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Chapter 7

Happy New Year

"Are you sure that you'll be alright on your own, Cedric?" his mother smoothed his hair from his forehead with a cool hand and a concerned face.

"I'll be fine. I'll just sit here and play some cards or something," Cedric assured her. He was currently stretched out across the sofa excused from attending the New Year's Eve Ball under the guise of being ill.

His mother frowned as she surveyed him critically. "I don't like to leave you here on your own for New Year."

Cedric sighed heavily. "It's just one night, mum. There'll be loads of other New Year's Eve's for us to go out on. I'm just really not feeling well tonight."

"You don't feel hot," his mother commented.

Cedric's lips pursed. "I didn't say I felt hot, I said I didn't feel well."

"Will you come along," Mr Diggory called impatiently to his wife. "Let the boy alone if he doesn't feel well."

"Alright," Mrs Diggory kissed the top of her son's head and left him alone in the front room.

Cedric listened for the sound of the floo network whisking them off to the Ministry before he jumped up from the sofa and whirled into action. It didn't take him long to light the non-floo network fire, pour out goblets of pumpkin juice and hurry to his room where he pulled open the curtains just enough to let in the moonlight, giving the room a soft glow. Nervously, he plumped up his pillows, turned down the bed covers and hid his dirty socks. He absently thought that he had to remember to put those in the laundry in the morning.

Giving his room one last critical look, Cedric hurried back down to the living room to wait for Luna. By the time he got to the living room Luna was already there, stepping out of the fire place, brushing green dust from her dress; a simple white affair that fell to just above her knees and buttoned up the back. Her hair hung loose down her back, curling at the ends and her eyes glittered when they found him standing in the doorway.

Cedric took a step towards her, she felt weak just looking at him; the graceful way he moved, his t-shirt straining against the muscles in his arm and the way his jeans fit snugly around his waist, even his bare feet looked sexy. Vaguely Luna wondered how the hell feet were supposed to look sexy; but she couldn't concentrate on that right now, not when he was advancing upon her like a lion waiting to pounce.

He moved as close to her as he could so that Luna had to tilt her head to look up at him. Gently, Cedric took her face in his hands, leaning down he brushed a feather light kiss across her mouth. Luna felt him sigh, resting the tip of nose against hers he closed his eyes for a few moments. Then she looked up at him, her face clearly relaying all the sweet, blazing passion of a first love. Cedric's grey eyes gleamed with an intense fire, unhidden primitive arousal surging between them.

Clinging to the front of his t-shirt to steady herself, Luna raised herself up to her tip toes, her lips parting on a shaky breath as she kissed him softly. He responded to her immediately, his touch warm, his lips sensual and caressing.

She sighed softly when his mouth released hers. "Hi," she murmured.

Cedric's lips twitched into a smile. "Hello, Luna."

Running a hand through his hair she gazed up at him with utter adoration in her eyes. "How was your day?"

"So-so. Yours?"

"Just fine."

Stroking his fingers down the length of her hair Cedric released her from his arms and led her over to the sofa. "Drink?"

"Oh yes," she accepted the pumpkin juice he handed to her and took a sip as he sat beside her, stretching out his long legs.

"Are you sure you want to stay in tonight? We can still go to the Ministry if you want to?" Cedric offered, hoping against hope that she hadn't changed her mind.

"I'd rather stay in with you, Cedric," Luna assured him. "I will miss the dancing though."

Cedric smiled easily. Getting to his feet he crossed the room and set up the gramophone, letting the soft, slow melody fill the room. "You don't have to miss out." He offered her his hand and laughing she took it, allowing him to sweep her into his arms and against his chest.

Her body moved with his, was guided by his. The scent of her sweet, warm flesh filled his nose and he heard the sharp, stifled heat of her breath against his shoulder when his hips cradled hers and her body discovered the maleness of his own.

The music continued to play, but Luna didn't hear it, she was too caught up in Cedric, concentrating on his fingers slowly unbuttoning the back of her dress. As the thin fabric fell to the side Cedric's fingertips touched the soft, bare skin at the base of her spine. His fingers stroked upwards, slow, deliberate movements causing an aching sweetness to course through her and she sighed quietly.

