This is a spin off of Michael, a story that Petunia submitted a few days ago. After reading, Michael, I thought what would be Fi's point of view in hear her name spoken by Michael. I would like to thank Petunia for getting me started.

When he says my name, it is ALWAYS accompanied by a look. Michael throws me the best looks.

Fi, you think you could find me an assault rifle?

My thought, What kind of question is that?

Fi, are you playing poker at my mom's?

And I think, yes, I won't mention that you haven't been by in a week.

Fi, is something bothering you?

Like he really wants to know.

Fi, I need a favor.....

Of course he needs a favor and of course I will do it.

Thank you, Fi.

This Fi drives me nuts because it's always attached to something that's against my better judgment.

In moments that mean something, it's always Fiona.

Fiona, get out of there.

Fiona, stand down.

Fiona needs another pair of shoes.

Then when he needs my attention, it is always, Fiona Glennane.

Fiona Glennane, do you remember....

Fiona Glennane, stop for a minute...

He never says my name when we make love. He looks at me in amazement. His eyes open, ensuring I'm real or something. It used to spook me a bit. I've wondered if he has done this with other women. Or does he close his eyes and think of me? Does he whisper my name in his mind? I always say his name, making sure he knows, "it's real, it's me." Making sure that I know it's real too.

Now, during night, he says my name. Operatives train themselves to sleep without memories. I feel him stir, call out, sit up and just stare. I have done the same thing.