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Shika's P.O.V.

" SHIKAMARU!!! YOU HAVE A LETTER SENT FROM SUNA!!!!" My dad yelled at me. It was probably from Temari. We have been dating for the past few months and kept it a secret. We actually have pretty good reasons to keep it a secret.

One: we each live in a diffrent village and if the villages ever went into battle with each other....well that would be a terrible thing.

Two: the teasing would absolutely kill both of us.

Three: her brothers would kill me if they found out I was dating her.

" Here you go son. You know you get letters from Suna a lot." It wasn't a statment, it was a question.

" The kazekage's sister and I are good friends." I wanted to finish it ' with benefits' just for the hell but Temari would personally come here and beat me to death with that enourmus fan of hers. I shrugged my shoulders and left the room. Ripped open the letter and began to read.

Hey Shikamaru....I miss you. Meet me at the front gates on Friday. In the afternoon of course so you'll actually be up.

See you soon lazy. I hate you.

P.S. I have some bad news...just always remember I hate you. No matter what kay?

I smirked. I hate you really meant I love you. I didn't even know what to think of the p.s.. It really scared me. Whatever happens she will always ' hate' me. Ugh. Even with my IQ I can't figure her out. How troublesome.

" Hey Shikamaru! Ino, you and I are going to my favorite BBQ place! Come on we gotta get going!"

" Yeah Shika-kun! We want to go before you have to pick up that chick from the desert." Jealousy riding through the whole statement. Ino asks me out all the time and I always give her the same answer. No. I mean come on I'm in love with the most troublesome woman ever. Huh its interesting how life works.

" Fine. Fine. I'm coming. Geez calm down." I wanted to add ' stop calling my girlfriend a chick' but they both would be unhappy. Chouji because I didn't tell him and Ino because....well she's Ino. We started walking to the BBQ when something caught my eye.

A girl. She had four pony tails and an enourmous fan hanging on her back. A black kimono wrapped her body showing her curves with a red sash tied in the middle. Her blonde hair (this sounds so ehh) shines in the light and her teal eyes my god I always get lost them in. What scared me the most was the sadness in her eyes. I remembered the p.s. and was absolutely scared.

" Umm guys...I'm gonna go. I really wanted to go the restaurant with you but there's my mission and she's early. Bye!" I ran off to see what was wrong with her. " Hey Temari, how are you?" This was the main question I absolutely needed to know. She looked up at me. She ran towards me and gave me a hug? I heard her sobbing.

" Mari what happened? Did something happen to Gaara or Kankuro? Paul or Jason (two characters I made up for her bestfriends that live in Suna)? Is something going on? Are you dying? Leaving...me?" I hope that last question was not a yes. Please god, she's the best thing that ever happened to me. I'd do anything for her.

She looked at me. " Shika...I'm forced to....leave...you. I never wanted it. Apparently my father made a deal with the mist village that that...I'd marry....their first born son. I never knew until now. If I don't then war will break out and Suna doesn't need that right now. I have to do this for my country....I'm so sorry." She kissed me probably for the last time and she started walking away. Away from me.

Away from my life. To be married to some prince. My dream was to marry her and have two children, a girl and a boy. Now I can't even kiss her, hold her, hold hands, talk to her, send letters to her. My future flashed through my eyes. I would never want to marry anyone else. I'd be all alone with no kids. Just for her. While she will be married, have kids, and be a queen of the mist village forever holding a treaty with Suna.

Ino and Chouji were stunned. Wide-eyed and mouths dropped to the floor. " You two were....and she....and you....what the hell is going on here?" Ino started screaming and I completely ignored her and chased after her. She's not too pretty or too ugly yet the most troublesome ever.

" Temari! You gotta wait up. I don't want to lose you!" She turned around, tears still running down her face. It broke my heart. I hugged her close to me. " Don't leave. There must be something I can do for you. For us. I can't live life without you." I looked up and saw some high diginified guy walk towards us.

" Ahh sweetie there you are! I thought I lost you! Come on we need to pick out a chapel, dress, cake...who the hell is this?" He looked me up and down. It sickened me how he called her sweetie. I glared at him. He has no right to take her away from me.

" Ummm hands off my fiance." He grabbed her by the arm and held her close. I almost screamed at him ' what the fuck are you doing?' I didn't though. " Honey we have to go now. We can't keep the tailor waiting." He put his arm around her waist. Him just touching her mad me want to use shadow strangle on him. She looked back at me with eyes saying help me.

Oh of course I would help her. She better be ok....with that that....jackass. His hands all over her. Acting like he owns her. Walking all over her. Making her life miserable. Taking her away from me. Jealousy taking over my control and I almost had him with my shadows but Chouji stopped me from snapping his neck.

" Shikamaru don't! You'll start a war and that means fighting Temari. Do you really want that? Tsunade-sama would make you fight her! You'd have to kill her! Then you don't even have a chance. Calm down!"

" Fine. I'll leave it alone...for now but if he does anything.." Chouji shook his head at my threat.

" Shikamaru. You need to chill. We'll get her out of this. Then everything will go back to normal and you two will be all cheery and laughing and kissing and be with each other. Kay?" I nodded my head yes. Somehow that guy didn't really give me a safe feeling. I guess you could say it was my ninja's sense.

All I knew was that I was getting her back. No matter what. Even if it went down to killing.

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