The sound of her blissful sigh caused an immediate overpowering need to take her, to let his body satisfy the urgent need that was pounding through him.

Her arms came from around his back to slide up his chest and curl around his neck, her head titling back in silent invitation. Feverishly his lips met hers, his tongue caressing hers, kissing her deeply, urgently, his hands sliding along her back, into her dress feeling the soft flesh under his palms.

The next thing Luna knew Cedric had scooped her up into his arms, cradling her against his chest, his nose nudging at her temple, drawing in the scent of her, locking it in his head and letting it loose to fill his veins with the ultimate desire. Nerves jumped beneath her skin, muscles tightened, knotted, clenched in her stomach, and still heat surged through her, a longing for him causing her fingers to clutch at his shoulder blades and place tiny kisses along his jaw.

Cedric set her on her feet once they reached his room, easing the straps of her dress over her shoulders so that it slithered down her body, over her hips to pool at her feet. Her body trembled; melting, swirling, yearning feelings filling her. Tugging his top over his head, Luna's hands smoothed over his shoulders, down his chest over skin that was sleek and soft and bones that were hard and solid and muscles that were taunt and defined.

Placing her comfortably on the bed, Cedric unbuckled her shoes, clasping her small feet in his hands, pressing the pads of his thumbs into the arch of her feet, kneading each one slowly. Peeling his trousers off, Cedric stretched out beside her, leaning over her, sliding his arms around her, applying tender kisses to her mouth.

It seemed to Luna that Cedric spent hours loving her mouth, his tongue probing, flirting, caressing; teasing, exploring, ravishing until her mouth felt red hot and swollen and her body ached unbearably for more. A swift shudder ran through her when finally, Cedric's hand encased her breast, his palm rubbing erotically over her eagerly swollen nipple. Her nipples were flushed a dark pink and she cried out when his mouth cupped her breast, tugging delicately on it, causing a burst of violent pleasure to engulf her.

Cedric could feel the violent thud of his heart against his ribs, his hands trembled and he worried that his body was so out of control that he would never be able to reign himself in. He could feel her fingers biting into the warm flesh of his shoulders as her body arched up to him and he devoured her flesh eagerly.

His hands trailed over her ribs, down her sides and over the hollow of her stomach, and where his hands went his lips followed, revelling in the sweet taste of her flesh and the quiet moans that escaped her lips. Fingers brushed the waistband of her underwear and he felt a rush of relief when her hips lifted and he drew the scrap of lace down her bent legs; pressing his mouth against her knee, and another kiss to her inner thigh,

Luna squirmed under the hot pressure of his mouth, her breathing coming harder, her skin becoming warmer. She was taken by surprise when his lips touched hers again. She stared up at him with wide delirious eyes, noting how his grey eyes scorched her skin.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he whispered hoarsely as his knee slowly parted her legs and he reached out to touch her, gently, carefully between her thighs, his fingers trembling slightly as she yielded willingly to his caress.

She was so soft, so hot, so swollen; he traced his fingers along the length of her, and she quickened to his touch, her flesh ripe and blooming. Luna moaned, desire sizzling away beneath her heat prickled skin. The feel of his finger dipping into her had her eyes widening, a small gasp leaving her parted lips and her stomach tightened. She grasped hold of his upper arm, her eyes lifting to his face and his name came out of her in a croak.

Brushing his lips against her moist forehead he said quietly. "It's alright."

Releasing her grip on his arm, Luna took a steadying breath that quickly turned into a low moan when his finger started to move with slow, purposeful strokes. Cedric took his time with her, enjoying her completely, struggling to curb the wild urges roaring inside him. When he was sure her body had relaxed and she was used to the new feeling, taking great care not to cause any unnecessary pain, Cedric added a second finger. Luna gasped with pleasure as Cedric's pace increased, and her body pulsed with longing.

The sudden need he had to taste her thundered through Cedric and he slithered down her body, his hand releasing her, easing her legs wider apart and pressing his lips against her in a tender kiss. Her hips jerked in surprise and Cedric's hands curled over her hips firmly. "Easy," he murmured. "This won't hurt a bit I promise."

