ohh well I am Kukai Souma."
"Nagihiko." ( Dont know how to spell his last name along with the other 2)
"Daichi i am Kukais chara."
"Yoru ~ nya and i am Ikutos Chara ~ Nya.''

" Rhythm Nagis chara."
" And i am Musashi Kairis chara."
"What about you guys?" Kukai asked.

"Amu and this is Ran , Miki, Su and Dia."
"Utau and this is Eru and Iru."
"Yaya and this is Pepe."
"Rima and this is KusuKusu."

"So tell us why are you cats?" Nagi said.

"Ok Tadase doesnt like us and he hates cats so he thought it would be funny if he turned us into cats amd hurt us like we hurt him in 11th grade." Amu said while laying down.

" We hurt him n 11th grade by hurting him badly because he was trying to hurt Amu cuz he had a crush on her but she denied him and he got furuis and captured us by and turning us into cats and we dont know how long till it wares of." Rima said.

" that why you ran away?" Kukai asked.

"That plus he made us starve to death which made us weak and we couldnt fight back." Utau said while batting at kukais hand.
"Can we stay with you guys?" Yaya asked.

"Why dont you have your own homes?" Ikuto asked which made everyone stop doing what they were doing. Amu even lifted her head and Amu jumped off the couch and headed towards Ikutos hand. She licked her paws and scratched his hand. Blood started to run down his hand. Su noticed this and fixed it up.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?" Ikuto asked rubbing his hand.

" No one even cares about us. Our parents dont even care. We got kicked out of every home we had even our own houses." Yaya said while trying to calm down Amu along with the other girls.

" Yea you guys can stay." Nagi said. The girls looked shocked cuz noone ever wanted them.

Shy: Ikuto give me back my food!!

Ikuto: Nope.

Amu : Ikuto give it back before she does something bad to you.

Shy: too late - takes out flamthrower-

Ikuto: -run-

Shy: -runs after-

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