She released a trembling breath and then a gasp of pleasure at the erotic flick of his tongue against flesh that was smooth and silky, and a heavy kick of heat came from her as she arched her back in delight. Luna could barely breathe, her heart pounding and her pulse racing as a flood of emotion washed over her as Cedric's tongue teased and promised, his mouth hot and devastating, wrenching a broken whimper from her lips.

The next thing she knew, Cedric was lying against her, bare flesh to bare flesh, the hard ridge of his arousal pressing into her stomach. When his underwear had disappeared Luna didn't know, and in spite of the intimacies they had just shared, her cheeks still flushed.

Cedric positioned himself over her, unable to deny himself the pleasure of being with her any longer. Balancing on his elbows he looked down at her flushed face, drinking her in as though he would never see her again. His mouth captured hers again, his tongue plundering the softness within with a fervent need.

Luna's arms slipped up his back, matching his kiss with equal ferocity, her tongue moving over his causing a low groan to echo through her mouth.

He was throbbing as he nudged against her heated core, easing himself into her. Propping himself on one elbow, his other hand crept down her thigh, cupping her beneath her knee, drawing her leg up to hold it against his hip. Cedric pressed forward through the soft flesh that encased his erection in a sleek, silky heat. He bit his bottom lip, the muscles in his back and shoulders tightening with the force of battling his ferocious need to possess her.

Cedric groaned in pleasure, she was so snug wrapped around the thick length of him already, he could barely wait to get fully inside her.

He felt Luna's body's natural resistance to his intrusion and she gave a sharp gasp of pain, her body freezing. "Don't tense up," he whispered against her ear, pressing his lips to her throat. "Everything will be alright, you'll be just fine."

Pulling back slightly, Cedric pressed his hips forward again, pushing against the barrier that marked her innocence; pressing against her again and again, a little harder each time, easing himself into her slowly, delicately, allowing her body to get used to his intrusion. His body was hot; his flesh blazing each time it came into contact with hers and perspiration stood out against his hair line and broke out along his back.

Another sharp pain enveloped her senses and Luna cried out, her nails biting into his shoulder blade, her eyes screwing tightly shut.

A raw groan left his lips as he pushed his full length completely into her body. She felt so good around him, hot, wet and tight. Cedric's eyes closed to savour the moment, his body finally joined to hers, as deep as he could possibly go.

His forehead rested against hers, his breath fanning her face, mingling with Luna's as her head tilted back, her lips mere inches from his. With each slow, deep thrust he gave her their bodies drew nearer, and Cedric's back rippled with the movement, his behind clenching, his hand firm on her leg, keeping her knee bent.

This was what she had been yearning for, aching for; her body shivered with each firm thrust of Cedric's body into her own.

Cedric was lost, lost in his own hazy desire; lost on the way she gasped his name and clung to his body as pleasure stormed through her; lost on the wild tide of passion that carried him onwards, straining towards his release and driving Luna to hers.

The air around them crackled with sensuality, it was hot and cloying with an ever -increasing desire that burnt between them, transporting them to another level of consciousness and a blissful moment of perfection.

Luna cried out just as Cedric felt her inner muscles clamping down on him and he cried out his own pleasure, his climax as thorough as hers was.

Luna felt boneless, as she lay half under Cedric from where he had collapsed beside her, the lower half of his body still covering her. He was panting, harsh and ragged against her neck all energy drained from him.

"Are you alright?" Cedric asked once he had recovered enough to speak.

"Yes," she whispered dreamily, her eyes closed and a small contented smile on her face. "It was different, and so much better than I thought it would be."

Cedric simply smiled, brushing his thumb across her lips in an absent gesture. "My imagination couldn't have prepared me for you, Luna."

She blinked and stared at him thoughtfully. "I'm so glad it was you, Cedric."

"Me too."

"It's funny, isn't it," she said after a few minutes, smiling softly at him as his knuckles brushed her cheek.

"What is?"

Luna gazed lovingly at him, her voice full of affection when she spoke, "That once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale."